(So that's prolly the first ever RP in this Community.So...yeah...)

You see my dead body in the middle of Raccoon City,you approach.You see that i had no guns cause i got kidnapped and mananged to escape and got shot during that escape

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Name: John Daeren
Age: 20's (Not in RL)
Gender: Male
Occupation: S.T.A.R.S North America Branch
Rank: Rookie
Weapons of choice: M9 Pistol, M4 Carbine, M1014 Shotgun, And a special healing tome since I came from another world called Ylisse
Bio: The names John, and as hard as this is to believe, but I come from a different world......One that had Sword, Axe, Lances, Bows, and even magic spells. But magic was casted from book like devices called Tomes. My world was always in war and I just couldn't handle it anymore, so I came to this one to have a fresh start, and I found out that I'm a good marksman with Firearms, so I was recruited by S.T.A.R.S, so I could make my new dream of fighting for global peace on Earth. But sadly, I still had much to learn to survive here and make my name, but I'll make mine one that's talked about in honor.
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Name: Severus Levesque
Full Name: Severus Black Levesque
Nickname: Sev
Height: 6 foot 11
Eye color: Blue
Hair style and color: Long hair, mostly blonde with some black
Age: 41 ( Not in real life)
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Former Umbrella agent
Hobby: Hunting Albert Wesker
Specialty's: Stealth, heavy weapons involvement and mixed martial arts. Military strategist.
Weapons: Sledgehammer called Toy, dual Python Revolvers and Gutting knife.

Outfit: Black Fedora, Bandanna, and Sunglasses. Black Trench Coat. White T-shirt. Faded Blue Jeans. Brown Boots with Black Soles.

Bio: I was a stealth operative for my black ops team. I had a fight in a bar and killed a man. I was disgracefully discharged from the military. I went home to my wife, Isabella and daughter, Rosalie. Albert Wesker paid me a visit to offer me a job to work as an assassin for the Umbrella Corporation. I accepted and has worked there ever since. Before the Raccoon City incident, I was away on a mission, hunting down S.T.A.R.S. After the incident, I never found Isabella and Rosalie. I presumed them to be dead.

My last mission for Umbrella was to hunt down Chris and Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy. I was joined by a group of survivors. We found the targets and were captured. The targets told me of all the horror Wesker and Umbrella has caused. I then henceforth dedicated myself to hunting and taking down Albert Wesker.

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Couldn't find a better picture of my Character

Name:Edward Carnby
Age:25(Not in real life,of course)
Speciality:Dead Eyed Shooter and LockPicking
Weapons:M4A1 and Pistol

Bio:Name's Edward Carnby.I was a Detective in New York City.I heard about the Umbrella Operation,it was hard for me to believe,but when i saw what the City has become,i decided to grab my gear and go to Raccoon City where i met Leon Scott Kennedy,we both survived Raccoon City,but not for long.Our Escape Chopper got destroyed and we had to go Separate Ways

                                                      Now History:

I started Cooperating with the B.S.A.A and decided to join them.Chinatown was full of creatures.Well...Chris had his own ways,he was smarter then anyone else,we was lucky to have him as a leader.He had a partner named Piers Nivans.I heard Piers got killed during escape of a unknown location...i was shocked,and decided to retire 5 years ago...now...everything started to go next level madness...
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