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Class B Template

Name: Quintessence "Quinn" Meridian

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5"

Skills (At least 4): Quintessence is a prodigal violinist. She has an amazing talent for improvising. She is book smart and if given instructions, can complete tasks well and efficiently. Quintessence is also an extremely organized person.

Likes (At least 4): Quintessence loves to play music whenever she can and takes joy in showing off to others. She likes to organize and reorganize her belongings often as she like order and likes everything perfect. She favors sweets and loves to visit cafés to get them. Specifically with a side of tea.

Dislikes (At least 4): Quintessence despises messes and silence. She absolutely refuses to eat anything spicy or bitter. She hates change and carelessness. Quintessence will also not stand for unknowledgeable criticism against her.

Personality (1 Paragraph): Quintessence is very high-class as her name entails, but probably has the least common sense known to anyone. She's very clumsy when out of her element and can be blunt and rude without knowing. Quinn tends to follow rules better than advice. She's not very creative, unless it's music. She's not very shy, but will actually ask a lot of questions about anything and everything if she has them.

Physical Description (Needed with photo): Quinn has brown, wavy hair that flows to her mid back. She often pins her bangs back and does little else to her hair. She can often be found will light, natural themed make-up on normal occasions, though her skin is naturally very smooth and soft.

Back Story or Bio (At least 1paragraph): Quintessence was discovered to be a musical prodigy when she was eleven. She's trained since then in the classics of music and learned to create her own music. Her parents were both happy to hear of her talents, but we're hesitant to pursue her potential, as it would disrupt their normal life. Thus why Quintessence isn't very known in the musical world. She now resides in this small town to peacefully finish her schooling with her family.

Additional requirements: N/A

I'm more descriptive in RP, I promise.

Quintessence began her normal Saturday stroll down the town's street to her favorite café. It was run by a man named Ryuu. He was very snappy and grumpy, but he made tasty sweets and good tea. She couldn't find anything better in town, or she'd be going there. In her left hand, was her violin case, she was to attend practice in approximately two hours and fifty six minutes (and 37 seconds but she figured out over time, people didn't care much for seconds, it was 28 seconds now). Whistling a tune she planned to play later, her stroll was interrupted when...

((Yeeeeee boi, let's get this a goin'.))

((Also, no town place, ??? Twist, fix.))

Jolly get's home and gets herself a snack. He turns on the television waiting for the seven o'clock time slot of "Steven Universe" While the commercials play, he thinks What the heck happened today? I mean it almost seemed as if those people were larger than life. Then the show comes on and all of it, every last drop, falls from them. It's almost as if it didn't really happen.

Mitsubishi flies up the stairs, taking her shoes off and leaving them in the cubby that Ryuu made (with her ever-so-generous help with instructions). Mitsubishi enters her small room above Ryuu's café. She sighs and looks around. It's still as musty and old as she remembered from a few weeks ago. The old, worn dresser sat in the far left corner. Mitsubishi, seems to waltz over to it. She loved this room. It was filled with vintage comfort. It also smelled like Ryuu. Mitsubishi didn't know if that was good or bad though. Sighing, she opened the top drawer where two extra changes of clothes and a pair of pajamas were located, washed and placed there herself. The feeling of the worn wooden floor only elevated her mood. This was her favorite place to be, far away from her family issues.

After grabbing the pajamas, Mitsubishi made her way to the bathroom, farther back on the living floor. The bathroom was in total contrast with her designated room. It was very modern looking, and big. It was probably twice the size of her room. It had white walls with various shade of navy and gray accents. The bathroom had a triple sink and a nice toilet. In the next room, there was a large jacuzzi tub and big shower. It of course all had the same colour scheme as the previous part.

Mitsubishi decided on a bath to relax from today. She filled it with warm water and bubbles. Mitsubishi seemed to jump out of her clothes and slip into the tub.

"Ah, finally some peace..."

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Satoshi Ryuu
Aiming for class A

Name: Satoshi (聡) Meaning: Clear-thinking Ryuu (竜) Meaning: Dragon Spirit

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 7"/201 cm ((vvv tol))

Weight: 270 lbs/122 kg

Magic/Powers: Ryuu uses Dimensional Magic that he learned from his mother at a young age. He was given her key that enhances this power.
Dimensional magic, in a basic sense, allows the user to have the ability to throw or bring back something from other dimensions or pockets of time and/or space.

((The power of a T.A.R.D.I.S. minus the people traveling, if you understand.))


This skill uses Ryuu's key which he wears around his neck all the time. It enables him to produce weapons or items locked away in an inventory of sorts. The inventory can only hold things he actually owns and has stored away in his pockets of time/space.

Rift Shift:
This skill is when Ryuu uses his powers of a sort to shift parts of the ground into another dimension, the ground doesn't stay there, thus meaning he can only do it for short periods of time. Strategically used to throw off attackers.

White Rose:
This magic move enables Ryuu to blind his attackers in a white light for 5-8 minutes.

A strategic move that hides an object Ryuu touches in another dimension of time for up to 7 minutes.

Cooking regular dinner food is a challenge, but Ryuu is skilled with making sweets. It's a pretty girlish habit, one received from his mother, so he hides it to the best of his ability. It doesn't always work.

Ryuu isn't exactly sure where he got the talent to skillfully mess with computers. He knows how most work, and if he doesn't, it normally won't take him long to figure it out.

