Pyongyang,North Korea

In the early morning, a whistle is blown, and flares are launched. Out of the crowds, out of the windows in houses, the Loyalist forces of the old DPRK launch an assault, they open fire on the Imperial Police, and National Guard, DPRK flags begin waving, as North Korean citizens begin taking cover, bullets impacting everywhere. 

France contacts the King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, asking if the Empire is ok, and if they need help.

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Name: Democratic People's Republic of Korea ((Rebellion))

Age: Since 1946

Population: 24.9 Million 

Territories: North Korea

Capital: None, but an assault on Pyongyang has been launched. 

Leader: Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

Economy: Poor

Finances: Low

Military: Moderate

Military Size: Active: 1,190,000
Reserve: 600,000

Government: Totalitarian Communism

Description: As North Korea was annexed, the loyalist government in North Korea went silent, until it finally fought back, a full scale rebellion ensuing. The goal of the rebellion, for the Loyalists, is to make North Korea independent, and to bring the greatest nation on Earth back on the map.

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The AU increase strict training the the army 
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AU citizens cheer as they welcome immigrants and travlers from other nations making them feel welcome 

Is North Korea taken?

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Name: Colt Utopia
Call sign: White Wolf

Age: 39

Rank: Captain

Allegiance: United Kingdom

Weapons: Modified SRR-61 Sniper Rifle, AS50 50. Cal sniper rifle, Desert Eagle Pistol, Huntsman combat knife

Biography: A lone wolf Reconnaissance sniper, Captain Utopia is sent in first to find a weak spot so the main army can exploit it. A marksman of high skill, he is a member of the British SAS and is the deadliest sniper on the planet
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Name: Alliance to Restore Order
Age: 1
Population: 52,573,947
Territories: North, Central, and South America.
Government: Democracy 
Economy: None
Current leader(s): Sarah Burnfield
Overview: The Alliance to Restore Order, or simply the Rebel Alliance..... Or... Just the Rebellion is a small, poor band or Fighters lead by a female, the Alliance was formed for the purpose of restoring the original United States. Consistent with mostly democratic sympathizers, political prisoners, and simple citizens housed in various coastal Strongholds, the Alliance has terrible logistics, funding, and military bearing. But, they certainly are willing to fight and die for their cause.
Military manpower: 5,353,437
Reserve: None
Active: 5,353,437
Number of naval vessels: None
Number of aircraft: None

France will give the Ottoman Empire a small loan of a million dollars 1 million dollars for Algeria. They also wish to be trade partners with the Ottomans.

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