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It's all about the Cloud! Meet the man leading Nuxeo's Cloud efforts, Joseph Quinto aka Joe

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DAM foundation has validated that the Nuxeo Platform passed have passed the 10 Core Characteristics of a #digitalassetmanagement system

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Check out: Nuxeo & RoboVM: Dive into Cross-Platform Mobile Technology for iOS and Android using Java

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We are launching Nuxeo University today, so that you can learn the Nuxeo Platform on demand. Check it out!

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#Nuxeo #ecm with  #elasticsearch can do do spatial search (e.g. photos within 5 miles of a certain location).

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For such a simple solution, this answer sure was hard to find. I think part of the problem is the rich history of JavaScript development; that's a nice way of saying there are a ton of out-dated answers out there :) Anyway I hope this saves someone else some time:

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New Set of Addons released on for the Nuxeo Platform 7.3:

[*] Nuxeo Live Connect 1.0

[*] Nuxeo DAM 6.1.2

[*] Nuxeo IMAP Connector 1.1.2

[*] Nuxeo Virtual Navigation 1.1.2

[*] Nuxeo DuoWeb Authentication 1.3.2

[*] Scan Documents Importer 1.2.2

[*] EasyShare 1.2.2

[*] Nuxeo Box API 1.2.2

[*] Nuxeo - BIRT Integration (Reporting) 2.7.2

[*] Template Rendering 6.5.2

[*] Nuxeo Sample 2.2.2

[*] Nuxeo Web Mobile 1.7.2

[*] Nuxeo Sites and Blogs 1.3.2

[*] Nuxeo Platform User Registration 1.6.2

[*] Digital Signature 2.4.2

[*] Nuxeo Resources Compatibility 1.3.2

[*] Nuxeo Quota 1.5.2

[*] Platform Explorer 1.5.2

[*] Nuxeo Multi Tenant 1.5.2

[*] Kerberos Authentication 1.4.2

[*] Nuxeo Drive 1.5.2

[*] Nuxeo Diff 1.6.2

[*] Nuxeo CSV 1.4.2

[*] Automated Document Categorization 1.5.2

[*] CAS2 Authentication 1.3.2

[*] Amazon S3 Online Storage 1.6.2

[*] Nuxeo Agenda 1.3.1

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