Ryuu isn't a good singer, but he most definitely has power in his passion and talent for the violin. He loves to cover works of Lindsey Stirling.

With his attractive outward appearance, becoming a part-time model was bound to happen. Never really got very big jobs, but enough to make a little extra cash.

Species: Magical Human ((That's valid, right?))

Likes: Ryuu favors playing the Violin and often can be found practicing in his free time. He likes to bake and tries lots of new recipes, but only on his own. His favorite thing to make is flan, and he's very good at it, despite how hard it is to make. Ryuu also likes to tinker with technology. He finds it fun to take a common electronic apart, then try to piece it back together himself. Another thing Ryuu finds enjoyment in, is messing with his magic. He likes to test new skills, and spells. He's currently working on mastering, 'Illusion'. This skill allows Ryuu to mask himself, or somebody else. He's not sure exactly how it even functions yet. Ryuu holds a sort of favorable respect for sneaky people who get away with things. Particularly those who are like ears on a wall and know a lot. He loves to be able to hold things over your head, so this is understandable.

Dislikes: Ryuu always seemed to rub up against cheery people. Meaning he hates optimistic people, they always get on his nerves. Ryuu is also disinterested in any physical activity. He only works out for modeling, but will not voluntarily do any extrenuous activities. Ryuu also doesn't like nerds/geeks/whatever the hell they are and refuses to accept he might be a tech nerd. Absolutely refuses. Ryuu also hates sour things, like lemons or limes. He wouldn't even touch a lemon to save his life. He also won't use them in baking. Period.

Personality: Ryuu is pretty hot-headed and slightly narcissistic. He's pretty observant and very blunt. He may not start a fight, but will sure as hell be the end of it. Ryuu likes to pick on others especially because he's very tol. He has a secret sweet and caring side, but he doesn't show it to anyone, even family or close friends. Ryuu is also pretty deceiving and may act friendly and caring, but he probably really doesn't. Ryuu cares very little for other's opinions, only his own. Ryuu is also very stubborn and hard-working, stopping at nothing to get his own way.

Appearance: Ryuu is very tol and an albino, meaning he has pure white hair and red eyes. His skin is like porcelain and is actually soft to the touch. His hair very fluff-fluff (it's natural or maybe it's Maybelline). He has delicate hands and looks lanky, but is actually pretty strong.

Bio: Ryuu grew up with his mother and father in a large home outside of the city. He was always viewed upon as different due to being born an albino, but his mother was always ever such a caring person. She was stunningly beautiful and had such a big heart and a blinding smile. Ryuu was a momma's boy and followed her whenever and wherever he could. When he was seven, his mother caught a deadly and rare disease that weakened immune system and body. She became almost ghost like compared to her former self. When she was told she a only a few months to live, she gave the small golden key she always wore to her son, Ryuu. With whatever time she had left, Ryuu's mother taught him all she could and passed down her magic spell book to him so he could further his learning. With her dying breath, she asked that Ryuu promise her to never stop learning the magic she taught him. In his best attempt to fulfill her dying wish, Ryuu practiced as much as he could.
Of course, Ryuu's father blamed him for his mother's death. Ryuu hated this, he knew that he was completely innocent. He never truly got along with his father, his mother's death did nothing but further their already crumbling relationship. Ryuu because holed up in the library and his room. Never trying to socially interact with others. He then got so sick of home schooling where his family was, that at eighteen, he entered himself into a pubic highschool. It was just to be out of the damn house he lived in. Ryuu also took over his mother's old café that was passed down to him in his mother's will. A few months after using his inheritance and the café, Ryuu moved out from his childhood home and now lives above his café and has cut all ties to his father. His café is very successful and is popular among the town's people.


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((Just continue talking here +Isaac Myers​ ))

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As she lays there her left arm rises in the air longingly at his ceiling, almost as though some deep primordial part in them remembers the dream. Jolly grabs the notebook and fountain pen they keep under the pillow. In the silence he writes a poem

I wish I could be happy Something to replace the crippling neutrality
The thing is the only thing that makes me happy is sadness
The solidarity of snow and cold
Feeling it drift on my back
I walk home late in the dark on an empty street
The only sounds are my feet and the crunch of snow
To sit my desk staring at the white of my wall enamored by the empty ness in my head
I wish I could get me out
I have a lot to tell you but few words come out
I wish I wasn't so self conscience
It's always my fault
I have no part in it
But it's screwed up for someone who matters so, I can't help but apologize
It's even worse when it is my fault
I feel so bad
"what have I done"
"I put you in this bad situation"
"n,o but your here to"
"But I don't matter."
" I know me I'll be torn up then instantly fall back in to neutral
for I sit on the edge of the road
And I won't change
It's really a constant struggle not to hate myself"
I wish I could exist...

The hour is up. It's time to get up. She is left to go back into neutral. The poem forever to remain obscure and untouched. For it's just another entry in a book of emptiness. It'll be forgotten and nothing will change.

All I know is I'm falling. The sound of wind fills my ears, my arms float with a gentle feeling. I can feel the moisture of a cloud hit my bosom, feel it run up and touch my face. Here, in this perfect moment, nothing seems to matter. All there is is distilled feeling of utter bliss. That's when jolly startles awake, forgetting immediately everything about the dream. All she knows is they're feeling more light and reassured than usual. Jolly stares at the ceiling above knowing there's an hour before he needs to wake up. A tear rolls down there cheek. TBC...
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