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Why elon

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Nikon P900 zoom test moon and mars!

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An idea introducing Anubis space craft designed for instantaneous space exploration.

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Can you geniuses prove that these ship's can't fly?

It is the year 2019, #Google has made two mighty air ships. One is a hospital ship (The Globe Trotter) , the other a disaster air ship (Tandem). Both of them will be around five thousand feet by five thousand feet. In the middle there will be a five hundred feet by five hundred feet drone attachment. The drone area will be the stablest place on the ship. This is where the Red Cross Hospital for the critically hurt will be located. It will be set up for Earthquake victims, and flood victims too. The next five hundred feet out from the center will be made to hold air along with drone blade single section attachments. They will be put where they are needed for stability. They repeat this technique until she becomes big enough, around five thousand feet. The outer part of the air ship is built in a way as to cut through the wind. The anchors will be held in one of the inter sections and as they are lowered down they work their way outward and down so that when they hit the ground they will also be on the outer edge of the air ship. There will be chopper pads, with lock down capability, and there will be drone assistant things going on. The main deck is something any captain would be proud of, and they are too. The other ship Tandem will be made to help pull things up and hold them to help in the rescues. Maybe it isn't a five thousand footer after all, it just looked like one, but it is a big ship too. Some of the drone blade single section attachments will propel the large crafts. Have a blessed night all you big dreamers! '

Can you imagine flying a jet pack back and forth to the ground as needed? Talk about new job openings, this will create some that people will want to be part of .

I seen a little more of the ship Tandem . It is five thousand by five thousand feet. And it is equipped to handle 4 bad areas of damage at the same time. The cable system will be like the cable crane machine game you play with when you go into a store. The ones that take your money until you feed it enough. Anyway, there is a grabber attachment for picking up bolder's. And a high powered magnet to move cars, or metal beams. There will be light enough on the bottom side to make the ground look like its day light, for night shifts. She is a beautiful ship Tandem is!

Tandem also comes equipped with cabled beams that has fold out limbs. They can be lowered down to damaged building structures that need support. Once they are put in the right places then the air ship Tandem can gently pull up on the structure to hold it steady, so people can work underneath a little safer.
I don't know if we have anything like a push button auto jack or not now, but I have seen them using them in this future. They use a chemical reaction as the hydraulic system. Some are made to move things only a few inches, others a few feet. All of them can lift tons. They expand slowly and once you lock them where you want them, they can only then be depressurized. They use them to help in the cause too. Powerful little tool to have when working with heavy debris, and peoples lives. Have a blessed night.

Like I have said, Tandem is a bad ass ship. One whole section is dedicated to moving big trees out of road ways, and pulling them off of houses. I mean she can handle big trees like they are nothing but twigs! She will load dump trucks with debris that has been sorted through by the dozens . Cool air ship she is, and steady. Life will never be the same after her and the Globe Trotter comes along!

The Globe Trotter ship does more than just handle hospital patients. She will be linked to the ground people via their smart phones. Like for example, if a area needs food, there can be a app made that can let the Red Cross know they need to send a drone with food to help. The drone can hon in on the phone that is using the app.

Tandem, and Globe Trotter will both have these all over the bottom, to help look for victims . - Using FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras in Nat Geo's "American the Wild"

The air bags sections will be air controllable (inflate and deflate as needed). They will be five hundred feet long by thirty foot across its diameter . Just one bag is thirty feet tall! It takes ten of them linked together to complete the full length of the ship. I know that it is less than this but on average it will take a little under one hundred and sixty six rows to complete the other five thousand foot of the air ship. The whole area of the ship surface will be a little under twenty five million square feet. Not every section will be five hundred feet, just a lot of them. Anyway the drone attachments are very light weight for their size and they can be replaced quickly. These are the ones that click in with the bag system that help keep her stable ( Up or down propulsion). They are not single blade units like you think. It is a regular four propeller drone ( a big one ) Twenty seven foot by twenty nine. Those four seven foot blades will be linked then to the main computer system on the main deck. Each fan can be used independently, in case you don't need all four. If it start to go up two fans can pull down, and if it start to go down, them two can stop, and the other two can pull up. Quicker change over that way. There are propellers that fold in and out to be used if needed to go forward or backwards, but the main ones are in the front and back of the ship. The front and back has light weight sections that click together at every fifth bag, that is about thirty three sections in the front and thirty three in the back. The attachments give her a air cutting look, a side ways v shape. There will be five fifteen foot propellers to each section. The main decks will be part of the middle front and back peaces. Every thing is interchangeable, and there are all kind of things going on top, and bottom side of them. Like the stuff already mentioned in the above post.

