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The Washington twins sit under the stars with Nadia-Rose, listening to twenty one pilots. Nadia is making up constellations, to the twins' fascination

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Name: Nadia-Rose "Rosie" Hamilton
Godly Parent: Summanus (Nocturnal storm god)
Age: 17
Birthday (optional): August 12th

Eye color: Green
Hair color: White, either in braids or a messy bun.
Skin color: Pale bisque
Body type: Short, mildly athletic

Favorite Clothes: white jacket, navy blue scarf, jeans and combat boots

Strengths: She is good at leading groups, and situations where she is in control gives her a confidence boost. She has good stamina, especially at night.
Powers: Electrokinesis, and can create and manipulate rainstorms, especially at night.
She has a short temper, and will not hesitate at letting someone know if they are getting on her nerves. She also refuses to tell people if she is hurt in any way.

"I grew up in New Orleans, with my alcoholic mom who had married a mysterious man (who turned out to be a Roman god....yay...) She managed to slur out her vows. The wedding was a shotgun, as I'd apparently been conceived a month or two prior. When I was eight, I walked in on my mom slumped over the kitchen table, having apparently overdosed on sleeping meds. She'd done it before, so I didn't think much of it. But this time, she didn't wake up. After sorting that situation, I lived in my uncle's flat, where I was claimed at 12, until my 17th birthday and moved to Camp Jupiter per recommendation of my uncle's flatmate, who turned out to be a faun."

Sarcastic, headstrong to the point of ignorance, Nadia-Rose prefers to march to her own drum. She's a good leader, confident in herself and others. However, if people annoy her, she'll let them know. She's not afraid to resort to violence, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

Other: She prefers twin electrified swords in battle, but occasionally carries a handgun. She is in the second cohort of Camp Jupiter. The Chain have considered trying to recruit her. She likes wearing lipstick of the colour in the picture.

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Its Katrina's first week of camp and she's still getting used to her super speed. She's super speeding to the dining hall. When she stops she trips and lands at your feet

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Name:Casey Mage

Godly Parent:Demeter


Birthday:June 13

Eye color:Hazel

Hair Color:Brown

Skin type:Short and skinny

Favorite clothes:The she's/he's wearing

Power:She can change her gender at will and teleport (She was born a female)

Strength:She's really great at archery and a great swordsman

Weakness:She is slightly clumsy.Very disoragaziend

Bio:She was adopted.Few years later she raised her (She didn't like her adopted family

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NAME: Katrina
AGE: 16
BIRTHDAY: September 12
GENDER: Female

PERSONALITY: Fast yet clumsy, hot-headed
BIOGRAPHY: Is the daughter of Hermes. Grew up with mother in Chicago and at the age of 12 I got a letter saying I'm the daughter of Hermes and to come to Camp Half-Blood. I was shocked but went anyway.

HAIR: brown
SKIN TONE: a little pale
HEIGHT: 5' 6"

WEAPON OF CHOICE: bow and arrows

FATAL FLAW: I'm a little clumsy
POWERS: super speed
STRENGTHS: my accuracy
WEAKNESSES: my clumsiness 
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Hannah and Emily are sitting outside, Emily with her manga novel and Hannah listening to music

Name: Lilli Connor
Godly Parent: Mercury
Age: 17
Birthday: December 17

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde Dyed Blue
Skin color: Tan
Body type: Skinny

Favorite Clothes: Dark Blue Jeans with a Purple tank top and a black Pull over jacket. Black Shoes.

Power/strengths: Swiftness and Agility Able to keep quiet.
Weaknesses: Messes with to many people and gets herself into Bad situations. Very Arrogant when it comes to Battles.

Biography: Lilli was born in Toranto Canada on a cold winter morning. Her mother was young at the time and didn't know how to take care of her so she placed her in a foster home. The foster parents were not nice and as Lilli got older the more work They placed into Lilli and if she said no they would hurt her. At one point the foster father demanded she clean the house from top to bottom and She had said she was too small to reach certain places and the father smashed a beer bottle on her forehead causing a scar. The Government took her out of that foster home and places her in a better foster home in California As she grew older she became more Adventurerous and came across Camp Jupiter. She went home and found her Foster father on the floor dying. And she tried to find out what was wrong and the foster mother told her that he had stage 2 Cancer. She had held into him in his final moments. After that she had packed her stuff and headed off back to the camp. She stays at Camp Year Round.

Personality: Can be a got head. But over all pretty nice. She can be a little Egotistical at times.

Other: Canadian. And has a large Scar across her Forehead to her chin.

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Luka Jorgenssen (often referred to as 'Dollface' by others)
Godly Parent: Lucifer, god of the morning and evening stars
Age: 16
Birthday (optional): He's not sure of it

Eye color: Light blue
Hair color: Light blond (long like in the picture, occasionally tied back in a tidy bun)
Skin color: Pale bisque
Body type: Tall, slim
Distinguishing physical features: The Chain brands on his upper back and left upper forearm
Favorite Clothes: White dress shirt with brown leather jacket, plain pants, comfortable but practical shoes.

Powers: He's pyro/calokinetic (can control and generate fire and heat), and mildly telekinetic.
Strengths: In sunlight, he's more agile. He's able to sing and play instruments with ease. Persuasive and charming. He is also a very good archer.
Weaknesses: He can't take it if the environment is dirty, and if his pride is hurt. He likes attention, so if it is not given to him then he sulks.

Biography: Luka grew up in Manchester, UK, with his mother (he's kept the English accent). He was 15 when she passed away, and after she died, Luka joined the Chain in America. His colleagues referred to him as 'Dollface' for his looks. He proved to them that he was more than just a pretty face. Currently at second rank, he is a diligent member and was involved in the kidnapping of Emily Washington and the murder of Marilyn Washington. He decided to take a hiatus from the Chain and went to Camp Jupiter.

Personality: Calculative, charming, persuasive, Luka is an egomaniac, priding himself on his looks. He can't stand the sight of a dirty room (he cleans it from top to bottom). He is an attention seeker. He has an eloquent manner of speech, and he uses it to full advantage. On the inside, he's a little too sensitive for his own good.

Other: He wears a silver ring on the middle finger of his right hand, and he's left handed. He has a spruce bow that his step-father gifted to him at the age of eleven.
He also prefers to wear a mask while on the job, as "it's not him who's doing the 'crime' anymore".

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