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Hello Guys,

I want to know if anyone has come across this situation.  I have one project in Nuxeo Studio for one department but we are in the process of integrating another department in our project.  Is it better to keep both departments separate in their individual Studio projects.  The concern comes from if both departments were in the same Studio project.  Deploying changes from one department that is ready but the other is not ready to deploy.  Please feel free to give me your thoughts and recommendation.  Thanks :) 

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Three addon repositories have been archived after merge into the main Platform codebase ( :
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NXP-18438, NXP-18441

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Hi !
I didn't manage to install Nuxeo Drive on my Ubuntu 14.04 / 64 bits with this page :

Is this documentation ok with actual version ? When could we have a .deb package ?
Thank You  :)


Je ne suis pas arrivé à installer Nuxeo Drive avec cette page... Est-ce que cette page est toujours d'actualité avec la version actuelle ? Quand aurons-nous un package debian ?
Merci d'avance :)

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Integrate Nuxeo with Google Calendar 

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Check out: Nuxeo & RoboVM: Dive into Cross-Platform Mobile Technology for iOS and Android using Java

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For such a simple solution, this answer sure was hard to find. I think part of the problem is the rich history of JavaScript development; that's a nice way of saying there are a ton of out-dated answers out there :) Anyway I hope this saves someone else some time:

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If you want to know all the new features of the latest release of the Nuxeo Platform (coming up next week!!), register for this live webinar with +Alain Escaffre on June 30! 

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Our customers are innovative, just like us! Check out how Skyscanner handles all its content management needs.

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Migrating to Polymer 1.0 – Kicking Off Major Improvements in the Nuxeo Platform UI
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