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any boys want to RP?

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Haxkey: excuse me missie, i see your- blushes as she wraps her arms around me
Haxkey: aww shucks...

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(Open Roleplay)

"Here's my contact information, if you need to ask me a question in the middle of the night or anytime. Use this number, if you can't. Then I also have a Insta account." He said and wrote down the account on the whiteboard, setting down the marker.
"Oh, and since we still have time. Start the questions on page 24, the answer are all in the textbook."

From there he left the students to do the work, taking a seat in his chair as he rubbed his temples. The stress of a new year started, one thing that was quite different was her. She had medium lengthened hair, brown eyes and a petite figure. She had also caught his eye, maybe it was the tights that she'd wear underneath her skirt or the length of her skirt. Anyhow, he had seated her near his desk, so he could see her up close whenever he wanted to. It sounded perverted but he couldn't help himself, the way she'd look at him, turned him on.

It all started off when she wore the wrong skirt to school, it was shorter than the average uniform. Her black underwear showing as she'd walk, constantly stuck having to pull it down so no boy would see. He remembered seeing the struggle on her face when she walked in, walking straight to her desk so she could sit down.
"Good morning." He smiled and walked over, handing out a worksheet to her.

"Morning.. " She whispered and smiled softly, fidgeting in her slender legs was shown.
"I saw you were struggling yesterday, is there anything I can help you with?" He asked and sat on top of the desk next to her, obviously noticing her legs.
"There is something... Could you find me some gym shorts?" She asked and looked up at him, wanting to change out of her current skirt.

{Starter of roleplay;}
About three weeks into the new month of November. Mr. Hugh had assigned a group project, his favorite student obviously wanting to work alone. In which he agreed, telling her that if she had any question to just contact him.

Noticing his few lustful looks, she would purposely wear see through clothing or skimpy outfits to school just to see his reaction. He enjoyed seeing her but this little fun soon grew to something else as one night, she contacted him. Asking about the project, and then asking if it was alright to call.

They spent the night talking, as his stalker-ish side came out. Going through her Instagram account and liking multiple photos from an anonymous account, seeing just what she liked...

2-4 lines
Male or Female, can roleplay. I can roleplay either male or female.
Teacher x Student
I'd like this to start of slow with slight flirting, stalking before going in depth with the romance.
Ask for private post, or just private post me the roleplay.
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Name of Roleplay- Unusual love

Starter and everything you need to know is down below
you were considered the "queen" of the highschool. Every man wanted you and every girl wanted to be you. It was your birthday and your friends took you out to look for guys and they take you to a underground arena to scope out guys you'll want. You got to the cage around the arena and you see someone you thought you'll never see. Me also know as Derrick Cross. The "nobody" in school. You watch me get ready to battle and you see that im bleeding from my arms and back. you hear a rumbling sound and see a gate opening. you then see a huge man walk out of the gate. you follow the fight and you see me take him down with a stab to the stomach. You see the medical crew yell to the audience that he's okay. You look at me and you see that im looking at you. You walk away and find your friend and tell them you want to leave. y'all leave and they drop you off at your house. The next day at school you see me and confront me. You stop me from walking and say....

girl needed
sexual rp
must be able to do your friends characters
must come up with their name and age
must be mean/a bitch toward me at first

my characters info
name: Derrick Lee Cross
age: 18
Height: 6'2"
weight: 205
likes:the color blue, helping others,
dislikes: others picking on him,other picking on other people, fighting(but is forced to)
zodiac sign: leo

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hey i have an idea for a Steven universe rp if any of you lovely ladies wanna do it
steven universe rp
beach city, home of the crystal gems and other things, you were on a mission when you found a poofed gem, an amber gem near a crashed pod, you decide to take it back to the temple and set it on the floor to see what would happen
after 3 days I emerge from the gem, the gem going onto my hand and I lay there out cold and I appear to be around stevens age about 14, I wake up shortly after forming, quickly getting scared
Steven: uh (gem you pick) someone is here another gem
I quickly summon a rapier and pin Steven up against the wall, thinking he will hurt me you come out and....
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anyone up for RP with these pic
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your name is valkyire you are a immortal, you been battling other immortals because there can be only one, until one night, you came across other immortal, by the name vim macleod, both of you fight for a while, i had the upper hand and knocks you on your back, thinking is this the end for you? but instead of finnish you off, i help you up with a small smile on my face, and deep down inside somehow your falling in love with me, months later after some time of getting along with me, you invited me to your home, after we watch movies together you see i was sleeping on your shoulder, thats where you
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Anyone want to rp any of these pictures

I am playing female

I am ONLY Submissive

Note: for the last one, one person to play two characters.
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I am looking for girls to roleplay as Raisin girls from south Park.

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Im looking for girls to play as purple vixen or her hench girls.
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