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Keely's story wiki creepypasta by Keely
I spoke to Mohawk the cockatiel and the wolf and fox we were at a pet store I was a young little bearded dragon 11 years old I was told by my mother before some one buyed her not to be nice to the men in the white suits they do bad things to you so I chated to midnight the wolf until some one came in I gave a big sweet smile they screamed and ran out I tilted my head was I spiny and ugly I can't help it I like to smile I can't help it is my favorite thing to do I just at that moment looked at the door and saw the man in the white suit the scientists my smile faded he loomed at me and said I'll take this one I ran clawing at the edge of the cage begging for help midnight mohawk and killer the fox hoped out trying to save me but then the scientist got them as well I hid in the corner of the box I had been put in it was dark....there was just a speck of light I was nervous and scared suddenly he open the cache 3 hours later there was I gigantic glass cage and the room was all white with more scientists my friends screamed and yowled as they begged to get free no one help they only kept clicking buttons that powered machines I went first with the cockatiel I would call animals abuse if o had a phone I said mohawk suddenly scream abusery abusery in a loud singigng voice no one came suddenly as we played on the cage a power fuel buzz came on and I started growing the pain fulness pain I screeched and now I was 7 feet tall Mohawk had blood all over him but was still alive he flew on my should and sang deathery he he and and then the others joined we killed them and suddenly 87 more as we escaped tied me up And changed shot me I could feel the pain but not die they tore off a chest part of me a chain was strangled around my neck it hurt like hell in a hand bag I kept fighting more chains surrounded me I got a arm part trying to get out my tail got torn on half suddenly I felt like a giant ball of energy come out of my calws and they grew 2 feet long I killed everyone with the help of my friends I left and found a mansion next to several abandon other buildings and saw monsters they said any monster could join if tortured I told them what happen now i was a monster...

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The rv rp I'm a kid that's my idea lol I like being a kid I can't help it adults are mean
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