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Zombie Raid - Horror Themed Rail Shooter (Sammy 1995)
A full playthrough of the classic horror themed rail-shooter Zombie Raid! Developed and published by Sammy as an arcade title that was never ported to home consoles. The game's characters have a comic book like appearance, especially the werewolves.

The game's enemy characters range from battles with armed grave robbers in a cemetery, to bats, gargoyles, zombies, Frankenstein looking monsters, and even a large 2 headed beast.

Zombie Raid's story line begins in 1918 England, where a private detective known as Edward Windsor is sent to investigate a series of disappearances and grave robberies in a small town. Windsor quickly realizes he's not just battling grave robbers, but the town itself appears to be overrun with the living dead!

Windsor eventually teams up with another character named Charles, who fights alongside him to battle zombies until shortly after they enter a mysterious castle, where Charles ultimately meets his demise. Charles is shot, and rather than simply dying, he's transformed into a hideous beast and Edward is now forced to fight the friend he once trusted. In fact, Edward embarks in several battles against the mutated Charles throughout the game.

The game shares an almost Halloween like theme, with settings pitting players in a graveyards and a haunted castle. Then of course there's the comic book looking characters such as those Frankenstein monsters, the werewolves, bats, and zombies, that look like something out of a Halloween cartoon. 

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While I main Bard I do like playing Black Mage. The Black Mage is the most powerful Magic DPS job in the game next to Summoner (as of patch 3.x). What makes the Black Mage so powerful is we can continuous blast our enemies without ever running out of MP. When you use Blizzard you gain the Umbral Ice status which regenerates your MP, really fast. You can switch the Umbral Ice effect to Astral Fire and cast Fire spells. Each recast increases the MP cost for the Fire spells but the trade off is it does more damage. If you time it right you can switch between the two states and never run out of MP so you can spell cast indefinitely. Black Mage's biggest weakness is they can't move while cast spells, so you're essentially a turret and in a fight with a lot of boss mechanics that require you to be constantly on the move your damage output will be much smaller.

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This game was born from a Kickstarter project and has gone live. The servers are a mess right now but are expected to improve. If you're a fan of the movies this video details what you do in the game as Jason or as the Camp Counselors. This is an indie game, the visuals look good though there are the occasional glitches. Still I can see this game becoming popular.

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Yes, Virginia, there were FPS games on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. Some predated DOOM on the PC, some were awful but some were actually pretty good. It is surprising that a system powered by the Z80 processor was capable of these kinds of games.

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I'm made a decision about this show. It is going away, but in its place will be something better. The premise was a lot of work to setup and research. Often I'm stretching for things to talk about when there isn't much news, and other times there's just too much to cover and have to leave out a lot of things. So, the new show that will replace this one will have no set schedule. If I see something in the news about video games or the gaming industry that is worth talking about and I have something to say on it then I'll make a video. Besides, the old show turned into a news show rather than what I envisioned it to be, and my focus is now going be on more positive things anyway. I already decided on this with "Chloe & the Professor" which is shifted away from ranting and raving about the wrongs of the industry and now talks about how to fix it and how we as gamers can convince the gaming industry to change.

I haven't decided on a name for the new show yet, but the first episode will be about the VR and the HTC Vive so look forward to it.

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If you missed it, here is the full recording of the Far Cry 5 reveal. We are finally coming to that time of year again, the count down to E3 begins.

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Take A Look at Ubisoft's Upcoming Far Cry 5!
Well, the rumors were true! The next installment in the Far Cry franchise takes place in North America. The game's story encompasses a fanatical cult that's taken over the fictional Hope County Montana, and is forcing its inhabitants into submission. The cult known simply as Edin's Gate is run by a lunatic preacher named Joseph Seed, who doesn't take kindly to those who resist is way of order. But Hope County's citizens fight back to rid America of the evil that's unfolding.

Far Cry 5 is slated to be released Feb 27th of 2018.

The game is quite an odd twist for the Far Cry series, but the trailer looks quite intriguing. The trailer does appear to depict rural American in quite a realistic tone. So far, reactions to the trailer have been mixed. Ubisoft has changed the identity of this series so many times its getting really hard to determine what exactly Far Cry is anymore.

But this could very well be a great game, pulling the series into the North American landscape could breathe some new life into series. 

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Who all is excited about the ZX Spectrum Next project?

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Feel free to check out my new blog about the PS4 title, Alien: Isolation.
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