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Julien Carsique

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For developers.

Three addon repositories have been archived after merge into the main Platform codebase ( :
° ° °

NXP-18438, NXP-18441

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Come learn for free about the new features and improvements we brought in Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015!

6 videos are available so far to get you started with:
- Live Connect: To reference dropbox, google drive and other file sync and share services files into Nuxeo Platform.
- Automation Scripting: Build javascript operations to handle advanced business logic easily.
- Data Visualization: Analyse your repository data in real time with custom dashboards, all using standard web technologies.

Three more are coming soon, follow us to be the first informed when they will be released.
Live Connect is an add-on available in Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015, that allows you to reference files coming from file sync and share services like Google Drive or Dropbox, and leverage them. Discover how you can get the best of both worlds by following this video. This video will teach you: ...
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Julien Carsique

Releases  - 
New Set of Addons released on for the Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 (version 7.10):

¤ Template Rendering Samples 6.5.4

¤ SAML 2.0 Authentication 1.1.1

¤ Nuxeo Showcase Content 1.0.0

¤ OpenID Authentication 1.0.0

¤ Microsft Azure Online Storage 1.0.0

¤ Nuxeo Travel Expenses 1.0

¤ Nuxeo Media Publishing 1.1.1

¤ Nuxeo for Salesforce 1.0.1

¤ Shibboleth Invitation Addon 1.1.1

¤ Nuxeo Datadog reporter 2.0.2

¤ Nuxeo Groups and Rights Audit 1.7.4

¤ Nuxeo Live Connect 1.0.2

¤ Nuxeo Spreadsheet 1.1.4

¤ Nuxeo DAM 6.1.4

¤ Nuxeo Virtual Navigation 1.1.4

¤ Nuxeo IMAP Connector 1.1.4

¤ Scan Documents Importer 1.2.4

¤ Nuxeo DuoWeb Authentication 1.3.4

¤ Nuxeo FS Exporter 1.2.0

¤ EasyShare 1.2.4

¤ Template Rendering 6.5.4

¤ Nuxeo Box API 1.2.4

¤ Nuxeo Web Mobile 1.7.4

¤ Nuxeo Sample 2.2.4

¤ Digital Signature 2.4.4

¤ Nuxeo Platform User Registration 1.6.4

¤ Shibboleth Authentication 2.3.4

¤ Nuxeo Resources Compatibility 1.3.4

¤ Nuxeo Review Workflows Dashboards 1.0.1

¤ Platform Explorer 1.5.4

¤ Nuxeo Quota 1.5.4

¤ Kerberos Authentication 1.4.4

¤ Nuxeo Multi Tenant 1.5.3

¤ Nuxeo Drive 1.5.4

¤ Bulk document importer 1.6.4

¤ Nuxeo Diff 1.6.5

¤ Nuxeo Diff Pictures 1.0.2

¤ Nuxeo CSV 1.4.4

¤ CAS2 Authentication 1.3.4

¤ Amazon S3 Online Storage 1.6.4

#Nx710 #NxLTS2015  
by Nuxeo. This addon adds the Diff functionality to Nuxeo. It allows to compare 2 documents or 2 versions of a document, for example if you need to list the changes between 2 versions of functional specifications. The comparison is based on the properties shared by the 2 documents.
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Released version 2.0.1028
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Included in version 2.0.1004 and superior
Windows with HD screen zooms all UI elements by default to make them readable. Our goal is to get the zoom level and apply it to WebKit views.
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Nuxeo Video Playlist makes it easy to play a set of videos
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Julie Allouch

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Nuxeo LTS presentation is starting now! Check out the list of our "Hangout On Air" to view each presentation live (in French) and learn everything about LTS 2015
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Due to a non identified bug, the nuxeo-core-redis-6.0-XX.jar file may be removed when installing the latest hotfixes. A quick workaound is to copy the backup file from the packages folder:
$> cp packages/backup/nxserver/bundles/nuxeo-core-redis-6.0-HF21.jar nxserver/bundles/
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Planning on build your custom interface or just starting with the REST API? Take a look at our new course!
The Nuxeo Platform is not only a rock-solid backend. It comes bundled with an extremely powerful REST API! As such, you can use your favorite programming language and build a custom interface in a few minutes, while enjoying all of the Nuxeo Platform's functionalities.
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Solen Guitter

Documentation  - 
A new how-to is available, to customize the Nuxeo Drive metadata edit layouts:
You have created your own document types and defined forms and view that show properties specific to your business and users. Your users leverage Nuxeo Drive to work on Nuxeo documents from their desktop and you want them to be able to enjoy the metadata edit feature of Nuxeo Drive.
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Solen Guitter

Releases  - 
The time for our annual release of Long Term Support version of the Nuxeo Platform is coming. We will soon start a code freeze period for this big release. Not many labels have changed since our latest Fast Track version, Nuxeo Platform 7.4, but we would like to draw your attention on some label updates.

