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Hello all,
  I recently posted a mission on EA about a free bitcoin faucet. I would love some interaction with this mission as it really helps out all of us. 

How the site you're going to works, is that you register with very basic information and confirm the account (through an e-mail they send you). That's it. From then on, you collect small amounts of multiple Crypto Currencies every day. The more people you invite, the more you get. 

My goal is to test the second part of this. I'm hoping I can get a decent number of people to sign up under me at which point I can verify how true their claims are. I'd love it if you all took a minute (that's about how long the whole process takes) and give it a try. Hey, it's free money.

The payout isn't big but I spent a lot on Pendapalooza 15 and am still recovering. Thanks and here's the link:

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Help us build our new YouTube vlogging channel. Complete this mission by visiting our channel and letting us know what you think!

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Don't miss todays auctions, ends in 30 minutes.

Anyone buy the "Leaders Badge"

I've found a few people. If you have bought it, let us know!

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FB mission 10000e to like my FB page

Do you know an EAv batch buying and selling tool?

I earn about 3 million eaves a day and keep buying new pies but with a huge portfolio like mine buying additional shares in 1000s of people at the same time is exhausting and boring.

I'm unwilling to pay 10 bucks a month for this quite basic function that imho should be included in basic site functionality. 

So I'm looking for a way to do this in batches, any ideas?

Just joined EA three days ago - my ticker is (e)INFOSCOUTER - I return all investments.  You'll find me on the leader board for newbies!

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OK, here's a BIG mission to get EA people to sign up for #GPlusSanta -- up to 100,000 eaves up for grabs

This is the post to add your wishlist to:

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Know someone amazing? Here’s a chance to make the unsung heroes in your life a little more sung. 

Starting today, you can nominate someone you know to get one of the new HP Chromebooks we’ll be giving away to people who make your web amazing. A new Chromebook can help them do their thing even better. 

Your nominee could be a super-mom who’s half-human and half-superhero, an explorer whose photos inspire you to expand your horizons, or even a friend who's a particularly talented photobomber. Whoever they are, make sure they get a little something for being great.  
Nominate a friend in the US or UK to get a new HP Chromebook 11, and spread the word at:
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