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Name: Silver Uchia  
Gender: male
Birthday:August ,23
Birth Village:Hidden Leaf
Current Village: Hidden Leaf
Personality:calm, collected, protective  
Bio: His parents escaped from the hidden leaf before the coup, but not much is known from that time as silver was only 3 and came back to the hidden leaf at the age of 12
Personal (Optional)
Hobbies:Training with friends, Learning new Jutsu.
Habits:  Trash talking to enemy's
Ninja Info
Rank: Jounin
Tools: Basic ninja tools.
Sensai:kakashi, sasuke.
Squad mates:
Students:none at the momment
Justu:Most fire and lightning style jutsus 
Clan Attributes: Mangekyou sharingan
Justu Element:Fire and lighting.
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Silvers sussusano

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I just watched Boruto the movie Full on Youtube. This is link, i hope u enjoys it :D

Angelo is walking through the woods to get to meet up with Kakashi to master the new jutsu before the tournament begins but Kakuzu and Hidan stop him to kill him and take his heart but he uses the New Rasen Shuriken to kill them both

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"Let's get choose the best way to end this fighting"

Name: Kino 
Clan: N/A
Age: 17
Birthday: March 10th
Gender: Male
Rank: Missing nin
Village: Iwagakure
Affiliations: N/A
Chakra nature(s): Earth, and Wind


Elemental Jutsu:
1. Earth
-Earth Style: Mud Wall
-Earth Style: Earth Dome Prison
-Earth Style: Terra Shield
-Earth Style: Mud Clone
2. Wind:
-Wind Style: Vacuum Blast
-Wind Style: Air Bullets
-Wind Style: Vacuum Bullets
3. Kenjutsu:
-Dance of the Crescent Moon
-Transparent Escape Technique
Special abilities: Kenjutsu
Weapons:Crystal Sword, kunai and Poisonous Senbons
Likes: Sleeping and Reading
Dislikes: Noise and Fish.
Bio: Burned all files
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