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[[ Welcome to The Tribes Of The Oracles (TOTO) ]]

Long ago, we were shrouded by war, famine, and disease. Most of us had given up. But the Welkin taught us to change our ways, bringing a bright, new future.

This is a cat roleplay community that is loosely based upon concepts in the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. Note that the universe of this roleplay is drastically different from the Tribe of Rushing Water in the Warriors series. The lore behind this universe is constantly evolving and being added on to.

In TOTO, there are a total of five different tribes: the Tribe of Frostbite, the Tribe of Bright Meadows, the Tribe of Rocky Slopes, the Tribe of Thick Undergrowth, and the tribe of Tall Pines. Like the clans of Warrior Cats, each tribe has its own special set of skills.Then, there are two groups that function as the afterlife for tribe cats: the Sky Oasis and the Purgatory of Shadows. The eighth and final group is the Claret Rebellion. Finally, independent loners/rogues may choose to roam the City.

The Tribe Of Frostbite
This tribe occupies the Arctic Alp (the snowy side of the mountains). Cats in this tribe typically have high endurance and thick fur. Common prey includes snow hares.

The Tribe Of Bright Meadows
This tribe occupies the Celtic Aria (the meadows in between the two rivers). Cats in this tribe typically have high velocity and lithe frames. Common prey includes mice, birds, fish, and voles.

The Tribe Of Rocky Slopes
This tribe occupies the Jagged Summit (the rocky side of the mountains). Cats in this tribe typically have high strength and thick paw pads. Common prey includes hawks.

The Tribe Of Thick Undergrowth
This tribe occupies the Topiary Grove (the temperate forests). Cats in this tribe typically have high stealth and dark pelts. Common prey includes birds, squirrels, and voles.

The Tribe Of Tall Pines
This tribe occupies the Arbitrary Woods (the pine forests). Cats in this tribe typically have high leaping/climbing skill and strong hind legs. Common prey includes birds, voles, squirrels, and mice.

The Sky Oasis and the Purgatory of Shadows
These groups make up the afterlife for tribe cats. The "good cats" go to the Sky Oasis after death, while the "evil cats" go to the Purgatory of Shadows after death. Cats who were neither "good" nor "evil" will become Keepers, who act as spirit guardians for living (most specifically troubled cats, prophecy cats, etc). In addition, cats in the Sky Oasis can choose to act as Keepers for a time. See the "Ranks" section of this post for more information on the Keepers.

The Claret Rebellion
This group occupies the Taiga Terra (the marshes) because no tribe wanted to occupy this land. They are made up of cats that have been banished from the tribes, cats who simply did not agree with the tribes' strict ways, and former loners and rogues. Cats in this group have diverse strengths and diverse appearances.Common prey includes frogs and lizards.

Other Cats
Some cats choose to occupy the City (a Longleg city next to the Taiga Terra). These cats are typically loners or rogues. Some cats may join together in a small group to survive, as the City is a ruthless place filled with longlegs, dogs, and loudtrails. Cats living in this area have diverse strengths and are scrawny with matted fur. Common food includes rats and dumpster scraps.

1: Loyalty must remain within your tribe.
In the event that mating between tribes occurs, both of the mates and any of their kits will be punished with death.

2: Purity above all.
Cats that were rouges, loners, or members of the Claret Rebellion at some point are not allowed in the tribes. These cats must be with extreme hostility.

3: The Festival of the Full Moon shall occur every full moon.
This is a night of peace between tribes. All tribes will come together to the Limpid Shore (which is below the Celtic Aria, home of the Tribe of Bright Meadows).

4: Treat Oracles with the highest respect.
They are considered the most important cat of their tribe, due to their ability to directly communicate to the Sky Oasis. The role is passed on from parent to child. In the likely event that there is more than one kitten in the Oracle's litter, their children will fight to the death in order to see who will become the next Oracle.

5: Only the strongest shall survive.
In the tribes, there is no room for weakness. Cats with disabilities (i.e. blindness, deafness) will be banished, and left for dead.


