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Solen Guitter

Releases  - 

We will be releasing Fast Track version 8.4 of the Nuxeo Platform in the coming weeks. We will start a code freeze period during which we will suspend our automatic retrieval of contributions from Crowdin. The Nuxeo Platform 8.4 code freeze is planned for October 13th.

Also note that in order to improve the quality of the Nuxeo Platform and user experience, we are changing the way translations are integrated in the default distribution of the platform. Starting with the coming release of the Nuxeo Platform, only languages that are sufficiently translated will be available in the default distribution. Other languages will be available in an addon from the Nuxeo Marketplace. The conditions for a language to be available by default are that it is translated at 95% and approved at 75% minimum.

You can read the documentation "How to translate the Nuxeo Platform" at https://doc.nuxeo.com/x/dAQz if you want to know more about our process. Do not hesitate to tell if you see deprecated labels that do not seem to be used anywhere, or if you run into an issue linked to translations management.

Thank you for your contributions to the Nuxeo Platform.
Nuxeo supported modules handle English translations for each of their bundles. Other translations are managed on Crowdin and synchronized automatically with the Nuxeo source code. Here are some instructions to help you contributing or changing translations, in English or other languages.
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Easily import files packed in a .zip archive
Allow users to drop a .zip file containing a structure, with folders, subfolders, and files, such that it actually creates the files, with their hierarchy.
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Streamline your asset production process with Nuxeo Platform.
Here is what likely happened before you saw them: someone took the pics, someone else selected, photoshopped, validated, and published them on the retailer’s website. Whether you need to create that process from scratch or your existing one could be streamlined, here's why Nuxeo is the solution.
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How to display the total result count when viewing lists of data.
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Nuxeo Drive beta release 2.1.707 pushed to production update site

Nuxeo Drive beta release 2.1.726 !


Have a look at the release notes: https://github.com/nuxeo/nuxeo-drive/releases/tag/2.1.726
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Julien Carsique

Releases  - 
New Set of Addons released on https://marketplace.nuxeo.com/ for the Nuxeo Platform 8.3:

¤ OpenID Authentication 1.1.2

¤ Nuxeo Showcase Content 1.1.2

¤ Nuxeo Travel Expenses 1.1.2

¤ Nuxeo Adobe CC Connector (Support for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) 1.1.1

¤ Nuxeo Groups and Rights Audit 1.8.2

¤ Nuxeo Datadog reporter 2.1.2

¤ Nuxeo for Salesforce 1.1.2

¤ Nuxeo Media Publishing 1.2.2

¤ Nuxeo DAM 6.2.2

¤ Nuxeo Spreadsheet 1.2.2

¤ Nuxeo IMAP Connector 1.2.2

¤ Nuxeo Virtual Navigation 1.2.2

¤ Scan Documents Importer 1.3.2

¤ Nuxeo DuoWeb Authentication 1.4.2

¤ Nuxeo FS Exporter 1.4.2

¤ EasyShare 1.3.2

¤ Template Rendering 6.6.2

¤ Template Rendering Samples 6.6.2

¤ Nuxeo Box API 1.3.2

¤ Nuxeo Sample 2.3.2

¤ Digital Signature 2.5.2

¤ Smart Search 1.8.3

¤ Nuxeo Platform User Registration 1.7.2

¤ Nuxeo Quota 1.6.2

¤ Platform Explorer 1.6.2

¤ Kerberos Authentication 1.5.2

¤ Nuxeo Multi Tenant 1.6.2

¤ Nuxeo Review Workflows Dashboards 1.1.2

¤ SAML 2.0 Authentication 1.2.2

¤ Shibboleth Authentication 2.4.2

¤ Shibboleth Invitation Addon 1.2.2

¤ Bulk document importer 1.7.2

¤ Amazon S3 Online Storage 1.7.2

¤ Microsft Azure Online Storage 1.1.2

¤ CAS2 Authentication 1.4.2

¤ Nuxeo CSV 1.5.2

¤ Nuxeo Diff 1.7.2

¤ Nuxeo Diff Pictures 1.1.2

¤ Nuxeo Drive 1.6.2

¤ Nuxeo Agenda 1.4.1

¤ Nuxeo Vision 1.1.2

¤ Nuxeo Web UI 0.7.0


Type, addon. Platforms, Nuxeo CAP 7.10, cap-7.10-HF*, cap-7.10-HF03-SNAPSHOT, cap-7.10-HF03-SNAPSHOT-HF*, cap-7.10-SNAPSHOT, cap-7.10-SNAPSHOT-HF*, Nuxeo CAP 7.4, cap-7.4-HF*, cap-7.4-SNAPSHOT, cap-7.4-SNAPSHOT-HF*, Nuxeo CAP 8.1, cap-8.1-HF*, cap-8.1-SNAPSHOT, cap-8.1-SNAPSHOT-HF*, ...
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Quizzes are being added to the Nuxeo University videos so that you can test your understanding. A first batch is now ready:

REST API - Basics: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/working-with-nuxeo-platform-rest-api/discovering-rest-api
REST API - Content Enrichers: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/working-with-nuxeo-platform-rest-api/using-content-enrichers
REST API - Importing Files: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/working-with-nuxeo-platform-rest-api/importing-files-rest-api

On Nuxeo Platform basics
Navigating in the Web UI: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/using-nuxeo-platform/navigating-web-ui
Understanding the Document Concept: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/using-nuxeo-platform/understanding-document-concept

On Nuxeo Studio
What is Nuxeo Studio: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/getting-started-nuxeo-studio/what-is-nuxeo-studio
Branding Your Application: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/getting-started-nuxeo-studio/branding-your-application
Adding Buttons and Links: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/applying-business-logic/adding-buttons-and-links
Your First Automation Chain: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/applying-business-logic/building-your-first-automation-chain
Automation Scripting: https://university.nuxeo.io/nuxeo/university/#!/course/applying-business-logic/implementing-operation-automation-scripting

The quiz will load automatically once the video ends. Happy testing!
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Solen Guitter

Releases  - 

We will be releasing Fast Track version Nuxeo Platform 8.3 in the coming weeks. We will start a code freeze period during which we will suspend our automatic retrieval of contributions from Crowdin. The Nuxeo Platform 8.3 code freeze is planned for July 4th. Please review and update the translations in your favorite language before that date if you want them to be part of the release. The Nuxeo project on Crowdin is available at https://crowdin.com/project/nuxeo.

You can read the documentation "How to translate the Nuxeo Platform" at https://doc.nuxeo.com/x/dAQz if you want to know more about our process. Do not hesitate to tell if you see deprecated labels that do not seem to be used anywhere, or if you run into an issue linked to translations management.

Thank you for your contributions to the Nuxeo Platform.
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New blog article...
Beware of "cloudwashing" vendors offering "cloud hosted" DAM/ECM platforms which are actually their same legacy on-premise platforms retrofitted to run in the cloud. Insist on a Cloud-Native, "API-first" platform!
Learn how to identify and avoid vendor cloudwashing in our new eBook, Cloud-Native Digital Asset Management for the Digital Workplace. See how Nuxeo’s cloud-native solutions deliver huge productivity gains in today's digital workplace.
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About this community

Welcome to the Nuxeo community! We are here to freely share and discuss about Nuxeo. Our experience, usage, ideas, suggestions... A new place to complete all the Nuxeo community resources: https://community.nuxeo.com/. However, if you have a question, it is not the right place: instead, go to https://answers.nuxeo.com/
Nuxeo Drive new beta release 2.1.914

Autolock feature with direct edit now available on Windows !

You can download it here !

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Red Alert! (no really, it's a red alert feature in my new blog) Sometimes Nuxeo makes life so easy, I love when the new feature I want is already done: https://www.nuxeo.com/blog/theres-a-seam-bean-for-that/
How to build a navigation action to display the count of Alerts and navigate to the list of alerts
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New blog from yours truly.
For digital asset management, the future is now, and YES - Nuxeo is ready for it!
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New Blog on watermarking restricted images in Nuxeo!
Learn how to prevent the use of restricted words without approval using Nuxeo Studio.
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New "Nuxeo Studio Rocks!" blob: Build custom thumbnails
Learn how to build a custom thumbnail for a Folderish document with just Nuxeo Studio, without creating any Java plug-in!
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Just published a new video in the developers basic course, about document adapters.

Feel free to watch it and take the quiz if you want to check how well you understood their concepts!
Welcome back to our developer basics course. During the previous video, we were working on a bare DocumentModel object to manipulate its properties. Have a close look at our existing code. Now, take a look at the final result we'll have at the end of this video. You can see that we're dealing ...
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Hotfix 11 for Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 is available on our Marketplace
Download and install the latest hotfix to keep your Nuxeo up-to-date. Changes will take effects after restart. Please make sure you consult the page Hotfix management https://doc.nuxeo.com/x/SAalAQ for any additional manual action to complete the installation. No DDL statement is included in ...
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Our new video about manipulating documents though the Java API has just been released. Come and check it out!
Welcome back to our developer basics course. We're going to continue learning how to manipulate documents by setting and updating properties this time. We're going create a new test method called canUpdateContract, and as you can guess from its title, we'll be using a custom Contract document ...
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Scale and Optimize: Asynchronous Jobs with Nuxeo
Learn how the Nuxeo Platform handles jobs asynchronously and how you can optimize the system by using Nuxeo Distributed Jobs System.
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