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Mark Hodge

Cryptic Messages  - 
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+Joe Schmitz thanks. This has been recovered earlier. But there are still breadcrumbs which have yet to be recovered. Do keep a look out. 
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Yik Sheng Lee

Cryptic Messages  - 
Decoding Jahan's Recording - **Updated (Questions on the Oracle)

Intial Transcript
Awaken Oracle
From two millennia of dusty silence
I know you are here
You followed thundering hoof beats 
Of the sacred black stallion from the sands of Suwah
With your eye in hand 
Unintelligible (Matricidal?) dagger concealed in search of the shield and the Gordian key
We know one another, do we not?
But you have the advantage for I know not who I was
It all comes back to me now
Lives that were or were not mine
The Afghan princess
The Egyptian Queen
The Celtic rebel of sacred stone circles and foggy (crypts?)
Hidden Oracle speak to me now
I need your council 
You who were carried by night caravan to live amongst the djinn? and the scorpions
Speak without fear
What is past is past
The N’zeer know forgiveness
Tell me of my lives
What it was that I did?
Speak without fear
The N’zeer have returned

Possible interpretations 
Oracle - Oracle of Ammon at Siwa
sacred black stallion - Bucephalas
eye in hand - Eye of Horus
(matricidal) dagger - Alexander’s dagger
shield - Perseus shield
Gordian key - for Gordian knot
We know one another, do we not? - Hank as Alexander
But you have the advantage for I know not who I was - Hank has recovered his memories
Lives that were or were not mine - like Hank’s
The Afghan princess - Roxana of Bactria
The Egyptian Queen - Queen Ada of Meroë
sacred stone circles - Stonehenge
I need your council - Oracle at Siwa confirmed Alexander’s identity
night caravan to live amongst the unintelligible (djinn?) and the scorpions - Alexander’s golden sarcophagus in Alexandria/Arabia?

What did the Oracle do?
1. Did the Oracle banish the N'zeer?
2. Did the Oracle lead Alexander/Hank to stop the N'zeer's return in his conquest to recover the primary trans-dimensional objects?
3. Did the Oracle wipe out Jahan's memory?

I believe somehow Jahan was talking with +Hank Johnson​​​​​, saying they knew each other, had many lives, but he has an advantage because he now remembers after the foiled Shōnin ritual. In other words, Jahan is pretty similar to Hank before he became fully human again.

djinn interpretation thanks to Dave “Poketoa” Daniels

+Edgar Allan Wright​​​​​​ +flint dille​​​​​​ +John Hanke​​​​​​ +Niantic Project​​​​​​ +H. Richard Loeb​​​​​​ +Joe Philley​​​​​​ +Brian Rose​​​​​​ 
A strange recording of Jahan from near #Persepolis has emerged. Who is speaking to? What is she trying to do? These details are as of yet unclear. Her… - Niantic Project - Google+
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Sacred Stone Circles: Shonin
We know one another: Persepolis
Oracle: Helios
Gordian Key: Recursion
Shield: Interitus
I need your council: Darsana
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The First & Foremost

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
Fear sharded him. Do we not owe it to +Stein Lightman​ to listen now?

"Many circumnavigators agree that the most torturous part of the journey is setting out. It is the knowledge of the trials to come and the painful close proximity to loved ones and home, the fact that home at this beginning stage is the furthest point from home once the decision is made to undertake this, the world’s most physically and mentally taxing journey.

One cannot change his mind and return without condemning one’s own life to cowardly shame and humiliation. When one commits to this undertaking, he not only puts his life into the mercurial will of the sea, but his mind is turned over to the mercies and horrors of itself.

It is this latter point that the circumnavigator fears. All the waves and wind in the seven seas contain not the power and horror of the dark corners of the human mind, the fear of life and the inherent lack thereof."

Excerpt from Sea[sic], by Sean Landers, oil on linen, 1995. 
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+Paul Fritschle​ I think Hank's journey is not complete, and that he is meant to confront the 'power and horror of the dark corners of the human mind.'
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Mustafa “MuMu” Said

Who's Who: Characters and their Whereabouts  - 
Amaziah Lachish: Further Thoughts

After my initial thoughts on who exactly this enigmatic is, I began to ponder over what +Hank Johnson had been theorizing about: Prime Trandimentional Objects, or PTOs for short. 

