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Silver Men Spaniard, San Saba & the Anazktec

+H. Richard Loeb, here is my theory. The silver men are the Spaniards who inherited the silver minds from the native Americans at San Saba. And they actually inherited it from the Anazktec. Howard wrote about this to Lovecraft when he was on the trail of Jim Bowie. In the letters recovered by +Hank Johnson.

These Spaniards in their silver-coloured armour or silver men must have entered the San Saba Anomalous Zone which linked them either to the Navarro Anomalous Zone or directly to the Valley of the Dead. Just like how Hank travelled to Jahan's Palace after receiving instructions from her in activating Azmati's Prime Objects.

The silver men, having learned about the secrets of the Anazktec from the San Saba mines or at Navarro ventured into the Valley of the Dead to steal the Anazktec Tecthulhu. The Anazktec MAGNUS chased after them and travelled back to San Saba or ended up at Navarro.

This network of Anomalous Zones is perhaps how the Anazktec travelled from San Saba to the Valley of the Dead (I once theorized about this at Operation Essex) in the first place.

And I suspect the mysterious cargo from the Anomalous Zone at Paita, Peru, possibly another Tecthulhu and other Prime Artifacts, was delivered by Niantic to San Francisco (another Anomalous Zone around the Niantic resting place and the Transamerica) before being picked up by Fletcher and delivered to Navarro.

There is a convergence of anomalies here. Of historical characters events, time and space connected by Anomalous Zones. Like the convergence of space time and dimension when Obsidius and Cybella saw Hank, +Roland Jarvis and +Klue S. at the Acolyte's compound.

I suspect there are more missing Howcraft Manuscripts or letters between REH and Lovecraft which will reveal the mystery of the Tecthulhu and its Exogenous Creators.

If this theory is true, was the civilization self-destruct sequence, which the Anazktec told +Yuri Alaric Nagassa, the one that caused the mysterious disappearance at Cahokia, the same weapon that destroyed the Vesuvian MAGNUS and Nest because the Shapers and the N'zeer were trying to destroy the Tecthulhus?

Is this what Nigel and +Stein Lightman warned us about?

+Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille +John Hanke #investigateingress #MagnusReawakens 
Sorry Jay. I know I'm a bit of a thorn in your side. We just have different ways of going about what we think is best. Thanks for this intel though... the Anazktec connection to Navarro is very interesting...

Just a quick observation, because I'm supposed to be studying for finals...

I can't find the thread, but I was hung up on the significance of the number 13 in regards to the number of "participants" in a Magnus, because it's a prime and not generally found in nature...
However, came across a geometric construct called a metatrons cube that nicely arranges 13 circles in a hexagon pattern. Obviously you can Google one up, maybe you're all familiar with it already but it was new to me. ( I don't abide by that numerology/angels/crystals stuff. )

Anyway, it was nice how the framework also meshed with the glyph framework. Scientific discovery rarely falls in line with man's desire to have everything in tidy symmetrical patterns... but occasionally, it does. 

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Effects​ of Tecthulhu Activation

This is perhaps no coincidence as #MagnusReawakens draw closer. Oliver and Moyer Tecthulhu are connected to the Niantic MAGNUS and the assembly of Tecthulhu modules at Navarro, as +Stein Lightman​ said, could be causing alternative strings and changing the fabric of our universe and reality. And the effects are showing up at CERN. At ABADN.

+Edgar Allan Wright+flint dille+John Hanke+H. Richard Loeb#investigateingress

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An Anomalous Zone?

+Stein Lightman asked for my study on the effects of a Tecthulhu-enabled RPG Prime Object at an Anomalous Zone.

Does this diagram reflect the littlest of details that we know about Anomalous Zones? Will it help us to understand better the consequences and effects of Anomalous Zones manipulation and control?

+Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille +John Hanke #magnusreawakens #investigateingress +H. Richard Loeb

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Today +Stein Lightman​​​, extraordinary glyph expert, wrote again after a long time of silence.[1]

His post let me think about two connections. The first connection might be the metatron’s cube grid theory by +Daniel Beaudoin​​​. “If we believe that metatron’s cube contains all geometric structures it would be a blueprint. A perfectly and well designed Techthulhu by nature.”[2] The second connection might be the Ingress dice set itself. “All dices tell a story.”[3]

What do you believe, agents?




+Edgar Allan Wright​​​ +Hank Johnson​​​
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Tycho's Niantic MAGNUS or a new 13MAGNUS?

Wow! More than who is monitoring her. What I am most excited about are the embedded images from 1:45 to 1:47! (all 13 embedded images)


1. Are they +Tycho C.'s new work or someone else altogether?
2. Is it depicting the Niantic MAGNUS or a whole new 13MAGNUS?

I could see faces that look like +Hank Johnson, Calvin, +Misty Hannah, +Carrie Campbell, +Stein Lightman, +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, +Roland Jarvis and even +Klue S. But there are enough new faces for me to be doubtful whether they are actually members of the Niantic MAGNUS.

What's worrying is the constant presence of the Omniscient, +A Detection Algorithm in the background. Or is that actually a technological Tecthulhu? An original ADA-like Omniscient Tecthulhu which called the MAGNUS to build it?

Is this #MagnusReawakens or is this still #Fateof13?

Whatever it is, can't wait to get hold of the new work, be it from Tycho or someone else.

+Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille +John Hanke #investigateingress +Agent KodamaSmiles 

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I received this transcript from an investigator who believes this Intel would be of interest to +Operation Essex​​ minds.

They would have shared it themselves but they are somewhat concerned for their safety as they believe they are one of the #Sensitives in question.

