Hey guys I just got c's ending. Are there n's ending ?? Really feel sorry for her made me really want to be with her lol

Heck yea just finished all the new endings for stellaren

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Hiya! 0u0

I just finished stellaren V, and I say that N wins the savage asf award XDDD
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Anyone excited for the new one coming out?

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Hey hope you don't mind a drop in a like this, I just finished the first stellaren,enjoyed the hell out of it. already have all the rest up to Acrux downloaded and installed.lol... Good to see there was a least 1 other person that like them...

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K And M
I absolutely loved this Visual Novel i am very sad it if finished all the story and characters are exceptional.Even if it was to be adapted into an anime i don't think it would be so good then this visual novel.MSRK made an OVA called Stellaren:Accrux i hope they make more OVAS i hope this visual novel never finishes
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