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I'm having an issue where every now and then I'm getting a "Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded" error when pulling up my awesome table. Any idea on how to fix that?

Is Proxy & Row-level permission working right now?

Our organization used to have this feature in some awesome tables. But today all these doesn't work with showing "The view can't be loaded... Check if" screen. Other tables still work fine.

Yesterday we still could see them, and G suite admin didn't edit anything.



Hi! I've reviewed my form several hundred times to check for blanks :) and I am still getting this message when I attempt to produce the Awesome Table:

Some of your form items have no name.

All questions should have a title. Please name them

Help please!

I used this app successfully a year ago, but when I attempt to geocode a new sheet I can't get past the first steps which create the longitude/latitude columns. All I see is a white side bar that loads non-stop. If I attempt to click on the "Not Loaded yet?" button nothing happens.

I also uninstalled the add-on, added it back, and I'm trying a sheet that is only 7 lines long. What's going on?

I am trying to integrate an awesome table to an HTML page but it's not loading. This awesome table is already integrated into a google site and working fine, but it's not responding on the HTML page. Any clues?

I'm using categoryfilter to filter entries by month (January, February, etc.). In the filter, it displays the months in alphabetical order (April, August, December, February, etc.). Is it possible to rearrange them?

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Currently, I use the following in the AT template:

Student's email address: ${"Student's email address"}<br />Father's email address: ${"Father's Email Address"}<br />Mother's email address: ${"Mother's Email Address"}<br /> <a href='mailto:${"Student's Email Address"},<a href='mailto:${"Father's Email Address"},${"Mother's Email Address"}&bcc=${"bcc"}'>Send Email to both parents</a><br></br><br></br>Father's email address: ${"Father's Email Address"}<a href='mailto:${"Father's Email Address"}&bcc=${"bcc"}'<br /><br />Send Email to father</a><br></br><br></br>Mother's email address: ${"Mother's Email Address"}<br /><a href='mailto:${"Mother's Email Address"}&bcc=${"bcc"}'>Send Email to Mother</a>

In addition I wish to add the following to the subject: "RE ${"Student Name"}.

Note: students' names are in 1 column on the Google sheet.

What and how would I add the subject line?

Many thanks, and a very Happy New Year!


Hi! I have an awesome table connected to a google form. I need to add a column on the excel spreadsheet so data entered manually on excel can be seen on the map, but it's not coming from the form. I've noticed the onForm Submit trigger stops working when I do that. Is there any workaround? Thanks!

I have a problem and I hope you can help me. I have three columns A, B, C, and they are all hidden. I would like that if A has values then {{A}} {{B}} {{C}} is displayed but if A does not have value then {{C}} {{B}} is displayed. I tried to do it with conditional display, but I do not get the results I want. I have put the following in a template on "Text"

Under "Text"
<p class="data_A">{{A}} {{B}} {{C}}</p>
<p class="no_A">{{C}} {{B}}</p>
<p class="help_A">{{A}}</p>

Under "<style>"
display: none
.help_A {
display: none
.help_A:empty + .no_A {
display: block
.help_A:empty + .data_A {
display: none

However, even though I put this and help_A doesn't have data, it doesn't show me no_A and data_A is still displayed. Could you help me find the problem please?
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