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Here's a recap of what we did in 2016

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I have to scroll to see all my gantt.
And I want to see all the data on my table without scrolling.
Any help.


Is there a way to change the types of charts that are generated in the "Advanced Summary of Responses"?

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Hi, this must seem like the stupidest question. How do I make sure that all users and viewers can view the Awesome table without logging in? I am using a Google Business Account to create this

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Hi all,

Image files publicly shared - but awesome table shows broken link?

I am using card view in awesome tables and I am having broken links for images. I have tried two ways to host the image, i) in a G Suite Drive folder shared for anyone with the link to view ii) uploaded by attachment in sites through the "Manage Site" interface. The pages loads with the images if I am signed in but its a broken link if I access the page incognito - however the image urls I have in the spreadsheet for the images display in the incognito browser sessions if pasted directly in as a url address.

This is the image URL as it is in the spreadsheet and results in a broken link when displayed in Awesome Table

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, everyone,

I'm fairly new to Awesome Table, and so far it's been pretty great!

We just collected survey data where students were able to select multiple locations for the answer to a single question, and I'm having trouble getting it to sort for each one individually. For example, if the options were "bus," "playground," and "cafeteria" and I select "bus" as the one I want to search by, it's only counting results that have "bus" only, but leaves out results that might have chosen both "bus" and "playground."

When I look at the full spreadsheet data in the Google Form responses summary, it tallies how many times each location was selected and displays them as a bar graph. In Awesome Table, though, it gives me a pie chart with:
"bus, cafeteria"
"bus, playground"
"cafeteria, playground" and
"bus, cafeteria, playground" all as separate slices.

Any advice on how I can set up the filters to give me slices/bars for each one as an individual category but NOT as multiply-selected categories?

Thanks much!

I am very new to Awesome Table so this may seem like a very easy question to answer but so far I have come up empty.

How to you get the columns to a size that you need or how do you center the data in the collums?

Hi all, just a quick question if I may?

I have a form that collects a photo via the file upload feature. This is stored in a Drive folder that is public and the URL is placed correctly in to the results sheet.

However, even though I am referencing that URL in Awesome Table the image is showing as a broken link - any ideas welcome and thank you!

Hi, I used to be able to see the number of monthly views I was getting on my Awesome Tables, but that seems to have gone away. How can I get that back? Thanks.

Is Awesome Table need to pay any subscription? Or it is free?
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