 "I suspect much of this has to do with a struggle for the control of what have been called 'Prime Transdimensional Objects'... original Artifacts capable of true interaction with Exotic Matter... Like the Shōnin Stone. The incomprehensible sophistication of the technology can't be replicated, but the form can. 

They become purely ornamental as the original is lost, forgotten or destroyed: Future generations recreate objects in their likeness, and over time they forget the true power of the original artifact, but they remember that the form is somehow meaningful."                                             -Hank Johnson

Is Lachish a MAGNUS? Could there have been a PTO in the Triangle, one he wanted to either activate or protect?

Could it be possible that the Shapers manipulated me and +Daniel Clague secretly, unwittingly into forming the Prometheans with the idea of protecting whatever lies inside the Triangle? 

If so, what the hell is in there? Why is it so important? Worst of all, if the anti MAGNUS decides to go after whatever could reside there, who will be tasked to confront them in order to protect it? 

A couple of days later, I consulted Clague on his thoughts. He had this to say: 
"Possible artifacts of interest which may have come to reside in the Bridgewater triangle: any artifact used in the pre revolutionary war Era, unknown relics brought in by cultists and any number of objects heretofore unassociated with the region. However a few which have direct connections can be mentioned. t. The thing that sticks out the most for me here Mustafa is the shining trapezohedron. This thing was supposed to be a window on all space and time, a transdimensional object. It could summon the harbinger of the N'Zeer, whom some have called Nyarlathotep.  It's this crazy angled stone from another planet, and was associated with Atlantis and Egypt. 
Archaeologists brought it to providence RI in 1843 and founded a cult that worshipped the N'zeer. It was eventually thrown into Narragansett bay but the darkness down there unleashed it's host, who possessed a Dr. Ambrose Dexter."

Further research led me to the story "The Haunter in the Dark," by H.P Lovecraft. The story speaks of the shining trapezohedron and a cult attempting to utilize its power, known as the Church of Starry Wisdom. The Shining Trapezohedron was discovered in Egyptian ruins, in a box of alien construction, by Professor Enoch Bowen before he returned to Providence in 1844. Members of the Church of Starry Wisdom in Providence would awaken the Haunter of the Dark, an avatar of Nyarlathotep, by gazing into the glowing crystal. Summoned from the black gulfs of chaos, this being could show other worlds, other galaxies, and the secrets of arcane and paradoxical knowledge; but he demanded monstrous sacrifices, hinted at by disfigured skeletons that were later found in the church."

"But don't you see? This isn't a myth. It's a mythic retelling of an actual event. It's just been coded so only the initiated could understand."
-Hank Johnson, the Library surveillance recording. 

Was Lovecraft channeling into something larger than himself through his works, this one in particular? Was the Haunter in the Dark a secret parable talking of the N'zeer and a PTO that could summon them? 

In the name of the investigation, I release this information. I can only hope it serves our journey well. 

A Fish Who Slips the Net:  The Necronomic Researcher claims that his name is Amaziah Lachish.  I do not believe this to be the name he was born with. You get used to that in the illusion business. He keeps talking about cultists serving some master, but there are very few particulars.  I do not think he is withholding, I just don't think he has them.  I never knew the name of the totem god, or whatever it was, that appeared to me at Afram, or Afarm as I said it when I was a kid.  I didn't need to.  Names are ways to place things on a grid.  Nothing about Amaziah Lachish is on any grid.  He is a fish that slips the net.
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Hazel Vizion

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
GHQ: Glyph Hack Quote
Hide Impure Human Thought
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James Thirteen

XM-ology: Exotic and Chaotic Matter  - 
Even more curious. 

Just as the Shonin event had two coronal mass ejections (CME) happen during its time, NASA is now tracking the second related G4 CME to the time frame of the Persepolis event. This will impact our planet this evening.

At 1823 UT (12:23 PM EDT), the active region that produced the event hitting Earth right now erupted again. A long duration x-ray flare reached R2 (Moderate) Radio Blackout levels, as seen in the accompanying GOES Solar X-Ray Imager picture. Thus, users impacted by solar flares and users ...
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James Thirteen

XM-ology: Exotic and Chaotic Matter  - 
What effects are anomalies having to the environment arounds us?

Patterns seem to be emerging with the increasing use of XM on this planet. One such observation we have made is that the past two anomaly events have been followed by a G4 geomagnetic storm event hitting this planet.

During the Shonin event two coronal mass ejections came in contact with the earth's magnetic field and triggered aurorae and causing other more disruptive effects.

