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Full-Bloods are children of two gods i.e Ares & Athena. They send their children here, to train to become a god. There is rivalry between them and the demi-gods. The gods have many lovers so, it doesn't matter if someone has taken your parent.

Demi-Gods are the same as they were in Rick Riordan's book. Except here, they train to become guardians of earth.

When deciding powers, full bloods can have 1 power from each parent or 2 from one and 0 from the other. Demi-Gods get 2 from their godly parent.

Capture the flag is played either girls VS boys, or Demi VS Full, the teams do not change, unless students wish to play there own game.

Anything else can be addressed to me or the mods in the questions section. (Remember to tag)

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Name: Aiden Reus
Age: 18
Gender: male
Demi/Full: demi
Godly Parent(s): Prometheus
Powers: pyrokinesis, creating living tissue from earth type materials (dirt, clay etc.)(requires contact)
Weapons: Celestial bronze clawed gauntlets (explosive punches), steel spear
Personality: easygoing, low key, cunning, 
Likes: sculpting, sparring, gardening
Dislikes: lapdogs, loud people, people who kill his creations
Bio: Aiden grew up as a regular kid, hidden away in Michigan. He grew up in the backwoods, and lived in relative peace with his family. This lasted until his powers developed, and he was attacked by a minotaur. It was killed a truck flew off of the nearby road and hit a tree, which fell on the minotaur. He was taken to the camp soon after.
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I don't know if I'm doing this right, but I was wondering if titan children are allowed.

+Hermione Granger​, +Kimberlee Chowning​, +Jayme Bell​, +Jessica Bell​ guys we need to get more members and get this community flowing!

((I didn't Tag Theresa and Hoon (the other mods) for obvious reasons))

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Updated because birthday

Name: Sahara Kendall Leigh
Nicknames: Sah, Har, KJ, Harry, Le-Le, Kendall
Gender: female
Age: 17
Birthday: May 13
Demi or Full: Full
Godly Parents: Artemis, goddess of animals, the hunt, the moon, the wilderness, archery, and others
Poseidon, god of the sea
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Hair: dark, long hair sometimes in a braid or pulled back in a ponytail
Eyes: brown
Skin tone: white, Caucasian
Height: 5'5"
Body Type: slender, skinny, athletic
Typical Clothing: brown leather jacket, khakis, brown leather boots, black t-shirt, flannel shirt, sweaters

Personality: nice, kind, friendly, warm, sassy, sarcastic, nurturing, rebellious, headstrong, outspoken, outgoing, moody, charming, charismatic, controlling, bossy, control freak, impulsive, open-minded, hot-headed, rough around the edges
Likes: animals, swimming, boating, surfing, traveling, reading, writing, history, sleeping
Dislikes: jerks, players, spicy food, severe thunderstorms, June bugs, bees, math
Weaknesses: animals, math

Powers: talking to animals & water manipulation
Weapon: bow & quiver of silver arrows
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Relationship status: single

Backstory: Look, it's not easy hiding who you are or where you came from or your existence from a group of immortal adolescent girls. A few weeks ago, the Lieutenant of the Hunters discovered that I am a full blood daughter of Artemis and Poseidon. The Hunters voted to kick me out because of the nature of my existence. Artemis told me to come here so I did.
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I'm back!!!! New leaf!!!

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Which do you prefer? Half-blood or full-blood?
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Sorry +Just A Fangirl In Her World but I am leaving this community. 


Tomorrow, this community is going to be under inspection. It may join the IDWT network, so we must be active!
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