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Miles Upshur -
Waylon Park - +Horror n Jazz​​​​​​​
Andrew -
Rudolf Wernicke -
Chris Walker - +The darkness​​​​​​​​
The Walrider -
The Twins -
Eddie Gluskin - Taken
Richard Trager - +Nightmare FNAF4​​​​​
William Hope -
Frank Manera -
Jeremy Blaire - +Waylon Park​​
Lisa Park - +Lisa Park​​
Blake Langermann - +BonnieBro115935 BonnieBro


First Name:
Last Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Allies (Friends):

(If needed) Powers:

thanks for inviting me

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Screams echoed threw out the dark hallways as Bella crept quietly and fearfully down the hallway. Suddenly a shadow dashed in front of her causing her to jump back with a slight scream, dropping her video recorder as she did. Gasping slightly for air as she tried to calm herself. As she went down to pick up her the camera she could here the sound of heavy footsteps echoing up the hallway behind her. Quickly grabbing her camera she made full on dash down the hallway. But as she ran she could hear the loud footsteps getting closer and closer. She continue to run yet tiredness started to kick in. 'Don't look over your shoulder...don't look over your shoulder!' She told herself as she ran until finally she did. A figure of man running after her was seen. She quickly looked forwards continuing to run as fast as she could.
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First name:Blake
Last name:Langerman
Personality:Always worried about Lynn
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Blue

Allies:Lynn Langerman
Enemies: Every cultist in temple gate

Items:A heavy duty vest,bandges around both hands,bandges,batteries and a video camera
Bio:He was a cameraman for a news channel and his wife Lynn, the speaker, were trying to figure out mystery of the murder of pregnant women. While Blake was recording,his helicopter crashed and Lynn went missing. Then Blake finds a cultist town in the middle of nowhere. There, he has to fend for himself to find his wife and escape the cultist town.

*Running from temple gate's cultists, I trip into a cave full of dead bodys*What the hell?

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The hotel sheets were loud. Echoing every sound and subtle movement his body made in discomfort. They clung to sweat soaked skin, the room far too hot and his dreams fleeting. Providing no mercy to the male. His blonde hair plastered to his neck, a shaggy messy, unkempt as he moved along from one establishment to another. Never staying longer them a couple days before jumping to the next town. No relief from nightmares. No settling down or chance of being freed of this life. Always wandering. Always roaming. He had to stay two steps ahead. He had to, or he’d die.

A solitary knock on his hotel room door. His eternally weary blue eyes regarded the time on the cheap box clock resting on the nightstand. Reminding him with its old red segmented stick lines that it was hardly even one in the morning. He gave the door a lazy glance and slid ungracefully off the edge of the mattress. His boxers clinging in odd places as he maneuvered the darkness with some ease, a slight limp in his gait. A bandage tightly wrapped the entirety of his foreleg.

He eyes the peep hole and spotted a slightly familiar head of carefully slicked back brunette locks. He slid the ball lock free of it’s clasp and pulled the door open part way. His pale blue eyes resting on the form and froze in place, eyes widening with fear as all the color drained from his face. His fingers gripped the door frame tightly as a cold condescending tone jolted between them, making the blonde’s blood run cold. “Hello Mister Park.”

“M-Mr. Blaire…It can’t be. You’re dead.” His voice trembled out. He had watched the Walrider rip him apart. There was no way this man could be standing before him. It had to be a nightmare. He had to be sleeping or hallucinating. That made more sense. This was all in his head. He started to push the door shut but a strong hand shoved it back open, knocking him off balance and into the wall behind him. The well dress shadow moving into the shitty hotel room with easy strides.

thinking someone save me from him

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We have reached 100 people in the community...yay...

princess stumbles across an area filled with sewing machines and see what looks like a birthing simulator!!!!
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