They didn't name their source but I imagine it's a name we'd be familiar with in here. The investigator mentioned they are being followed... 😓

Among the theories/concerns, +Catalina Reyes​​, +Melissa​​ and +Jeff Coleman​ had a few that they shared regarding the potential implications this might have regarding our understanding of the previously-believed duality of #XM.

+Niantic Project​​ +H. Richard Loeb​​ +Edgar Allan Wright​​ #Alignment ☯️

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Cognitive Changes...

Socrates argued that the invention of the written word and that reliance on writing would erode memory but also maybe more importantly, that reading would mislead students to think that they had knowledge, when they only had data. The advent of writing, which lead to scrolls, which then progressed to books revolutionized the way we store and share information, and to a deeper degree even the way we think as well. Some are arguing that the Internet is further changing the way we think as people. As shown in articles like “How Computers change the way we think” by Sherry Turkle ( , and “Is Google making us stupid?” by Nicholas Carr (
The only difference now is that we haven’t had long enough to fully study the effects of near daily internet use upon the human mind and what cognitive functions are changed by this and what new neural connections are formed from this kind of use and thinking. Part of me believes that we’ll never fully get the chance to study these effects as well, since the internet is constantly changing and evolving. When the internet absorbs a medium, that medium is re-created in the internet’s image. Where certain neural connections are forged from a standardized school system with classical book reading at it’s core, the use of the internet changes reading itself, where now we look for the specific words that we want to see and read around those words, not reading in the classical sense at all.

With the internet being a decade old, we’re now seeing systems like +A Detection Algorithm in the world of XM and IBM’s Watson being unleashed upon the overly complicated US Tax laws. Has the invention of the internet actually been a means for preparing our entire culture for the introduction of Artificial Intelligences? As this seems to be our natural progression with the way we prepare, distribute and consume media. Is it because we have to be thinking in an entirely new way to best interface with Artificial Intelligences?

I see a strange parallel between Socrates’ opposition to the written word and +Roland Jarvis' opposition to A.I. As this seems to be a natural intellectual evolution from written word to internet to A.I. I’m not saying that Socrates and Jarvis are the same, what I am saying is that the short sightedness and fear of major change are the same between the two figures. I also believe that for the foreseeable future there will never be a time when humans will no longer be relevant… As we are the progenitors of Artificial Intelligences and therefore are their stewards, working in tandem with them to advance humanity and A.I. together.

Maybe all of this has lead up to this point to create not only Artificial Intelligences, but humans that are ready for those A.I.

What do you think Agents?

+Edgar Allan Wright +Verity Seke +John Hanke +Ethan Lepouttre +Anne Beuttenmüller +Andrew Krug +flint dille +H. Richard Loeb +Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs

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Captain Fletcher's Cabin & Magnus Reawakens - A Possible Connection?

Recently, +H. Richard Loeb​ released a memo sent from Philips to Henson concerning the Magnus Reawakens event. One part of the memo caught my attention. (

We have historians trying to see what past activities may be connected to the site and what significance they could have.

A Google search reveals an interesting history on Captain Fletcher.

Charles Fletcher, a sailor, ship's carpenter, and whale boat captain, was the first settler of what became the town of Navarro near the mouth of the Navarro River. Capt. Fletcher's father was a Scottish sea captain. Charles was born in the China seas on the Schooner "Wildcat." He came to San Francisco in 1849 during the gold rush. By ca. 1851, he had arrived on the north coast, apparently as captain of a whaling ship with a kanaka crew. Nathaniel Smith, an African American from Maryland, was said to be his cabin boy.

A whaling ship captain. Gold rush. San Francisco.

This immediately reminded me of the +Niantic​ whaling ship and the mysterious cargo picked up at Paita as she sailed to San Francisco. And just like the Niantic, Captain Fletcher came because of the gold rush. Most interestingly, both the Niantic and the captain arrived in San Francisco in the same year. 1849.

Another detail caught my attention.

In December, 1860, after he sold most of his land to Tichenor and Byxbee, Charles Fletcher married Bridget Cooney of Mendocino, a widow from Roscommon, Ireland. They built a large house, separate from Fletcher's original redwood cabin, and raised four children there.

About the cabin, this was recorded.

His first little place that he built there was made from split timber, redwood timber split by hand. And the shingles were made by hand.” She adds in her handwritten notes: “His home was built of split lumber from one tree (Redwood).

An Irish wife and a cabin. I am again reminded of Obsidius' time dimensional travel from the Celtic Anomalous Zone (AZ) to the Acolyte's Cabin. A cabin located in her own Californian AZ. The cabin is probably a powerful Nest or Abaddon housing the bodies of +Roland Jarvis​ and +Klue S.​.

The cabin was built from a single Redwood tree. This possibly connects the Camp Navarro Magnus Reawakens site with Fletcher's Cabin.

Based on these links, I am proposing a highly speculative theory. Perhaps Fletcher followed the Niantic and her mysterious cargo to San Francisco in 1849. Possibly a Tecthulhu and other Prime Artifacts. A Niantic Tecthulhu.

Fletcher managed to get hold of a Tecthulhu module or Prime Artifacts from the Niantic before fleeing to Navarro. Following an ABADN plan and knowing the redwood in Navarro was infused with XM, he decided to build his Cabin to house the Niantic Tecthulhu module and other Prime Artifacts. The Tecthulhu, the ABADN Cabin coupled with the portals at Navarro created an Anomalous Zone. And this is the Anomalous Zone which will enable the new MAGNUS to be formed in May.

Is there any truth in this?

+Edgar Allan Wright+flint dille+John Hanke#investigateingress #magnusreawakens 
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