Hey boss I have a question why do you want me to call you boss?

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+Asriel Dreemuur It looks like your Chara(You two are a cute couple by the way) and Toriel like to mess with ya xD
So, what's your reaction bro?
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Chloe and my sis got stabbed by your Chloe's "brother" now they're both on hospital how do you feel and also are you and Chloe friends?

Hey bro, now that your girlfriend is a goat does that make your relationship stronger?

Hey Asriel, which of the human souls are your favorite? Ya know, like DETERMINATION, PATIENCE, PRESERVERENCE, etc.

what if i told you... if i said i had two forms, one is Star Curtis, and the other is Realm God Curtis. And then i challenged you to a fight as Realm God Curtis. What would you do?
Realm God Curtis challenges you

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hey Asriel, reaction to this FNAF/Undertale hopes and dreams + Save the world remix

I...............Wanna know why did you break up with me I shouldn't even ask this I should've just let myself die in my hospital bed

Do you care about +Chloe/Frisk Dreemurr The Emø​ hurting herself?

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Anyone​ likes Chara
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