Dr. Sivie has been our dentist for 10 years and she and her staff consistently go above and beyond to make their clients feel like they are in the best possible hands. Friendly, professional and always on time we have come to appreciate her over the years but recently she exceeded all expectations! Our son chipped his front tooth one evening, he sees and pediatric dentist but with Dr. Sivie's experience with cosmetic dentistry, I'm doing Invisiline with her, I knew she was the right person to call. I left a message on her 'emergency' line and she called back in two minutes and offered to open the office for us that very night!!! He wasn't in pain so we arranged to go in at 6:30 the next morning ... she and her staff opened early to help my son! WOW, talk about customer service and professionalism! We can't recommend her any more highly than that!!!! 
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