And now another category four geomagnetic storm has swept over this planet, just two days after the Persepolis event.

Solar storms happen all the time, but rarely are they pointed in a direction where they impact the earth's magnetic field. And yet here are two such events in less than a year. Could the increasingly active XM exchange across this planet, be attracting solar coronal mass ejections?

Are we beginning to see the early signs of what the effects of a planet covered exotic matter will be?
And do we even know why we are doing this?

A category four geomagnetic storm is sweeping over the Earth today, and while that means all sorts of funky things for power and communications systems, it should also cause some seriously incredible lights in the sky.
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James Thirteen

N'zeer & Space Studies 202  - 
Could this be the message those beyond the portal network are trying to communicate?

Paul Ehrlich and others use conservative estimates to prove that species are disappearing faster than at any time since the dinosaurs' demise.
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Projections vary. The more we do to reduce and attempt to invert our carbon footprint, the better. The NAVY figured out how to create jet fuel from sea water by extracting the necessary ingredients, which is kinda scary if you think about it...
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JT Jutras II

Discussion  - 
As a truth seeker, I have a question...

How does the resistance winning the anomaly ensure that the current leader of the enlightened, or whatever Jahan's title is, will succeed in her mission?!

This doesn't seem to make any sense at all! 

Can someone explain how it works out like this?

If we're fighting this fight, no matter which side you fight for, shouldn't we be fighting towards separate goals.

If the resistance win an anomaly and the enlightened get what they wanted anyway, why resist?
If the resistance winning, gets the enlightened what they wanted anyway, why do they bother to put up a fight? 
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Hazel Vizion

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
Is it possible that both N'Zeers and Shapers are speaking of same outcome but going about the means in different wordings?

Like a bilingual speaker who is saying the same sentence but depending on language chosen, when speaking, will use different words but the end user (listener) will still understand. But a third person who doesn't understand either language will misinterpret the meaning "lost in translation".

NZeers: Create Future Not War
Shapers: Create Future Change Destiny
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There could very well be two meanings to this sequence.

"Create future inside war." (N'Zeer?)
"Create future, not war." (Shapers?)

I seem to remember some work that was done around representing the glyphs as three-dimensional sequences, whereas we only see a two-dimensional calibration grid. Perhaps there are indeed two separate glyphs in play here, and we're only seeing a two-dimensional representation that looks identical to us...
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Hazel Vizion

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
GHQ: Glyph Hack Quote
Struggle Improve Human Soul

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Struggle is inevitable. We live in a world of trials and hardship. It's when we fight back that the struggle improves the soul. If we give up on the struggle we see no improvement. No growth. No strength.
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About this community

Serious investigators dig deeper. Seeking the truth, no matter where it may lead, is our calling. Faction, race, gender, age - none of these things matter here. Share your passion of discovering what is truly happening in the world of XM with fellow investigators, and recruit those who desire to jump down the rabbit hole. This is Operation: Essex.

Yik Sheng Lee

"Sensitives" Studies  - 
More on Calvin and the +Niantic Project

Calvin led +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe​ to believe that he was creating the scanner with resistance frequencies to counteract the Shapers' threat. Oliver tried to explain this to +Devra Bogdanovich​ when she wanted to shut down Oliver because she was extremely concerned with exposing everyone to massive XM.

But then, with more leaks, especially the unknown letter which was most likely addressed to Calvin from Oliver, we now know that the scanner developed by Oliver was part of Calvin's hidden agenda to bring back the N'zeer. It was not about saving humanity.

Nevertheless, like +Hank Johnson​ and Devra have said many times, we must always be wary of external forces wanting to come into our universe without explaining clearly what their intentions are, be it Shapers or N'zeer. Especially when it concerns our fate as a human race and species.

Even more so we must be alert of the conspiracies by the likes of Calvin, +A Detection Algorithm​, Jahan, Smith and the Anti-Magnus who have shown that they are more than willing to manipulate and sacrifice anyone and at any cost to achieve their goals without our consent. 

+Edgar Allan Wright+flint dille+Thomas Greanias+H. Richard Loeb​
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+Bill Robitske​ I recently reread the docs and novels. There is no definitive proof for any one puppet-master. And there's enough misses for it all to be a tangled fraked-up mess, with all partly to blame for one piece or another.

Ever seen 'What's Up Doc?'

