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Awesome Table just joined the very small number of apps that reached the 10M finale milestone on the G Suite Marketplace, like Lucidchart.

We launched Awesome Table on this marketplace less than 2 years ago (in September 2016) to adapt to new security rules on Google side (see our blog post:

1 Million users in September 2016.
3M a month later, in October 2016.
6M in May 2017.
7M a year ago, in September 2017.
8M in March 2018.
9M in May.

I created Awesome Table exactly 6 years ago, in August 2012. At first as a gadget for Google Sites, to provide an easier way to display in a site data from a spreadsheet, with nice filters. It is now a real SaaS product, embeddable in any website to create beautiful listings out of Google Sheets.

Special thanks to +Jean-Rémi Delteil, without whom Awesome Table would not be what it is today.

Please help me with a code that would Freeze the Header Row. It is important for me.

I receive the following error message:

Advance Summary of responses generates charts and filters based on a Google Form responses, using Awesome Table

ScriptError: Document 1CwXvTN9k55D5IhPWJ18snOofpR_wdpRw8P9ezPTB01g is missing (perhaps it was deleted, or you don't have read access?)


You need access to this.

Please help!


Is anyone else experiencing problems with accessing Awesome Tables? For a couple of weeks or more, I am unable to access any of my Awesome Table views. Which means none of them can be edited.

Also, I cannot create new views.

It seems as though Awesome Tables are completely inaccessible.

Any ideas?

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How do I remove columns that don't have any data and are refered to as 'not_found' from filter view?

Hi, I am trying to create an advanced summary of my survey,

I am consistently receiving the message:

'Some of your form items have no name.'
'All questions should have a title. Please name them'

All my questions have titles so I am unsure how to resolve this, hopefully someone will be able to help resolve this issue?


Avec une carte awesometable on pourrait imaginer une option pour le comportement du filtre datefilter : une option focus sur les repères et une option non focus sur les repères car au fond il ne s'agit pas forcément de localiser précisément les repères il se peut qu'on veuille plutôt voir des déplacements et des mouvements sur la carte, dans ce cas le focus sur les repères est inintéressant, je viens de faire une proposition en ce sens dans le forum feature requests
peut être idem pour les autres filtres lorsqu'on utilise une carte il peut s'avérer intéressant de figer la carte

Hola Roman, primero para felicitarte por temendo desarrollo que tienes con la AwesomeTable, excelente, la consulta adicional es si esta se puede conectar a Cloud SQL or NOSQL ? hay algun proyecto para esto?

Anyone know how to print out cards so that the cards do not run over pages?
i.e. if third row runs over page (parts of cards on each page) then all third row goes to the next page.

try using it today and got this error: ScriptError: Limit Exceeded: DriveApp.
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