I changed the name of this Google Community to... "Mr.Grosinger's MHS Alumni"

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Sandwiched in between lectures on Asteroids and Pluto, we presented our electric vehicle project at the NJAAPT conference November of 2016. 
Sandwiched in between lectures on Asteroids and Pluto, we presented our electric vehicle project at the NJAAPT conference November of 2016.

Hey Mr. Grosinger!

I had your class senior year in 2014 for SolidWorks... you made it such a great class, thank you for always staying true to you.

I'm attending New Jersey Institute of Technology now studying Electrical and Computer Engineering Technologies with Daniel Estrada and Adrian Lopez (also students of yours).

Anyways, if there is anyone in your class that is interested in STEM or NJIT, please tell them to shoot either one of us a message with any questions they may have.

Also, my club here at NJIT (SHPE- Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) started a SHPE Jr chapter at Memorial last year. It is being led by Mr. Barquin, they have some pretty cool projects that you might want to pair up with (Solidworks), or maybe some of your students might be interested.

Best regards,

Alexander Hilsamer

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Student drawings...
How do Bicycle Cable Brakes work?
How do Bicycle Cable Brakes work? My former student, Antonio Rios, has made this artistic diagram. Check out his blog for more drawings... http://antonioriosdesign.blogspot.com/

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My latest blog post of my student's work...
How to assemble a small engine by my student... Ashley Rodriguez
Q: Okay the cam gear is in place, what do we do next?  A: As you can see in the photo that the pencil is pointing on an indent on the gear. We are going to time both gears together. Meaning, the silver gear has a dot, we are going to match the indented gear...

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How to fix the classic stools you see at Starbucks...
How to fix a classic "Lyon" spot welded stool by my student... Granit Gashi
Q:how does it look when you spot weld it? A: The spot weld was easy all I had to do was put some clamps on it and hold it till I weld one spot and then remove them for the second weld until I did about 4 welds. Q: Whats next??? Read more about how my studen...

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The MHS electric car project of 2009 lives on!!!
Recently, the Verona (NJ) Environmental Commission got in touch with me. They invited me to display the electric car we build at MHS, at their Green Fair this past Saturday. This was an honer and a surprise for me. I love any opportunity to show the work...

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The best documentary I have seen about education so far.

I saw this last night at the Montclair film Festival.

It was funded by a venture capitalist which means that the focus is on innovation and creativity, not standard size test.


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Formula SAE in NJ!!!
This is happening local to us in Hoboken! Check out their facebook page and like their progress! I'm going to try and see how we can arrange a meeting!
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