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Important! Due to the shutdown of Google+ and in an attempt to consolidate, all beta communities will be moved to a single subreddit at
Please sign up there to receive the latest news and offer feedback. I still would love to hear from you so feel free to contact me directly through email if you would rather. Thanks!

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Added optional navigation menu items including:
-Downloads (Episodes that have been downloaded)
-New Releases (The newest 50 episodes)
-In Progress (Episodes that have been started but not completed)

You must enable or disable options in the settings.

Please test and let me know if it all works as expected or if there are any other options you would like. Thanks!
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The new functioning mobile app is now available to beta users of NavCasts. It is pretty unstable and barebones so far, but podcasts and episodes should be automatically synced between devices. You can subscribe by searching in the bottom bar.

Please provide feedback on improvements or features you would like to see. Thank you everyone!

Hey guys, how it is the battery consumption? I wanna buy a Ticwatch E and listen to podcast when dog walking. How much battery does it drains when i am listening to an 1 hour podcast? Thanks

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Hi there, just installed NavCasts on my WearOS 2.0 watch. I'm trying to download & listen to "The Adventure Zone" episode 34. I did a search within NavCasts, found the podcast and successfully subscribed. However, the list of episodes only goes back about 50 episodes, to epsiode #48. I can't go further back to episode 34 (??)

Looking at the official RSS feed (, it goes all the way back to episode 1.

Is there some limitation in NavCasts here? Like, somehow it only parses the latest 50 episodes of a feed?

Multi-function buttons now supported (App must be opened, not the primary button)

-Button 1 - Play/Pause
-Button 2 - Skip Forward
-Button 3 - Skip Backward

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Added black theme.

hi there! i'm running 0.9.6 and having an issue with subscriptions updating.

is there a way to force a refresh? it looks like it is spinning and refreshing when i tap into the I missing something?

for example, i have this subscription:

..but in navcasts, it shows the latest episode as being on Jan 25th (there have been 8 episodes since then)


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I updated the color fetching code to get more reliably contrasting accent colors. You may experience your podcast's colors changing for a bit as they will be refreshed every time the app loads, but I will remove the code after about a month to make sure all podcasts have the latest colors. Let me know if you experience any problems.
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Added playback speed support. Adjust from anywhere to 0.5x - 3x speed
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