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Rin sits outside her cottage, staring into the dark forest. She loved where she lived, and enjoyed the company of the animals, but she started to feel lonely. Rin wondered where her wolf friend disappeared to. "Well, Mother, it seems that my companion has disappeared... again." She sighed, stretching, before getting up to work on her garden.

((Open rp, please be literate but not required. Also, I'm looking for someone to be the wolf. :D ))

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Name: Rin Amalthea

Alias(es): Little Red Riding Hood/ Little Red

Quote: “Wolves aren’t evil, just misunderstood!”
“How would you know? Were you there?”
“Ugh, this is why I don’t like humans.”

Age: 17

Species: Witch

Speed: 7/10
Strength: 4/10
Stamina: 10/10
Intelligence: advanced knowledge
Endurance: 8/10
Short ranged weaponry: 6
Long ranged weaponry: 7

Place of origin: ((Storybrooke, Maine XD)) The Forest of Solitude

Weapons of choice: Dagger

Family: Lily Amalthea(Mother/dead), Luca Amalthea(Father/disappeared), Wolf (Friend/Vanished)

Religion: Devout Christian

God: God

Appearance: Pale blonde hair, spring green eyes, pale skin, crimson cloak, black yellow and red corset dress, red shoes

Personality: Sweet, sassy, angry, sarcastic, dark

Likes: Wolves, reading, singing, playing the violin

Dislike: Crows, apples, darkness, the cold

Titles: N/A

Pets: N/A

Special ability: She is able to speak with mammals but usually stays away from big cities

Occupation: Healer

Thanks for the invitation!

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Name : jordi kusanagi
Age : 734
Bio : unknown
Hobby : fighting
Personally : nice and sometimes mean
Archenemy : none
Girlfriend : none
Gender : male
Appearance : the picture
Like : eating and meeting new people
Dislike : someone hurting my friend
Ability : turned to super 1,2,3 and god red and blue also kaio-ken 
Speed : 10
Strength : 10
Range : 10
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thanks for the invite.. almost done with my 60 day one-arm pull-up challenge

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Name: Levy McGarden

Species: Fairy of the words and colors

Age: Human 16 Fairy 20

Bio: Has, three forms full fairy (third pic color form -the fifth pic is her word fairy form) half fairy (fourth pic) and human form (first two) her word part of her magic allows her to write words and they come alive as her color part of it sh. Can change and control the colors. She is married to a dragon and has three kids one dragon and two fairies(last pic) and has a talking werecat as a friend (in the last pic)

Height: 5'3'' human 5' fairy

Weight: 130 pounds human 1 pound fairy
Speed: 10/10 fairy 7/0 human
Strength: 2/10 fairy 6/10 human
Stamina: 10/10 both
Intelligence: 10/10 both
Endurance: 9/10 Fairy 5/10 human
Short ranged weaponry: 10/10 both
Long ranged weaponry: 9/10 both

Place of origin: A small planet named Stiria or as humans call it to ​pluto.

Weapons of choice: For her word magic a pen the writes the words and for her color magic her hands

Family: A dragon husband two fairy twins (boy and girl) and a dragon daughter (Oldest)

Religion: Fairyligion (Basically Christian fairy version)

God: There queen is known as Lu

Appearance: In her word form she has a black mini short and a black strapless crop top. In her color form, she wears a white strapless dress with gold trimming. In her human form, she wears popular human clothing her favorite is a yellow dress.

Personality: Usually happy and perky and as being a mother she usually acts like everyone's mom and is very protective of her family.

Likes: Reading, music, colors, her family,

Dislike: What don't you like

Titles: Queens of words. Colors of the wind.

Pets: A talking cat

Special ability: can transform into a fairy with no one seeing her even in crowded places

Occupation: Protector

And image of pet if you have one (In the last pic)
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Name: drizzt
Age unknown
Race: dark elf
Age :250
Height : 6'9"
Weapons : twin scimitars,bow
Armor boots of speed,and some other stuff.
Home city messoberan, underdark
Companions: wolfgar,catterbrie,guenyvear

Drizzt a young dark elf with his companion guenyvear who left the underdark to escape the foul rituals of the spider queen and his family who worship her and to undo the wrong he has done has done by going into exile where he is chased by an assassin who wants him dead so his family will have the favor of Loth again....