Within the Tribes
Sachem: The leader/first in command (x1). 30+ moons
Heir/Heiress: The deputy/second in command (x1). 25+ moons
Oracle: The prophecy teller (x1). 5+ moons
Medics: The healers, who also perform combatant duties. Often looked down upon.(x2). 12+ moons
Medic Cadet: The apprentice of the medics, who also perform regular Cadet duties (x1). 6~12 moons (Can vary)
Combatants: The warriors (x∞). 12+ moons
Cadets: The apprentices (x∞). 6~12 moons (Can vary)
Mothers: The "queens" (x∞). 20+ moons (Usually)
Offspring: The kits (x∞). 0-6 moons (Usually)
Veterans: Elders (x∞) 120+ moons (Usually

Within the Claret Rebellion
Leader: The first in command. (x1). 40+ moons
Lieutenant: The second in command (x1). 20+ moons
Healer: The medicinal cat and prophecy teller (x1). 6+ moons
Bloodclaws: The warriors (x∞). 12+ moons
Trainees: The apprentices (x∞). 6~12 moons (They become a Bloodclaw at mentor's discretion)
Queens: The mothers of the kits (x∞). 20+ moons (Usually)
Kits: The children of the queens (x∞). 0-6 moons (They become a Trainee at mother's discretion)
Seniors: The elders, commonly old or disabled cats (x∞) 120+ moons (Usually)

Within the world of TOTO, tribe cats who led a neutral life don't just get to go to the Sky Oasis- they have to work for it. When a tribe cat is ultimately neither "good" nor "evil" at the time of their death, they become a Keeper. They are chosen to guide or guard a living cat (or charge) through their problems/hardships.
If the Keeper succeeds in guiding/guarding their charge until they die (and either goes to Sky Oasis or becomes a Keeper), the Keeper may choose to go to Sky Oasis or remain a Keeper. If the cat that the Keeper is in charge of leads an inherently "evil" path (directly because of the Keeper) and goes to the Purgatory of Shadows, the Keeper goes to the Purgatory of Shadows as well.
Members of the Sky Oasis have the option to become a Keeper for a time if they so wish.

Sachem: Referred to as "Sachem", regardless of combatant name.
Heirs/Medics/Combatants/Mothers/Veterans: A two word name that reflects their personality, strengths, appearance, etc.
( Examples: Cotton Tuft, Sharp Thorn, Mighty Roar )
Medic Cadets/Cadets: A two word name that begins with "Little", and then ends with any word that reflects their personality, strengths, appearance, etc.
( Examples: Little Cotton, Little Thorn, Little Roar )
Offspring: A one word name that reflects their appearance, actions, etc.
( Examples: Cotton, Thorn, Roar )

Rogues/Loners/Claret Members: They may have any name that they wish (within reason). Typically a one word name, unless originally originating from the tribes.

Longlegs: Humans
Loudtrails: Roads
Welkin Butterfly: A butterfly sent by the Sky Oasis in dire situations

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the admins at the 'Questions and Announcements' section. We'll be happy to help!

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Ms. Insomnia’s post gave me the idea to do this.

“I will always be here.”
Sabeil Mak’ur
The current Sachem of the Mountains. “Sabeil” roughly translates to “Tail of a Skunk”, while Mak’ur means Mountain Sachem, so her name means “Skunk Tail: Sachem of the Mountains”, and Tribecats often call her as such.
10 season-cycles old, female

Personality: few have seen her, and even fewer have heard her speak. Like all the Mak’ur leopards, Sabeil is a reserved, solitary beast. Unlike some of her descendants, she enjoys company and is eager to share her information with visitors. A Mom-Friend.
Bio: the Mak’ur Snow Leopards have dominated the mountains long before the Tribecats settled in the area. They serve as overseers, making sure each group in their “Kingdom” knows its place. Sabeil says that there are in fact other groups of animals aside from the Tribes, but she says little more than that. While normally cats would only go to her for help in desperate times, she has moved down the mountain and seems to enjoy the company of the cats. The Mountain Tribes occasionally see her around the back of their territory. While only Rocky Slopes and Frostbite have ever seen the Mountain Sachem, all Tribes have heard of them from the tale of Welkin, where the fabled cat asked the Mak’ur for help in ending the War. Sabeil is the current Mak’ur. One day her offspring will take her place, but she has to actually meet a male not of her blood first!
Even if the Tribes disappear, Sabeil and the Mak’ur leopards will always roam the mountains. The Tribecats do give her some interesting stories to tell though.
Appearance: a thick-furred, long-tailed snow leopard.
Kin: any relatives are dispersed. Great great great great great great great great great great grandfather Ulag Mak’ur, the Sachem in the days of Welkin.

