The Lycans

Rik Sullivan reaches the entrance into the wood elves realm. He knows that he cannot ride his mount through the great cavern through which he must pass in order to cross Doriath and into Vukasin, the lycan lands. He hikes through the pleasant meadows and forests of the wood elf realm toward the seashore. The ranger told him that would be the best way to go to get to Vukasin. Eventually he comes to a small village and enters from the east. He sees a man standing near a stone figure of a lycanthrope.

Sirius Moonwolf stands once again contemplating the statue , wondering the significance of it when he hears someone approaching and turns to them "Greetings"

Rik Sullivan: Greetings. I am Rik, High Lord of the Land of Legends.

Sirius Moonwolf: nods and bows a little :I am Sirius"

Rik Sullivan: A pleasure to meet you Master Sirius. I seek the Lord of these lands to discuss a map I have been given.

Sirius Moonwolf: looks around at the empty village , then peers in the distance to the caves he calls home now , then back to the High Lord "I guess that would be myself now "

Rik Sullivan: looks around. 'If I might inquire Lord Sirius, where are the people who live here?'

Sirius Moonwolf: shrugs "It seems those that were able to flee left in a hurry , but not everyone was as lucky. I am not sure how long ago that was , but it seems quite a bit of time has passed. I have recently returned here myself after decades of being away." hoping that he did not get himself into peril by saying so

Rik Sullivan: looks surprised at the man... 'Flee? Was it Ravagers? I know they are in the mountains north of here.'

Sirius Moonwolf: "I am not certain , as I said , I only have recently returned , I have almost no recollection of the time I was here previously"

Rik Sullivan: I see. I find that quite mysterious, though these lands do have a sense about them... I look upon this statue here. I have heard of a land to the east wherein the Wolfen live. Prey, have I come to that land?

Sirius Moonwolf: "wolfen? perhaps you mean Lycan or Fera? This land once was ruled by my father if that is what you mean and I have no recollection much of him either unfortunately." implying that he was Lycan but not directly saying it

Rik Sullivan: detects a bit of angst from the man and notices his ears... 'I meant no offense sir. I am ignorant of the species. Wofen, Lycan, Lupin... they all mean the same to me. I am sorry if I mispoke.'
Sirius Moonwolf: the wind blows a scent similar to others he has smelled in the past to him , and he scrutinizes the High Lord more , noticing the Dragon Scale Armor , and shrugs thinking perhaps that is what he smelt and not a real dragon "Tis alright , I am usually very easy going. I spent some time in a community with various speciess a number of years back , for awhile it was home , but I have been guided back to my ancestral homeland to see if I can rebuild what has been lost" again hoping he has not said too much

Rik Sullivan: looks about. 'The land is fertile and beautiful. It is a good place for a people to live and work. I'm sure it will soon thrive.' May I show you the map I spoke of?

Sirius Moonwolf: looks about for a moment again then back to the High Lord  "Certainly , may I offer you some refreshment? I reside in a cave system not far from here"

Rik Sullivan: I would accept gratefully sir.

Sirius Moonwolf: nods and heads of to his cave.

Sirius Moonwolf: Upon entering, he pauses to introduce his wife and son "This is my wife Aderyn and my son Arric"

Rik Sullivan: notices a woman and lad in the cave. 'Are these people kin?'

Aderyn : "Greetings my Lord"

Arric waves and scampers off

Rik Sullivan: 'Ah well, Nice to meet you madam.' Looks at the boy and waves back.This is a very large and ancient cavern. I would venture to say that perhaps it was home to Dragons in the past.

Sirius Moonwolf: continues on "I have a small table just past the hanging moss in front of us" then to Aderyn "would you please bring us some tea and pastries?" "That might be so , the records are in a bit of a shambles" Sirius indicates the chairs "Please have a seat"

Aderyn comes and sets food and drinks on the table , then looking at the expression  , respectfully departs

Rik Sullivan: Thank you. Sips the tea

Sirius Moonwolf: "How might I be of assistance?