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This is my RP character it will start out as like a back up story

The Meta >> Delta, give me all the information on Ex- Project freelancer Agent Utah.
A.I. Delta >> Ok, I'm on it though it may take a few minutes
------- accessing all recent logs, orders bios, and last known....
The Meta >> Can't you speed the computer up we don't wan't to draw any unneeded attention from the U.N.S.C. .
A.I Delta >> OK I'll try to hurry up, but the computer has too many security passwords, locks and other security devices.
The Meta >> I really wish I'd brought York with me .
A.I. Delta >> Why would you want York instead of me ?
The Meta >> That's because he's faster at picking locks.
A.I. Delta >> That's because he never finished picking them before setting off an alarm
Ok got it .... locations.....
Security Alarm >> Buzz buzz WARNING! WARNING! a hacker has been detected.......
The Meta >> What The .....
A Marine Squad >> Meta Freeze! you are under arrest for war crimes aginst the U.N.S.C.
The Meta >> Delta, download all of the files to my helmet drive and then cloak me make it fast though.It turns out today wont be a lazy Saturday....Delta radio for evac
A.I. Delta >> This is A.I. Delta requsting for evac.
Command >> Do you have the package?
A.I Delta >> yes.
Command >> Rodger that Delta sending a shuttle now.
    Onboard the Mother Of Invention
Directors Quarters
Director Dr. Lenard Church >> Delta open the files so we can at last find out were our lost friend is.
A.I. Delta >> Yes sir, accessing files...... ok here we go
name: S-A23 aka Agent Utah.
The Meta >> I thought he was dead.
A.I. Delta >> No is says here
Status : Active/MIA/ Last known wearabouts REACH
Age : Classified
Rank: Lieutennant Commander
Species : human
Weapons/ tools of destruction : Fuel Rod Cannon, Energy Sword, and a Sniper Rifle.
Armor Type : Mark 5/Recon,E.O.D.
Armor Abilities : Jump Jet , Active Cammo , 4 x's oversheilds
Afflictions : U.N.S.C. , O.D.S.T,EX - Project Freelancer Agent / Spartan
Bio: An ex-odst recrutied by Dr l.enard Chruch For his Stealth and  Adgility after that he was used by Dr.Church for dangerous expirements by fusing him with different fragments of an A.I. used to create Active Cammo, Bubble Shield , 4' xs Over sheilds and ect....
After a couple of months he figured out the Directors plans to create an empire ...but before he left he grabbed a copy of all the armor abilites and a copy of his private logs and turned them into the unsc command after that he was assigned to noble team for his actions......
The  Director >>  Plot course for Reach were going to find a very old friend....... 

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Name: Johan Rex

Alias(es): Raijin
The Saviour

Quote: Pick a god... now start praying

Age: 21 - Immortal

Species: Deity

Height: 6'1" in human form

Weight: 72 kg in human form

Speed: 9/10.
Strength: 6/10.
Stamina: 4/10.
Intelligence: 6/10.
Endurance: 8/10.
Short ranged weaponry: 9/10.
Long ranged weaponry: 3/10.

Place of origin: Heaven

Weapons of choice: Lightning katana

Family: None

Religion: None

God: None

Appearance: Dark purple hair, violet eyes, purple hooded jacket and black jeans in human form. Swirling ball of clouds and lightning as a god

Personality: Calm and collected but when I explode it gets messy

Likes: Lightning and serenity

Dislike: Disobedience

Titles: God of Lightning and Storms

Pets: Two dragons. Great Blue Dragon that encircles the earth and one Bone Dragon that protects the entrances into Heaven and Hell

Special ability: Transform into and manipulate lightning

Occupation: God
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