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Okay... Im asking all of you to please be active. Yes, me being an owner who isn't active is asking this, right? But im getting stressed with school and I have other things to do, like continue my fanfictions, do homework, study for tests, draw things for my sis and others. Yes, I know the drawing isn't important but I need to it some day. Anyways, im asking for you guys to be active and not to just ask if you can be this person and not make an account after asking.
Thank you for reading

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(Would anyone mind me being in there RP when I get this profile approved)
Name: Claudia Victoria Faustus
Species: Black Widow Spider Demon
Age: 14
Height: 5’1
Appearance: Waist length Blackish/Dark brown hair, Yellowish Gold eyes, Pale Porcelain skin, Curse seal on left hand.
Occupation: Looking for a new master.
Family: Lilla (mother), Claude (Bio father), Trancy household (if she gets there).
Likes: Spiders, Red Roses, Tea, Getting praise from Alois, Protecting her master,Doing her job perfectly, A hair not being out of place, Spending some father daughter time.
Dislikes: Sebastian, Dirt, Killing Spiders, her master getting hurt, Her father ignoring her, Hannah getting her dad’s attention.
Personality: Professional, Polite, Aggressive if need be, Loving to certain people (Claude, Alois, Triplets), Helpful, Perfect (like a demon should be).
Bio: When she was born her town knew what she was and out casted her when she was at the age of 5 and has been on her own since. But now she is tired of being alone and is looking for a household to live in. After weeks of walking around getting abused and shooed away by people she one day comes across a manner and knocks at the door praying the people inside will let her in.
Extra: Wears a necklace with a spider on it. She was born with the roses in her hair. Inside each rose is a Black Widow spider and when the roses bloom the spiders will come out protecting whoever she severs next as a maid. (You can use this maids dress second picture or what ever maids outfit you wanna put her in.)
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Rp anyone. Ima b here 4 a while

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"Hmm...could you do me a favour and scream really loud when you die??"


My name is Isabella Ludenberg, it's a pleasure to meet you.


I'd prefer not to give out my age, though people usually assume I'm around eighteen or nineteen years of age.


I am a female, isn't that obvious?


I do like tea and chocolate.


Alois Trancy and any of his lot, honestly, rotten beings.


I usually work as a butler/maid...however master...unfortunately passed away...very suddenly.

(She is a demon and is currently available to make a contract with someone, ask me if you'd like her as your OC's butler/maid.)


A short biography? I shall spare you the gory details and simply say, you don't want to know.

Does anyone want to RP with my OC where they form a contract? My OC is a demon who is searching for a new master.

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"You surely don't want to mess with me,I could be a living nightmare" "Why are you sad?comeone!be happy!"

Age:300 years
Personality:loud,messy,Smiling all the time,Likes making people happy,hyper
Bio:Uncle of ash and angela and younger brother of rapture,The hyper one in the family,He enjoys having fun,playing games with his family,making then happy on days when they are down.
Job:Priest/guard of the church his family works and lives at

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((Open rp))

Winter walks around town shopping for angela and ash since they are helping their father,rapture.He walks out of the funton shop with a little gift for all three of them that should do,alrighty!gotta go He dashes behind a building and open's his wings much better x3

...who is supposed to approved the profiles??

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"you want mess with me?!..prepare for a rude awakening!!...."

"A relationship? No, i simply have no time for that..."

Name: Alice Kingsley Sutcliff


Gender: Female (mostly mistaken for male)

Personality: Cocky, self centered,Tomboy, Hot-tempered and reckless.

Likes: everything about My father Grell Sutcliff,fighting

Dislikes: William T. Spears,people that hate my dad, Third wheels, annoying brats, when my dad makes me ware a dress, and being ladylike

Species: Reaper

Partner: +Willson T. Spears

Bio: Im the daughter of Grell Sutcliff,and i do anything for my dad. I even kidnap Sebastian for him. But i'm different from my father,i love fighting and being more manly than him. I'm a student still learning about reaping souls and My teacher "William T. Spears" gets on my nerves alot. Since there's been a small rule about the gender classes, girls are slip up from boys but i managed keep my appearance as a boy.

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