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1.polls are allowed
2.Please keep bad words to a minimal
3.No weird/sexual questions
4.The questions can be anything except for what is specifed in number 3
5. If you really want to you can ask other people questions.
6. Don't be mean
7. Be creative in your questions (it isn't completely necessary but it makes it fun)
8. You may post pictures if it relates to a question. Unles told other wise.
10. Please have fun

Thanks for reading this i will give certain people that I know I can trust the name of moderator. But other wise HAVE FUN! ☺

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Padme evolution, princess Amidala tribute (Natalie Portman)!

Any questions? I'm bored

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Do you ship Superflash really important answer ASAP

Are you still working on the Once Upon A Time Fan Fiction? I almost forgot about it.

Am I funny? 😑 Be sincere.

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+Senator Amidala​ how do you feel about me being Darth Revan and now a Savior of the Galaxy?

I have I problem. What do I do if i am getting bullyed at school?

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Do you like Dead Pool ?

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