Skills: the wisdom of the Mak’urs has been passed down from generation to generation, and the family is incredibly intelligent. Sabeil carries the knowledge her ancestors have taught her, and will readily share it with anyone who asks.
Weaknesses: her thick fur means being this far down the mountain, she overheats easily. To avoid this, she only comes out at night, when the mountain is much more treacherous. She is not the most socially skilled, spending most of her time alone, and won’t always say the right thing.
Likes: having company; telling stories; rolling around in snow; letting the cats ride around on her back; wordplay.
Dislikes: her authority not being respected; moulting; cobwebs; spray from the river; accidentally driving her prey over a cliff where she can’t reach it; when birds laugh at her and smugly eat the prey she’d just driven off a cliff.
Core Drives: her job is to watch over the mountains and make sure nothing bad is coming in or out. She is aware of Meadows, Pines and Undergrowth, but because they are beyond her borders only Slopes and Frostbite have the benefit of her protection.
Hobbies and Habits: when thinking, she paces back and forth repeatedly. Often closes her eyes when content, and makes a sort of leopardy smile. Despite the fact her tongue is as large as a cat’s head, she may still attempt to groom a scruffy-looking visitor.
Speech: has a deep rumble, but is otherwise soft and happy.
Biggest fear: longlegs. In another area that was once under the Mak’ur Kingdom’s protection, most of the animals were wiped out by a mass hunting operation. While this happened 6 generations ago, Sabeil has been raised on rumours of the “Longlegs with the Snake-sticks”. Sometimes wonders if the fabled “Hairy Longleg” really does live out the back of Frostbite territory.

Canon: character-wise, she isn’t overly based on me. My fursona is actually a skunk hyena Tasmanian devil hybrid I call a Rugha. We have some similarities but she’s more her own lady. The Mak’ur Kingdom is actually from an old video game idea I had that I have been working on again but will not make as a video game.
Art Notes: it’s a quick one. Not my best. DeviantArt TheBlackBallade. Requests OPEN.

So for the members that are still around, hi there. Yeah this place has been kinda dead, but you guys can still post roleplays and ideas or art. The other mods and i have still been in contact with each other, but we're all busy with school or studies or other life things, so not everyone can be on all the time like we were before. I'd say we're definitely not the type of community that enforces activity. Just post when you wanna, or if you dont you dont need to. We're all chill here yknow? let me know if you guys have any questions. love ya :)

On one of my Sudden Idea Inspiration Tangents (or "SIITs") I came up with a whole bunch of ideas about Tribe Life. I was originally going to use them for my own colony of cats, but then I thought "why not both?"

I noticed that there wasn't really a lot about what exactly the Tribes do all day. Let's start with a wee little look at…

Tribecats must protect their piece of land and drive out any hostile cats. Nocat knows which wildcats are Purge Cats, so they drive away any and all intruders. Scouting Squadrons consisting of the fastest cats are sent twice a day at dawn and dusk to check  for signs of outsiders. If someone is scented, The Watch is sent out. The Watch consists of the strongest cats of the Tribe, and are sent to deal with any intruders or trespassers. They are also the go-to cats for when a predator is found on their territory. A cat may switch between Squadrons as necessary.
Hunting is done individually. A Scouting Squadron may locate an area where prey gathers, but it is up to the individual cats to hunt for themselves. Hunting Squadrons can be created to take down larger prey, especially around the pines, where the larger things are more common.
When not hunting or fighting, cats mingle around a communal area called the Denning Site. Many cats prefer to make their own nests outside of the site, but are expected to report to the Denmaster in the morning, where they receive their daily tasks. These tasks range from "Scout in such and such a direction" to "battle training with Thingamajig Foot" to "help me move this huge branch that fell on my Den" or even "take the day off, you're on Night Shift". Once their Daily Tasks are done, a cat has free time for the rest of the day, until dusk when the Evening Tasks are given.

You may have noticed some new roles in that description, and they are…

The Sachem decides what needs to be done. The Denmaster delegates that task to the cats of their choosing. The Denmaster lives exclusively in the Denning Site, where they assign cats to different roles. It is uncommon for they themselves to have tasks, as they are to keep check on their Tribemates, but many Denmasters prefer to keep themselves busy as well as their Tribemates. A Denmaster is chosen as a Cadet if their memory is sharp. A Cadet may choose to be a Denmaster, and to do so they are tested for their memory as well as the other Combatant skills.
While they are an important liaison between the Sachem and the Tribe, they are not considered Ranked and do not make important decisions; only convey them.