The infrastructure (frame work) are different on both air ships. The Globe Trotter's framework is set up to push up on the structure, and Tandem's is set up to pull up the set up. Each frame was made on the ground of course. Globe Trotter's frame work is made of material that is light weight and somewhat flexible, and is two feet everywhere except where there are building structures. Aluminum eye beams help support the Red Cross hospital, along with additional air bags when she is afloat, 3/8 of an inch of rigid Aluminum flooring is put where people will walk. Each balloon, and drone unit goes into its on section under and into the frame work (drones don't go underneath). Tandem's frame work is a little heavier, There are Aluminum eye beams all under balloons that they have been strapped too. Across the top is a small 1/2 foot frame that helps as well. Most of the work of Tandem is done from under the ship. I wish I could see good enough to draw a picture of them for you guys. I will find a way, even if I have to wait for another rain so I can draw you a picture in the sand. By the way, if you build these girls, please send me a invitation to come aboard to check them out. Please!

The mathematician's, engineer's, and computer techs had a ball figuring out how to make it all fit together. How much gas will it take? How many units will there be? How heavy would she be? Where would every thing go? How much fuel will she take? How will all the units be synchronized to function with a main computer? It gives a new meaning to the words in a song I like a lot "Pilot of the air ways here is my request! You don't have to play it but I hope you do your best"! Peace, and have fun with it. Look at the jobs! What kind of material, and metal's will be used?

They will help fund the project by selling para gliders, and hand glider people passes to go up and do their thing. I think the ships can only go up five thousand feet at the Max. That is plenty high enough to enjoy a free fall. Hand glider people can tour areas they can't usually get too. This is the new future for America if we can keep it together. Look at the training that is needed to run such a beast of a ship. There will be a academy to train people how to run them, and how to take care of them. Their parking lot's will be mountain sides, and even the ocean's water tops. If we are going to be hero's, lets do it in a new way. I am a dreamer, and this ship is just one of my dreams. Peace

After making a run without side propellers they put them some there. It helped a lot in keeping them steady. That means there is a sideways v shape all around each ship with a hundred and sixty five, fifteen foot fan blades. Each unit can rotate up and down and side to side as needed. To compensate for being pushed up or down to far on one side we can; synchronize the propellers, air bag presser, and use the drone attachments. They have learned how to keep them steady as they go.

The tragedy!
By Max Morgan

It is the year 2022, and both ships have been at it for about two years now. Southern Florida has been hit by hurricane Charley. Captain Gail is working the starboard side of the Globe Trotter. It is pitch dark and it is quite. She has twenty men, and women on the ground with Globe Trotter smart pads. Each individual can see the same grid she is looking at, and with the night vision contraptions on, they are zoning in on heat signatures that the ships thermal camera's are picking up on. Nora, do you see that? Nora looked at her grid carefully and seen the large orange heat signature with a red glowing ring around it. Yes captain, it's thirty five feet from me. "What is it Gail!", I mean captain Gail? I'm not sure but get Alex and go check it out. Use the sound detector to see if you can determine what it is before you go in. Yes sir Captain, she whispered.
It turned out to be a zoo elephant that got displaced when Charley past over. The only thing they could see was the heat coming off her butt. So they didn't know. But they got her out of the mud, and back into her pin. And the others kept finding people who are still a live and yet stuck every where.
There are a lot of people saved because of Gail's piloting skills. Women are said to make good pilots. Gail is one of Google Air Ship Academy's best! Her ship and crew are all trained well. Dreamer out.

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What Is Neuralink???

Find out below:

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