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Teacher Profile
Name you go bye in class: Mrs/Miss or Mr.
Real name:
Age: 22+

Students Profile
Age: 14-18
club you want to be in.

_Thats it Enjoy!_

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Kurumi and Umaru arrive at the mall. It was quite packed, with sales all over the place.
"So..Where do you want to go Umaru?"
+Harumi Miyazaki

wakes up to makes us some coffee

((Closes Rp for +Yuki Kuran​))

Ash puts a check mark inside his book on the page that has Miwa's father in it Well... there's one of them down...

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Miwa Mizuke goes to the empty barren places around school and turns them into amazing beautiful gardens the garden club is open! Anyone who wants to join us welcome!
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Waits for Miwa to finish packing as we get ready to set off on an adventure to find some materials and being a different type if training to take her powers to new heights
+Chrisa Guardiola​

Since this is a school for the gifted, I thought it'll be a great idea for us to have a section like this for the advanced students or students in training to be sent on missions to achieve more power or complete missions to protect others

Hopes Principle Yamamoto approves

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leans against a nearby tree as I look through the student handbook, searching for a particular student Ah here we are.. closes then pockets the book Miwa Mizuki? +Chrisa Guardiola 

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I`d like to Welcome You all to the ARENA! here we will conduct friendly spars Teachers must be present just in case things get out of control or in my case I will be holding 2 different types of classes here

1. Hand to Hand Combat Training

2. Magical Control/Learning For those who doesn`t have an idea for magic yet

If Ms Yamamoto agrees I`d also like to hold tournaments! to see the progress of the students maybe every 2 or 3 months?

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Sorry it took wayyyy to long so make a profile

Name: Keita Nakamura

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Likes: Excitement, Coffee, Teaching, Technology and Space

Dislikes: Being bored and Ignorant people

Magic: Time & Space Manipulation

Skills: I combine my knowledge of Technology with my magic to create dummies or soldiers to do my dirty work, but I`m a master at hand to hand combat | Mastered over 30 different styles | plus thanks to my ability to manipulate Space and Time it`s almost to easy to fight myself

Weapons: Custom made- Galactic Dark Matter Blade, Long Scripted Dagger, and Many gadgets that were made during free time

Job: I`d like apply to be a Assistant Principal / Teacher if needed

Bio: Keita Nakamura was born alot different from the others in his area, he had abnormal powers that at the time he didn`t have any clue on how to control. As the years went on he gradually learned to control certain abilities, Keita loved to learn about Space and was amazed at the way Time itself work which just so happens to be the source of his power, his friends always called him a nerd or brainy-act since he could almost fix anything that got broken so the Technology part was a born gift. As the years went on and thanks to his strict parents Keita was entered into military school and learned different battle tactics and strategies. After graduating he decided to go to school for Science and Tech he then received a masters degree in both which helped him understand his powers even better and one of the science professors who accidentally dropped in on Keita while he practicing his skills. The professor was both shocked and interested in Keita every since, he taught him everything there was to know about the universe and its forces, time, matter and so on. That experience made him want to teach and help others thus leading him to become a teacher
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