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Name: OVER-1

Origin: Rockman XOver

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, AI likely in Mid to Late Teens or Early Twenties

Classification: Mass-Production Reploid, Light Bot, Cossack Bot

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation based on Armor selected, various other powers via Battle Memories which including: Absolute Zero Ice, Resistance to Absolute Zero, Regeneration (at least Low-High), Soul Manipulation, resistance to EMPs, Gravity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation (Said fire is hotter than the Earth's core), Elemental Weapons (Of the lightning, water and earth variety), Light Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Flight, Omnidirectional Shields, Invisibility, Transmutation, Space-Time Manipulation, Resistance to Space-Time Manipulation and Reality Warping, Time Freeze, can breathe underwater, Intangible Dopplegangers, Numerous ways to render himself utterly invulnerable, Reflective Barriers, Auto-Resurrection, Immunity to molecular hax, Intangibility, Mind Manipulation and Reality Warping on a planetary scale, Black Hole Creation, Matter Manipulation, Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, etc.

Attack Potency: Universal+ (Was able to defeat Bass.EXE and Other Universal powers in MegaMan),Multiversal+ with MegaMan.EXE's powers (OVER-1 gains access to the powers of the characters embedded in the Battle Memories equipped, which include MegaMan.EXE's Bug Style which took apart the entire Cyber World and later restored it)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (should be on par with X and the characters whose Battle Memories he's equipped with, which include MegaMan.EXE and Geo Stelar, the latter of which can move at 2.6 Billion times the speed of light and the former of which is able to reach speeds of 60.4 Quadrillion times the speed of light at his peak)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (as Reploids they are able to lift greater weights than any human and can wield weapons as large as themselves with ease)

Striking Strength: Varies but XPJ+ at their peak if scaled from Geo

Durability: At least Universal+ (Tanked hits from Bass.EXE),Multiversal+ with MegaMan.EXE's powers

Stamina: Limitless (as a Reploid they do not fatigue, but can be slowed down with continual damage)

Range: At least Planetary if scaled from X, Multiversal with MegaMan.EXE's powers

Standard Equipment: The Over Buster, Varied Armors and Power Ups, Assorted Battle Memories

Intelligence: Human-like intelligence due to their nature as a Reploid and eventually becomes experienced enough in combat to defeat accomplished fighters like Fairy Leviathan.

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Classification:Digital Lifeform,The Future Itself

Gender:Genderless (referred to as "It".)

Tier:Low 2-C,Likely 2-B at full power

Powers and Abilities:Superhuman Physical Chararistsics,Nigh-Omnipotence (Him along with Zeedmillennuimon were confirmed to be Nigh-Omnipotent by the creator of Digimon),Space-Time Manipulation,Reality Warping,Causality Manipulation,Data Manipulation,Size Manipulation,Attack Negation,Telekinesis,Telepathy,Matter Manipulation,Universe Manipulation and Creation,Comsic Awarness,Existence Erasure via Zero Genesis,Energy Manipulation,Immunity to Space-Time Manipulation (He exists beyond such concepts),Acausality (He is the future itself so logically he should be immune to Fate Manipulation)

Attack Potency:Universal+ (Created his own personal universe and became one with it,Curbstomped VictoryGremon and ZeedGarumon just by glazing at them and absorbed the power of Barbamon),Likely Multiverse Level at full power (Was heavily implied by several characters to be a threat to the entire digital world which is confirmed to have a multiverse)

Lifting Strength:Unknown,Universe Class (He can lift the universe in the palm of his hand with minimal effort)

Striking Strength:Unknown,Universe Class (He can grow as big as the universe)

Range:Multiversal Range (The extend of his powers reach across the entire digital world plus he is confirmed to be a multiversal threat)

Speed:Immeasurable (Transcended Space and Time),Omnipresent (Is The Future Itself so logically he should be everywhere there is Future/Destiny)

Durability:Universal+ (Tanked hits from VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarumon),Multiverse Level+ at full power (Is stated he can survive the end of the digital world)

Intellegence:Nigh-Omniscient (He knew almost everything that would and has happened the only weakness is he can't counter the present)

this community isn't moving forward. let make it move.

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Superhuman confirmed?

Ahah, Kidding.
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Even with the power of a God at his fingertips... Alec Hollands Humanity shines through.

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Man Mandy is stacked af.
Originally shared by ****

Broke reality by smiling

Grew to the size of a continent, can survive in space, kept growing and entered dimension where she grows at an infinite pace

Fell through the planet to China without taking any damage

Casually throws the moon into a black hole

One-shots a metal giant

Jumped back to Earth from near the Sun in 4 seconds

Can read minds

Took complete control of the Delightful Reaper who absorbed characters from other shows



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Today I want to debunk some wank in the Bleach community (even though it is probably old news) the wank that Ywach is universal because he absorbed the soul king. When simply this is not true, the soul king is no where near universe level. Not only does it contradict the power scaling of bleach but this also ignores what the role of the soul king really is. The soul king does not hold the realms of bleach by shear power but, actually by maintaining the flow of souls between the human world, Dangai, huecho mundo, and the soul society. As stated by Ywach in the first manga page. Without the soul king this transference of souls is interrupted causing the collapse of the universe as stated by the other two manga pages. So in short the soul king is not really that powerful however without him the bleach universe will collapse.
Debunking Ywach being universal.
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Superman solos

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