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Name* Kaida ((little dragon))
Nickname Hazukashigariya no hana ((Shy flower))
Gender Female
Type of dragon legandary frost/Glass/Crystal
powers Glass spikes, Camouflage, Ice breath,
personality Shy, kind, Protective over my friends
Likes humans, Dragons, food, singing, flying
Dislike hunters, enemies, Bad food
When I was little hunters attacked my family and kidnapped us but I was the runt of the Hacthling and the hunters thought that I wouldn't survive so they left me in the cold cave but I was also the smartest and fast and more powerfulest of all the Hacthling even if I was the smallest and I survive and I grow up alone eating left over from other dragons and I traveled the world
Secret Dreams
Finding a Rider that is kind
Picture me when I was little but I look the same but now im bigger

Soaren put together her pack and left home. She was determined to find and train a dragon. You were flying above and saw her. You then... (Open to any dragon)

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Name: Soaren
Age: 19
Gender: female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 5'5
Weight: 150 lb
Build: Tall and lean
Eye Color: Blue
Family: parents, no siblings
Persona: friendly, caring, trusting, honest
Likes: dragons, drawing, singing, battling
Dislikes: death of close ones,
Fear: hurting the ones she loves
Fault: is too trusting
Goal in life: to prove to people that not all dragons are evil
Allies: none
Enemies: too many

Bio: Her village was attacked by a drain when she was 10. While everyone else ran she walked over to the dragon to talk to it. Her parents grabbed her before she made it and ran. Ever since it's been her goal to get people stop demonizing dragons.

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Name: Kraesthis (Kray-s-this)

Age: don't remember

Species: Dark Dragon

Breed: purebred Dark Dragon

Owner: open

Abilities: shadow jump, super speed, can loan powers to my trainer

Bio: that's none of your business bares fangs

Notes: none

Other: none

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Name: Night

Age: unlimited

Species: Dark Dragon

Breed: Universe basicly a god dragon

Owner: closed for(+Arthur M,cant tag)

Abilities: space & time,death,life,in roleplay

Bio: secret

Notes: none

Other: none

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Name: Vita
Gender: Female
Dragon Type: Air Dragon
Dragon Trainer: None
Powers: Moves clouds from place to place, makes some storms
Personality: Shy, kind, playful.
Likes: Clouds, Flying, Air stuff
Dislikes: Aggressive dragons
Bio: At a very young age she was hurt alot, which is why she is shy at first, she thinks all dragons/humans will hurt her, so its hard to actually come close to her.

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Name: Jessie
Gender: Female
Dragon type: Legendary water dragon
Dragon trainer: None
Powers: Everything that has to do with water
Personality: Mean, Sweet, Ferocious, Powerful, Quick, Intelligent
Likes: Swimming, Playing with dragons.
Dislikes: Most humans
Bio: "Hey I'm Jessie. I'm a unique type of dragon. After getting taught by The queen I've been called "The Sea Killer" or the "Sea queen" I've ruled over the sea kingdom since the queen allows me too. I may be the biggest water dragon you'll ever see..."

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"In a different time we would be foes but now you are my ally, do not make me regret this choice"

Name: Archaron

Gender: male

Dragon type: fire dragon

Dragon trainer: None

Powers: Fire and Fire

Personality: Cunning, Clever, Intelligent, Caring, and Passionate

Likes: Anything that isn't trying to kill him

Dislikes: His foes

Bio: "I am Archaron one of the many Dragons of the realm, my family is dead all including my sisters who I cared for deeply, I have made numerous alliances with humans to avert my death and other dragons"

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Name: Rouge shadow

Gender: male

Dragon type: Dark dragon

Dragon trainer: None

Powers: shadow's and smoke

Personality: silent, dose not talk much to anyone, can be caring at times,and protective

Likes: night, any dark pleases, hunting,being alone, my cave

Dislikes: anyone who gets in my may, light dragons, and light

Bio: I am rouge shadow or shadow for short. Please don't try to tame me. I like being alone because that's how I grew up. If you try to tame me I will not think twice to kill you.
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