The go-to cats for patrolling. Scouts are the fastest Combatants and are usually the ones sent out to check hotspots and key areas of the territory. They are relied upon to relay messages to and fro as the cats go about duties. Scouts are allowed to cross borders provided they carry a Star Hawk flower.

The Watch
The strongest of Combatants make up this group. Usually the Heir, if not the Sachem's offspring, comes from this group. When a Scout returns to the denning site warning of danger, these cats are rallied to face the danger. The Watch cats must be fit and strong at all times. Their Daily Tasks usually involve sparring and wrestling matches.

And finally, a little update on…

The learning cats of the Tribe. Their names start with "Little" and then their kithood name (or a sufficient substitute if their kithood names would not make sense in this respect, e.g. Still > Little Whisker). Cadets are not allowed to take mates until they are Combatants.
Cadets learn via cycles. One day, they are assigned to work with Scouts, other days the Watch, and other days learning around the Denning Site. Cadets are assigned different mentors for different things, and this changes day by day depending on a) what cats are available for teaching, b) what the Cadet needs to learn, and c) what area/s they show skill in.

That's all for now. Congrats if you read that!
I'd also like to change some things about the Oracles, but that would mean a whole revamp of the community's backstory, so i think I'll leave that for my own cats. Anyway, be back after meeting! Sounds like a good talk this week: do you harbour resentment or cultivate peace?

Guys. So this community is forever dead now?

It's really sad to see this community die because so much time, effort, and creativity was put into it. I hope somehow we can help it thrive again.

I also noticed a lot of WC RP communities have been dying lately.

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I'm just using this as a base for a new oc, I'm going to draw her later. I don't use cat creator for OC's ;;

Anyways, I'm trying to come up with a name for her, any suggestions would be appreciated. The prefix I thought of was Fern but you can change that up as well.

Guys. What. Happened.

Why ya'll dead. Why am I dead.

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It has reached the size where Elements Organizer refuses to load a preview.

I was going to ask "do you think I should expand north more?" but looking at this, yeah I definitely should.

I have always been here... I have always looked out from behind these eyes... Seems like more than a lifetime... seems like more than a lifetime... (
UPDATED 17/07: Reworded the latter part.

THE TRIBE WAYS: Same-Sex Mating and the first Sachem
DISCLAIMER: I myself do not support same-sex mating, but this has no effect on the story or tribal ways and the characters thoughts and beliefs are theirs and theirs alone.

Tall Pines has had a history of shaking things up. This story takes place not long after Frostbite was born. Grinning Badger was the Oracle, and she was a notorious flirt with she-cats. One such she-cat took her fancy, and to the chagrin of her tribe, she took Mouse Claw for a mate. The tribemates were worried she would not produce an heir, and even the Sky Oasis were concerned with such a decision. Badger fervently refused to produce an heir, even when her mother warned her what could happen. But Badger wasn't known for listening to cats.

Grinning Badger died kitless. Tall Pines was sent into disarray. With no Oracle, there was no proper leadership. Without Welkin to guide them, the Tribe had no idea what to do. Some suggested Mouse Claw take the leadership, but protests arose from all throughout the Tribe. Some suggested fusing back with the now independent Frostbite, but again that idea was shot down. Seeing her Tribe breaking up, Mouse Claw sought help from the other Oracles, turning first to Snow-dusted Sparrow. The she-cat kindly donated one of her kits to Tall Pines, and the Tribe viewed this as acceptable since Snow-dusted Sparrow and Grinning Badger were siblings, hence the bloodline is still relatively the same.

While the problem was solved for now, the Oracles of the other Tribes had to decide what to do in the long run. They couldn't let this happen again, so they banned same-sex mating for Oracles; Oracles MUST produce an heir. The rule was originally meant just for Oracles, but many Tribe members began to view same-sex mating as compromising for the Tribes, since no kits were being born. It was viewed as a weakness, and the rule was changed to affect all Tribe cats to make it fair.

The way Mouse Claw kept her Tribe together gave them an idea: say they had another cat as leader. Someone strong, brave, and most of all, expendable. From now on, there would be a separate leader of the Tribes, dubbed the Sachem. Each Sachem will have an heir, preferably their kits but if no kits are produced then a capable Tribemate may suffice, who will take their place when the Sachem dies. That way, the precious Oracle bloodline would be easier preserved. And for being a good girl, Mouse Claw became the first Sachem.

Yo yo yo anyone wanna rp? Pick a tribe any tribe.
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