CONCLUSIONS from Evernote Learning Comm. Sync Session 20150513

Continue Evernote Learning Community
Use Google+ Forum/Community asynch interaction etc. for Evernote Learning Community

Questions/Decisions for May 13  Members Exchange:
1.  Continue Evernote LC?  What direction, if any?
2.  Enter some good/bad uses of Evernote here in this forum
3.  Articulate desiderata of structure of this forum and related activities
4.  Decide how soon/if/how switch to Zoom from Adobe Connect - at least for Wednesday Members Exchanges

Here are some things we've figured out about Evernote: 
I.   Things that it is helpful for 
2.  Things that it might appear to be helpful for, but not so much really

Fumbling forward with TLT Group's Members....  through this community/forum +  Wednesday afternoons online + weekly email "newsletter" + ....


As the TOL4B MOOCOW wraps up, please share the following:
1. Best /most useful takeaways that you plan to use in your own work & courses.
2. What are some things you want to know more about?

I have a couple of questions about creating Captions in YouTube:
1) Where does one write and save one's caption file? I put it on a Word document, but when I go to "Select caption file and click open," it does not accept it.

2) How does one create one of those banner things that says one's name and university? I thought that would be a type of caption, but it is not.

I was unable to attend the synchronous meeting about copyright and captions. Can someone direct me to information about how I would include those in my Intro videos? Thank you!

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The focus of the last 2 weeks is to complete the Capstone Project. As you work to wrap things up please let us know if you are interested in sharing your experiences as a learner with us in our efforts to continuously improve, Nov 20th, 3:00 PM. Indicate your interest by completing the sign-up form. Thanks for your help!

Does anyone know how Beth made that groovy shared spreadsheet? I can see that coming in handy for when I want to have people sign up for group activities.
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