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Han escuchado hablar de #Andromeda?
Será un sistema operativo cuyo funcionamiento estará altamente basado en la nube, y su objetivo será, a largo plazo, dejar de lado Android para unificar todos los dispositivos en una única plataforma, algo similar a lo que podemos ver en la actualidad con el sistema operativo de Microsoft, Windows 10
Podrá #Google lograr mover el piso a #Microsoft y así convertir a #Android en una amenaza seria para #Windows
¿Quien será el rey de los SO para PC en el futuro?
Vota si crees que #Windows seguirá en el trono o si será destronado por el nuevo #Andromeda para múltiples dispositivos entre ellos el PC

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En el dia de hoy te traigo Instagram en varios colores para que instales en tu android!!

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Hola a todos!


Espero que os guste ;)


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Hello dear Organizers and Mobility fans !

Did you know EZ Notes is rapidly catering to a wide user base of everyday modern Organizers, who prefer our much faster and more effective efficiency solutions? Furthermore, unlike similar Apps of the past, EZ Notes wins huge favors for not behaving like a Giant Multi Media File Storage facility, recklessly taking up mass amounts of precious RAM, CPU Cycles, Storage Space, Battery, and WiFi resources from our smartphones ! By comparison, traditional organizers not only feel more cumbersome and un-intuitive for fast everyday use, but they're also far too Inefficient and Invasive of our privacy.

With EZ Notes, we not only deliver an instantaneous and easy to operate organizer, but one that will never abuse customer privacy by: Collecting their contacts, collecting search terms on search engines, gathering information about other installed Apps, information about the music we listen to, what movies we watch, and even our daily whereabouts by creating what they call a "private map" using our GPS Sensors. EZ Notes suffers from none of these common invasive behaviors used for by others to generate revenue. Moreover, we also do not require control (Permission) to your Microphone or Camera, and operate strictly locally and privately.

Minimal consumption of Android device resources is not only achieved through a less bloated and enjoyable UI, but many other factors as well. For example, we also eliminate all those traditional "mysterious heavy background Synchronization tasks and services" that hog our smartphone resources (RAM, CPU, Storage Space, Battery, and data plans) also crashing and bringing our devices to a screeching Halt ! We feel these are contrary to the whole point of a smartphone, and hence deliver a far easier and more Stock User Interface favored over traditional Navigation Drawers and other elements that bloat and bog down users. With little shortage of typical Android Apps and Services that behave wastefully and put strain on our mobility and precious devices, countless growing fans from around the world are rapidly adopting our intuitive and sensible High Efficiency and Ultimate Mobility design. Equally impressive aside from these important smartphone efficiency benefits, we empower modern users with much higher automation and custom features not found in other products ! For example, with EZ Notes, users delight in the ability to create lighting-fast "on-the-fly" voice Notes (e.g. for daily hands-free shopping lists and many other common quick daily voice requirements) by enjoying our very fast functionalities. With EZ Notes, the user merely speaks their thoughts, and as instantly as they finish speaking, their EZ Voice Notes pop-up and save automatically (without any initial editing & saving steps required.) That's about as fast and mobile as it gets !

We are extremely proud and delighted to see our new Voice Transcription design is truly catapulting and changing the way people take rapid "on-the-fly" mobility notes and saving time like never before.

It's our honor to invite and welcome more of you dear friends to join EZ Notes, and see for yourself how EZ professional note taking smartphone Apps should be. Please kindly help notify your dear Android friends, G+ Followers, Co-worker, Students, and health care professionals, so these short on time folks can also benefit tremendously from our technology. With your help and support, our goal and your funding enables countless more people to experience my vision for Ultimate Mobility and Efficiency, as we help to imrpove people's lives. Thank you so much everyone for being so awesome !

✔ Overview of Product by "Technofare" (YouTube):

✔ Link to the Pro (Paid) version of EZ Notes:

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✔ EZ to join us on Facebook (to learn more and ask questions)

Sincerely Yours,
Alexander Madani
Developer of: EZ Notes - fast notes & lists

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App del dia: Realm Grinder - Explora nuevos mundos en este juego de estrategia y RPG #kongregate #roleplayinggames #games

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¿Ya probaron la app de Youtube transparente? con funciones extras como escuchar musica con la pantalla Apagada!!

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​Hola productivos, hoy les traigo una sencilla manera de personalizar nuestro escritorio con imágenes a gusto, es con Simple Photo Widget.
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