The Nuxeo Connect banner will be smaller, so we updated its text to make it shorter. The impacted labels are:
* label.nuxeo.connect.footer.instance.status
* label.nuxeo.connect.footer.instance.invitation
* label.nuxeo.connect.footer.version
* label.nuxeo.connect.footer.helper
* label.nuxeo.connect.footer.subscribe
* label.nuxeo.connect.footer.instance.hf.account
* label.nuxeo.connect.footer.validation
* label.nuxeo.connect.footer.reactivate
To help you spot the labels that have changed since the last release, we will now approve the translations in all languages during the code freeze period. Labels that are modified after the release will automatically be unapproved by Crowdin and you will be able to get the list of labels that need to be updated. We hope this will make it easier for you to follow our changes and work with the Nuxeo Platform.

The LTS 2015 code freeze is planned for October 22th. Please review and update the translations in your favorite language before that date if you want them to be part of this release. The Nuxeo project on Crowdin is available at

You can read the documentation "How to translate the Nuxeo Platform" at if you want to know more about our process. Do not hesitate to tell if you see deprecated labels that do not seem to be used anywhere, or if you run into an issue linked to translations management.

Thank you for your contributions to the Nuxeo Platform.
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Welcome to the Nuxeo community! We are here to freely share and discuss about Nuxeo. Our experience, usage, ideas, suggestions... A new place to complete all the Nuxeo community resources: However, if you have a question, it is not the right place: instead, go to
Complex tasks made easy. Nuxeo Studio is a cool tool.
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Hi !
I didn't manage to install Nuxeo Drive on my Ubuntu 14.04 / 64 bits with this page :

Is this documentation ok with actual version ? When could we have a .deb package ?
Thank You  :)


Je ne suis pas arrivé à installer Nuxeo Drive avec cette page... Est-ce que cette page est toujours d'actualité avec la version actuelle ? Quand aurons-nous un package debian ?
Merci d'avance :)
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Could you please post your question on which is our Q&A site?

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The release of HF37 for Nuxeo Platform 5.8 is in progress. Stay tuned to know where the Nuxeo package will be available.
Changes. Update 5.8.0-HF36-SNAPSHOT to 5.8.0-HF37-SNAPSHOT (commit: d6ae00a0de89bdde405444afa64e0d655f4fe12c) (detail / githubweb ); NXP-18060: Deploy hotfix artifacts into secured repositories (commit: 71f3690197a56ecc857f6726beaf284e83380434) (detail / githubweb ); format (commit: ...
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A linux package ?
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Ever wondered how you could build loops, recursive calls or advanced conditions easily when using automation? Automation scripting is the answer to your need! Discover it in our new video.

Attention LTS users: note that automation scripting requires Nuxeo Platform 7.3 or more ;-)
Prerequisites. Automation scripts are built using javascript. Therefore, basic javascript programming knowledge is required to fully understand this video. Java JDK 8 update 40 or more recent has to be installed on your server to use automation scripting. Transcript ...
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Nuxeo and Salesforce: Even Better Together
In Nuxeo Platform Fast Track 7.4, we introduced a new Nuxeo Salesforce Connector for integrated Customer Relationship Management. Learn more about it here!
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Since 7.4 the batch upload API has changed, it is now a REST resource endpoint!
So /nuxeo/site/automation/batch is replaced by /nuxeo/api/v1/upload.

Related JIRA issues:

The old API has been deprecated but kept for backward compatibility.

Batch execution is still done by calling /nuxeo/site/automation/batch/execute.

Related documentation has been updated, please read it if you are a user of this API:

Curl samples have also been updated:

API playgroung still needs to be updated, see

Main changes:

# Upload can be done by chunks, allowing a resumbale upload.

So if you need to upload a big file through a poor connexion you should consider using chunks to be able to resume the upload starting from a given chunk if one of the upload requests is interrupted or if you recieve an error from the server.

# As we don't want to allow a client-side generated batch id for security purpose, a handshake call is now required to obtain a server-side generated batch id: POST /nuxeo/api/v1/upload.

For this reason, starting from 7.10, using the old /nuxeo/site/automation/batch API with a client-side generated batch id will fail, unless a specific configuration flag is set, see

Consequence: the code / clients using batch upload will be updated for 7.10:

- Drag and drop / Bulk import: see
- Drive: see
- Scala + Funkload benches: see
- JS client + code embedding it (nuxeo-elements): see
The batch upload REST API has been improved to allow: Batch initialization. File upload in chunks. Getting information about the chunks uploaded for a given file. Resumable upload. Resumable upload became a requirement otherwise uploading large files over a broken connection could take days.
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