To do this, it is simple. Get starter edition, then in game when it says play trial and uprgrade now, just do upgrade now! Then it will only cost $10 with one month of free game time!

And I thought Apple's legal copy was bad ... wow ...

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Guess I better find some friends to play with 

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I've been levelling in Hellfire Peninsula for the first time, but the Fel Reaver patrolling Honor Hold is sending my paranoia through the roof. Does anyone have any tips and tricks to avoid/escape him until I reach flying? Sneaky thing keeps catching me off guard :( (my class is a windwalker monk if that's helpful)

When flying in Azeroth was made available oh so long ago, what was the first place you flew to just to see the view? #ns

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For those who have played WoW since Burning Crusade or longer and have taken breaks every now and then ever come back to the game and just want to do a near or complete purge of all your characters and start fresh again?
Now that the achievements, mounts, and transmog gear are available to all toons on your account, I feel like I can just wipe out toons that I have had for years and just start over.
At worst you lose your Brewfest steins, but who uses those anyway to drink from?
What kind of items do some of your oldest toons have that you can't get anymore? #ns

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Animated Photo

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Anybody else's app do this crap? 

The only reason why I'm not playing WoW is because of how EXPENSIVE it is.
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