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Gamers Bay is Moving!
In light of the news surrounding the coming end of Google+ (by August of next year), we've decided to move our operations elsewhere, and are now in the process of transitioning to our soon to be new official home on MeWe!

New Group for Gamers Bay Members:
Gamers Bay New Brand Page:

We've set up a new brand page and group there, and encourage our followers/community members here to join over there. We wont be shutting down on Google+ for at least several more months, and will continue to keep our community here open during the transition.

Our community and brand page here on Google Plus will remain operational for now as well.

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FORTNITE Funny Moments With Pro Players! :D

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This game changed the industry in so many ways. Its impact is still felt in games today.

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Darksiders 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 - Darksiders III (PC 4K 60FPS)

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God Of War has won the game of the year!! :D
Followed by Red Dead Redemption 2 with four awards :)
God of War wins game of the year at The Game Awards 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 wins four awards

Sony Santa Monica's God of War has won the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards 2018 ceremony, it also picked up awards for best direction and best action-adventure.
Rockstar's smash hit Western Red Dead Redemption 2 won the most awards, four. The adventure won best narrative, best performance for Roger Clarke as Arthur Morgan, best music for Woody Jackson and Daniel Lanois' score and best audio.

Reckon it would have been a close call if Red Dead Redemption 2 was released around the same time as God Of War
Indie game Celeste won two for best independent game and the Game for Impact award while battle royale phenomenon Fortnite, took two with best ongoing game and best multiplayer.

The Game Awards 2018 winners

Game of the year: God of War
Best game direction: God of War
Best narrative: Red Dead Redemption 2
Best performance: Roger Clark as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2
Best score/music: Red Dead Redemption 2
Best audio: Red Dead Redemption 2
Best art direction: Return of the Obra Dinn
Best ongoing game: Fortnite
Best multiplayer game: Fortnite
Best independent game: Celeste
Best action-adventure game: God of War
Best action game: Dead Cells
Best role-playing game: Monster Hunter World
Best sports or racing game: Forza Horizon 4
Best fighting game: Dragon Ball FighterZ
Best family game: Overcooked 2
Best strategy game: Into the Breach
Best mobile game: Florence
Best VR game: Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
Best debut indie game: The Messenger
Games for impact award: Celeste
Industry icon: Greg Thomas (Visual Concepts)
Content Creator of the year: Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins
esports player of the year: Sonic Fox
Best esports team: Cloud9
Best esports game: Overwatch
Best esports event: League of Legends World Championship
Best esports host: Shockz
Best esports coach: Reapered
Best esports moment: C9 comeback win in triple OT vs Faze
Best student game: Combat 2018

#JusBlazeArmy #GodOfWar #GOW #GameOfTheYear2018 #GOTY18 #TheGameAwards

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I have joined the Dark Side! Yes, I broke down and bought it against my better judgment. I was on Origin for other reasons that I am under obligation not to talk about at the moment...but I will once I am allowed to do so.

Battlefront II was on sale for $17 and I did like what they did with the latest Clone Wars content so...I caved. I'm not proud of myself right now, but I don't see this as me supporting EA even though the money does go to EA...I'm doing this because of the developers working on this game who are doing their best despite having employers who are complete jerks.

Anywho, I'll probably do some BFII content in the near future on Gamers Bay. After Xmas, I plan to get back into making videos again on a more timely basis. I'm not going to let this depression control me again...been there done that, no thank you! I also need to get to work on videos for my channel too. The last Chloe & the Professor of 2018 will come around Christmas time before New Year's Eve on my channel Zorch Central so watch for it.

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The awards show is about to start.

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Darksiders 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 - Darksiders III (PC 4K 60FPS)
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