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Fantasy Music Pack 3 now on the Unreal Marketplace.

The final volume in the Fantasy Music Pack series, Fantasy Music Pack 3 packed with over 25 minutes of seamless looping music, sound effects and ambience fit for any fantasy based video game.

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So i am creating a wall project and i modeled in max textured in quixel then i export into unreal. I seem to be having problems with it looking correct in unreal. how can i get it to look like it does in quixel
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Hello! I'm Flavio and I am a little desperate with a thing that I can't solve alone.

My friends am I are using UDK 3. we are trying to understand how to connect a game with MySQL server.
We are not getting the tutorials as well as we want.
That is because we need to create a game with a login screen and things to catch.
Could someone help us here, please?

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Good morning folks! I'm working on a project and am looking for the source code for the subtractive properties of the brush tool. I've been pouring through the source code but programming isn't my strong point. Any ideas where I should be looking?

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The Crolimax Project is now on Steam Greenlight!
Have a look and cast your vote!

#indiegame #game #indiedev

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Folks, here's the first real gameplay demo for the Crolimax Project, a PC game I've been developing for the past few months.

Please have a look-see and let me know what you think of it. I would really appreciate your feedback. With your help, I can improve the demo and prepare it for Steam Greenlight.

You can read up on the game on my company's website

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I didn't quite expect just how much a bit of atmospheric fog and adding a backdrop would improve the scene, but they did.

Demo level is coming together nicely.

#UE4   #3rdperson  
Making good progress on the demo level for the Crolimax Project.

After the level is complete, I’ll still have to hook up all the animations, so the characters can react to being shot, for example. Fun times!

#game #demo #gamedev #indiegame #indiegamedev #3rdperson #StrategyGame #turnbasedstrategy
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