Hello my fellow zootipians I would just like to announce that all original characters are available for an RP profile except for Judy everyone else is available please notify me in the comments if me if you are interested in making a profile for an original character so that I can make sure no one else will have the same character or fight over it fist person who comments the character they want with there reasons and is approved by me will automatically gain the right to make a RP profile for it thank you guys for your cooperation

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Name-Marceline Theresa Saberhagen
Species-Snow Leopard (They are not meant to be humans)
Skills-Singing, drawing, writing, roller skating, ninjitsu, making chocolate everything
Personality-Kind, imaginative, smart, quiet, creative, confident
Likes-Writing, rollerskating, acting, drawing, singing, photography
Dislikes-Animals who say I can't do anything because I'm a girl.
Relatives-Dr. Louis Saberhagen (Mom) Salem Saberhagen (Dad) Jackson, Patrick, Robert (Brothers) Lisa, Clara (Sisters)
Friends-Everyone is my friend
Motto-You can do anything that you set your mind to
Bio-I grew up on a farm. My best friend Judy and I moved to zootropolis. I moved there before her, because my parents got new jobs there when I was 14. I graduated high school early. My family is rich and I love them, but I didn't want to have the jobs my parents have. My mother is a psychiatrist and my father owns the bank. I opened my own chocolate shop called Cocoa Rouge. I make chocolate cakes, cookies, candies, hot chocolate, and so many other things. In my spare time, I write stories. I publish books and I even have a number one seller. It was made thanks to my childhood friend, Judy. I met up with Judy and she told me her whole story about the case of the missing animals. It really sparked my idea for a new story. That's also when I met Chief Bogo. I thought he was so handsome, charming, tough. I started to fall for him. I wonder if he likes me back.
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Welcome to zootopia highschool I decided to make this community because I thought it would be fun anyways I would just like to leave this for y'all guys it's the RP character information list that needs to be filled out with your characters bio..

Predator or prey:

That's it guys and without further a do I welcome you to zootopia highschool

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