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Acts:kind mostly on her phone

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Name: Nightmare
Age: 17
Parents: adopted by Rodney and Jessica
Quote: Sweet Nightmares
Favorites: I like the color blue and my hobbies is to kill people and kids by using their own fear against them.
About her: she dates a boy name Jack but when she was a regular girl she used to date a boy named Lukas. She can't decide and her life was taken by a demon named Rodney and she forgot about everything but she knows that is not her real dad even though he claims that he is. She has a brother, and two other sisters. Nightmare's real name is Jade Henderson.

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1. Post Your Creepypasta OC And Describe It, Like Age, Name, Personallity, All That Stuff. 2. DON'T SPAM YOUR OC OR I'LL KICK YOU! 
Name: Lillith Robins
Killer Name: Fate
Age: 14
Personality: Mysterious, quiet, friendly when you become friends with her.
Killing Method: As her name suggests, Fate can... pretty much tell your fate using fate-telling cards (instead of fortune-telling cards). What she does is she picks three cards from her stack-- then she blows on them and they turn over, each revealing a horrible fate--- like 'you will get bitten by a venomous snake' or 'you will be repeatedly stabbed to death'.

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