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It is time for new vision – Logistics insurance industry on the move.
The increasing foreign direct investment, establishment of free trade zones, and increasing globalization has resulted in the rapid growth of the transportation industry in the emerging countries. The logistics hubs and trade routes are gradually shifting toward the emerging market. Privatization of the transportation industry has further spurred the industry growth in China, Turkey, and India.

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The adoption of digital technologies enables the company to tap new opportunities for additional premiums, better risk selection, increasing governance, and improved customer experience. Insurers across the globe are implementing newer technologies and adopting cloud- and mobile-based technologies to tap the growing demand in the emerging markets. Through various distribution channels, the insurance companies are modernizing the legacy applications.

The insurance companies are implementing mobility as a part of the business strategy, owing to the increasing usage of smartphones in both developed and emerging markets. Customers can easily request a policy quote, calculate premium, locate insurance agent, and store the policy data with the advent of the mobile apps.

The insurance industry comprises of structured and unstructured data. Big data analytics plays a vital role in the insurance industry that delivers significant Return on Investment (ROI) and cost savings. The rise in digital integration and digital customer relationship management is likely to spur the market demand over the forecast period.

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Why more and more foreign customers choose to transport their goods by rail in China?
There are four reasons for this:
1. Railway transportation can be delivery Point to Point, and the transportation time is fast. China--Moscow: about 15 days, China-Europe: about 14-18 days
2. The railway not only transport containers, but also take LCL cargos.
3. Railway transportation is faster than shipping by sea, and the price is cheaper than shipping by air
4. many different routes and flexible departure time can be choosen

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provide professional railway services from China to the CIS countries, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Europe.

We have 16 years' experiences in international railway services!!! 

One belt, one road / China Express train (FCL / LCL):
1. To Moscow (Russia):
From Guangzhou: 15-18 days
From Dongguan: 16 days
From Suzhou / Nanjing (close to Shanghai): 12-14 days

2. To Poland/Lodz (Warsaw):
From Wuhan / Chengdu / Changsha / Suzhou / Dongguan: 14-16 days

3. To Hamburg/Nuremberg/Duisburg (Germany):
From Wuhan / Chengdu / Changsha / Suzhou / Dongguan: 17-18 days

4. To Minsk (Belarus)
From Changsha / Shenyang / Shenzhen: 14-16 days

5. To Lyons (France)
From Wuhan: 16-18 days

6. To Budapest(Hungary)
From Changsha: 14 days

Sincerely looking for long-term partners.

Head Office: Shenzhen 

Branch in China: Guangzhou , Shanghai , Tianjin, Lianyungang, Chengdu, Beijing, Urumqi

Branch in Overseas: Almaty, Tashkent, Moscow.

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Kids Maths Learner

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April 2016, south Belt Line, italian sector 3kV of the railway station in Chiasso, Switzerland (Ticino). Detail of the railway line, preparation movements of the international intermodal freight trains and start of the Winnerzug with two locomotive to Italy. A special thanks at the train driver for the pleasure horn. Good vision.
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