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Hello to all that join this community! I hope you have a wonderful time Roleplaying! Please, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! And as a side note, yes, of course you can be an OC! It's all about being who you want to be in this community!


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I just became a substitute teacher at South Park Elementary

I heard it's Kenny's birthday

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Holy Snapple 40 members! Thank you to all who joined this community! I am very grateful for a chance at developing a quality community for all of us to enjoy! I can feel a special event coming soon...!

Hi I'm new here

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Full name: Coriander Attwaters

Nickname(s) or Alias: Freckles, Spice, and/or Carrot Top

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 12

Birthday: March 26th

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Religion: Catholic

City or town of birth: New York, New York

Currently lives: South Park, Colorado

Languages spoken: English

Relationship Status: Single


Hair color: Red Orange

Hairstyle: Afro

Facial Hairstyle: N/A

Eye color: Light Hazel

Skin tone/color: Pale, Caucasian

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Ear piercings

Scars/distinguishing marks: Freckles along cheeks, shoulders, and hands, scar along left knee, and birthmark on right thigh.

Preferred style of clothing: Casual, comfortable (sweaters, slacks, sneakers, etc.)

Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Earrings and lucky anklet


Recreational Drug User? Which?: N/A

Addictions: None

Allergies: Asparagus and Pollen

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: None

Any medication regularly taken: N/A


Personality: Tough Skinned, Confident, Perky, Creative, Timid at First Impression, Naïve, Awkward, Loyal, and Honest

Likes: Cats, Blue, Candy, Pretzels, Playing In The Snow, Watching Cartoons, Terrence and Philip, Naps, Blankets, Reading Class, Computer Time, and L.A.R.P

Dislikes: Being Grounded, Watching Fights, Extreme Heat, Neon Pink, Her Younger Brother, News Channels or Reality TV Shows, and Math

Fears/phobias: Clowns, Needles, Tight Spaces, and Thunder Storms

Favorite colour: Blue

Hobbies: Drawing, Playing Games, Swimming, Singing, and Baking


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore

Favorite food(s): Hot Wings, Brownies, Potato Chips, and Strawberries

Favorite drink(s): Smoothies, Soda, Hot Chocolate, and Milkshakes

Disliked food(s): Asparagus, Spinach, and Coleslaw

Disliked drink(s): Prune Juice and Protein Shakes


Do they share their home with anyone? Who?: Her parents, younger brother, and her turtle.

Significant belongings: Family Photo, A Heart Locket, and A Birthday Card From Her Grandmother


Peaceful or aggressive attitude?: Usually Peaceful

Fighting skills/techniques: Aims for stomach, chest, or face when striking opponent

Special skills/magical powers/etc: N/A

Weapon of choice (if any): Rocks or Snowballs

Weaknesses in combat: Getting hit somewhere vulnerable and weak

Strengths in combat: Having the upper hand


Parents names: Celine and Julian

Are parents alive or dead?: Alive

Is the character still in contact with their parents?: Yes

Siblings? Relationship with siblings?: Younger brother, Maximilian, 'frenemy' relationship

Other Important Relatives: Uncles (Rodney and Jared), Aunt (Diana), Grandfather (Sylvester)

Partner/Spouse: N/A

Best Friend: Reese Forler (Long distance friendship)

Pets: Her turtle, Sheldon

Enemies? Why are they enemies?: Stacy "Munch" Crawdler (Bully in old school)


Backstory: Coriander was originally born in 'The Big Apple,' New York City. She lived in a crowded apartment with her parents, Celine and Julian Attwaters. The family lived in New York for a while, nine years to be exact before her brother was born. Though the family growing was exciting, it was going to be a big problem fitting the family in the apartment. Coriander's parents spent two years working for money, hoping they could move sooner or later, but as time went by, they had earned enough money to move. The family didn't enjoy the crowded, smoggy city setting so they settled for a mountainy town, which lead them to move to South Park, Colorado. Once they were acquainted with their new home and setting, they worked on fitting in and finishing their basic tasks. Her parents sent her to School at: 'South Park Elementary,' where she would be learning and possibly making new friends... As for her brother, he was only two so he just stayed home and was taught shapes and colors. One year living in South Park and her family has already made made themselves feel at home, but Coriander... She has had a bit of trouble getting used to everything and everyone... But she will learn the ways of South Park sooner or later...
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