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Coordinate Covalent Bond |Dative|Examples

Table of Content: Complete Explanation

1.Formation of Coordinate Bond.
2.Coordinate bond.
3.Examples of the Coordinate bond.
4.Ammonium Ion Coordinate Bond.
5.Hydronium Ion Coordinate Bond.
6.Hydroxyl ion Coordinate Bond.

and much more…

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Daily Speaking Words | Learn English Words Long, Belong, Along | Learn English through Hindi
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Properties of transition metals

Table of Content

Complete Explanation:
Melting Point.
Magnetic properties.
Non-stoichiometric compounds.
Interstitial compound formation.
Catalytic properties.
Resistant to corrosion.
Oxidation Potential.
Transition Metals. (Quick View)
& much more

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d block and f block elements | Google Science

d block and f block element placed at a position in periodic table depend upon its valence shell configuration.The d block elements are placed in 3-12 group

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Table of Content

Complete Explanation of F block elements:

1. Why f block placed outside separately?
2. Characteristics of Lanthanides.
3. Characteristics of Actinoids.
4. Lanthanide contraction.
5. Actinoids contraction.
6. Lanthanides and Actinides Comparison.
7. Uses of lanthanoids.
8. Uses of Actinoids.
9.Electronic configuration block elements.(Video)

& much more…

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New responsive design course launched

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Learn use of Would | learn use of have | How to use Have & would | learn english today
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Curriculum Officer Digital Technologies in focus roles have been advertised on the ACARA website: There are up to eight FTE roles nationally. The major focus of this role is to support nominated disadvantaged schools to implement the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.
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