Rik Sullivan: reaches into his cloak and removes the rolled up parchment. He lays it on the table and unrolls it. 'This is a map of the Land of Legends, my realm. I am familiar with all of what you see here except this...' he points to some hand drawn land to the far north. 'An Amanite hunter gave me this map and told me of a vast city in the lands to the north. This is where he indicated. I know nothing of a vast city. Nor of anyone who could possible live in this forsaken area. No one ever goes beyond the Great Ice Passage. There is nothing there. Perhaps you have heard of these lands sir?

Sirius Moonwolf: looks carefully at the map , some places looked familiar but he was uncertain "Some of the places over here look familiar , but I am not sure about that city. As I think I said , the records here are in shambles so they are not of much help at the moment , I have been trying to figure them out into some semblance of order , but it is very slow going

Rik Sullivan: nods and rolls up the map. As he puts it back inside his cloak he says 'I understand. It must be a difficult challenge for you to try and reconstruct a history you cannot remember.'

Sirius Moonwolf: nods "I have discovered bits and pieces on my travels , but not enough to fill all the gaps in. I wish my twin sister were around to help , she has more info that I have not"

Rik Sullivan: May I ask you something else?

Sirius Moonwolf: pauses briefly , then having decided he had said too much already , to go ahead and possibly bury himself further "Certainly"

Rik Sullivan: looks him in the eye and bluntly asks, 'What do you know of the Wolf Raiders?' He watches for a reaction that could betray his answer...

Sirius Moonwolf: "Very little"

Rik Sullivan: sits back in his chair and takes another sip of tea. He looks down at the table and turns the cup in its saucer... 'They live in the north. They are lycans and come into my lands and raid the Amanites of their meat and kill livestock.' My rangers have killed a few of them but they are stealth in the woodlands and move quickly. They also come in the darkness.

Sirius Moonwolf: feels a little worried now "Well this can be considered the north , but please do not think I have anything to do with them"

Rik Sullivan: looks at him and then looks away saying, 'Some say they were once a peaceful people and lived near the sea. Of course I know nothing of this... it is legend I would imagine.' ...What do you call this land?

Sirius Moonwolf: "the few records I have managed to salvage together so far , which is in agreement with information I found elsewhere , calls this Vukasin" and very worried now that perhaps he is way over his head and perhaps this is the same one that did his parents in when he was but a toddler

Rik Sullivan: Vukasin you say. Hmmm... It seems I have heard that word before, but not in reference to land.

Sirius Moonwolf: wonders what he finds interesting about the name and is still worried for his safety , but being a healer is not prepared for a fight of any sort. "Again , the records here are quite a mess"

Rik Sullivan: stands from the chair. 'I thank you for your information and for the delightful refreshments. I will be departing for my return to Irillian. Perhaps we will speak again soon.

Sirius Moonwolf: also stands , now very confused as to what transpired here "Perhaps" and was reluctant to ask about trade now as well even though he really needed to find some trade partners very soon

Rik Sullivan: Perhaps you will show me the way out...

Sirius Moonwolf: nods and leads the way , uncertain what to say

Rik Sullivan: Thank you. I can find my way from here.

Sirius Moonwolf: nods "Safe journeys"

Rik Sullivan: steps up closer to the man. 'I would offer you this sir. In your research of your history if you happen to find anything of this city or of the wolf raiders, I would be very grateful if you would inform me. And please, if you require goods or provisions, come into Mito Pica.' He notices the pack of wolves in the ravine below. Gesturing toward the wolves, 'They seem quite used to you, as if they are guarding the cave.'

Sirius Moonwolf: "thank you High Lord" wondering where Mito Pica was , then following his gesture "Yes , they have been quite useful" still worried for his safety somewhat and also very confused.

Rik Sullivan: Good day to you and to your delightful family. He strides off toward the seashore.

Sirius Moonwolf: nods and watches him head off , not sure what to make of all that just transpired.

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