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Nuxeo LTS 2017 is now available for download. Make sure to upgrade your application and enjoy all the new features!

New Set of Addons released on for the Nuxeo Platform 9.10:

¤ Amazon S3 Online Storage 1.8.3

¤ Bulk document importer 1.8.3

¤ CAS2 Authentication 1.5.3

¤ Digital Signature 2.6.3

¤ EasyShare 1.4.3

¤ Kerberos Authentication 1.6.3

¤ Marklogic Persistence Engine 1.1.3

¤ Microsoft Azure Online Storage 1.2.3

¤ Nuxeo Agenda 1.5.4

¤ Nuxeo API Playground 1.2.3

¤ Nuxeo Connect Report Tools Web 0.1.3

¤ Nuxeo CSV 1.6.3

¤ Nuxeo DAM 6.3.3

¤ Nuxeo Datadog Reporter 2.2.3

¤ Nuxeo Diff 1.8.3

¤ Nuxeo Diff Pictures 1.2.3

¤ Nuxeo Drive 1.7.3

¤ Nuxeo DuoWeb Two Factors Authentication 1.5.3

¤ Nuxeo for Salesforce 1.2.3

¤ Nuxeo FS Exporter 1.5.3

¤ Nuxeo Adobe CC Connector 1.2.8

¤ Nuxeo IMAP Connector 1.3.3

¤ Nuxeo JSF UI 9.10.0

¤ Nuxeo JSF to Web UI 1.1.0

¤ Nuxeo Lambda PictureView Conversion 1.0.1

¤ Nuxeo Live Connect 1.2.3

¤ Nuxeo Media Publishing 1.3.3

¤ Nuxeo Multi-tenant 1.7.3

¤ Nuxeo Platform 3D 1.1.3

¤ Nuxeo Platform Additional Languages 1.1.3

¤ Nuxeo Platform Getting Started 1.2.3

¤ Nuxeo Platform User Registration 1.8.3

¤ Nuxeo Quota 1.7.3

¤ Nuxeo Resources Compatibility 1.5.3

¤ Nuxeo Sample 2.4.3

¤ Nuxeo Showcase Content 1.2.3

¤ Nuxeo Spreadsheet 1.3.3

¤ Nuxeo Tree Snapshot 1.1.3

¤ Nuxeo Vision 1.2.3

¤ Nuxeo Web UI 2.2.0

¤ OpenID Authentication 1.2.3

¤ Platform Explorer 1.7.3

¤ SAML 2.0 Authentication 1.3.3

¤ Scan Documents Importer 1.4.3

¤ Shibboleth Authentication 2.5.3

¤ Shibboleth Invitation Addon 1.3.3

¤ Template Rendering Addon 6.7.3

¤ Template Rendering Samples 6.7.3


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Today, there are a myriad of file formats, and their long-term viability is unknown. Leveraging the wrong formats could put your organization at risk should they someday become unusable.

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Report on API changes and backward compatibility for the Nuxeo Core API library releases and latest snapshot (9.10):

Feel free to request other Nuxeo modules to be included to the tracker if you are interested.
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We will be releasing Fast Track version 9.3 of the Nuxeo Platform in the coming weeks. We will start a code freeze period during which we will suspend our automatic retrieval of contributions from Crowdin. The Nuxeo Platform 9.3 code freeze will start on Nov. 8th.

Note that with Nuxeo Platform 9.3, Nuxeo Web UI ( will be the UI displayed by default. Although deprecated, Nuxeo JSF UI ( will still be available. Contact us if you’d like us to enable your preferred language on the Nuxeo Web UI Crowdin project (

You can read the documentation "How to translate the Nuxeo Platform" at if you want to know more about our process. Do not hesitate to tell if you see deprecated labels that do not seem to be used anywhere, or if you run into an issue linked to translations management.

Thank you for your contributions to the Nuxeo Platform.

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Good morning, I am going to present a proposal of implementation and configuration of nuxeo in a company, what would be the cost for that particular service, I thank you for your opinion. good day
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