If not watch what a crazy mess can happen when small fluctuations in the initial boundary conditions occur. A butterfly creates a maelstrom.
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Yik Sheng Lee

History & Literature  - 
Ancient Wars and Primary Trans-Dimensional Artifacts

The city was besieged by Alexander the Great in 334 BCE (the famous Siege of Halicarnassos) where he almost suffered defeat (it would have been his only one) but, at the last minute, his infantry broke the walls and burned the Persian ships. The Persian commander, Memnon of Rhodes, realizing the city was lost, set fire to it and fled. The fire consumed most of the city. Alexander set his ally, Ada of Caria, to rule Halcarnassos and she, in turn, formally adopted him as her son so that his blood-line would always reign in the city he had taken from the Persians.

Some records mentioned Alexander using some kind of innovative incendiary weapons to breach the walls. Was his infantry using some form of dark XM explosives?

Did the Persians burn the city to prevent Alexander from getting the primary trans-dimensional objects?

When +Klue S.​​​​ told +H. Richard Loeb​​​​ that Ada of Caria gave Alexander another glyph sequence, a more permanent one, was that taken from the mausoleum which the Anti-Magnus tried to stop Alexander from getting hold of, but was betrayed by Ada? Or was Ada doing what Jahan did to +Hank Johnson​​​​, using Alexander to bring it to Persepolis?

Did the Dorians bring the primary artefacts to Halicarnassus and a mausoleum was built to contain or hide it? Is this what +November Lima​​​​ is trying to replicate until their recent mishap causing their personnel to be exposed to massive XM?

Were the Persian influenced by the Anti-Magnus to invade and destroy the Greeks in order to wrest control of the primary trans-dimensional artifacts, which gave rise to Greek civilisation, culminating in the destruction of Athens?

+Edgar Allan Wright​​​ +Thomas Greanias​​​ +flint dille​​​
Halicarnassos (modern Bodrum, Turkey) was an ancient Ionian Greek city of Caria, located on the Gulf of Cerameicus in Anatolia. According to tradition it was founded by Dorian Greeks of the Peloponnese...
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+The First & Foremost​, +Hank Johnson​ has never kept it a secret that he was serving two masters while he was at Congo. This was out in the open since +Thomas Greanias​' work. He was at Peshawar because of Calvin and Calvin together with lieutenant Montgomery were watching him. Don't be mistaken about the identify of the lieutenant and the general. They are two different Montgomerys. 
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Edgar Allan Wright

Discussion  - 
Watched Behind the Scanner.  First order of business today is to reserve a copy of Tycho's graphic novel. From all indications, we're about to learn the truth about the Niantic Project, and that will explain much of what followed.  Looking for Hank Johnson to confirm the imagery on the first panels that have leaked.  

I have a suspicion that the events of Persepolis are the final phase of the plan that began at the Peshawar or before.  

Still unnerved by the appearance of Devra. She's out there. In the portals.  I hope she contacts me.
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Yik Sheng Lee

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
A New Glyph?

Is that a glyph on the wall just behind +Hank Johnson's shoulder or is it merely a graffiti? 

Also, when Hank touched +Devra Bogdanovich, there is double imagery of him. Reminds me of Hank's diary in Germany when he found out he was a simulacrum.   

+Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille +Thomas Greanias +Niantic Project +John Hanke +Joe Philley +H. Richard Loeb 
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Crop circles?
Nazca Lines?
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Jeffrey Hueseman

N'zeer & Space Studies 202  - 
'Pyramid' spotted towering over the surface of Ceres.

Download Drudge Report(@drudgereportapp) from Google Play Store
Nasa scientists in California revealed images from the Dawn spacecraft; One shows a mountain the size of Mont Blanc in a relatively flat area; The formation and origin of the mountain remains a mystery; And images of the bizarre bright spots on the surface were also shown ...
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Potentially another portal site. You should be the first to submit an off world portal.
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Mike Wissinger

Cryptic Messages  - 
Overlooked data in the +Verum Inveniri​ leaks leading up to Persepolis' finale reveals information about more than just Volatile Portals:



Given the postmark dates this appears to be a conversation between 2 agents in 1975. Upsilon iota would be Latin for VI, no? This could be VI's origin if they split off an older institution or are still some insulated subset of a larger entity.

While VI has not been directly linked to any of the individuals under watch by Essex investigators their access to scanner passcodes and accurate prediction of volatile portals make their connections to the XM research community indisputable.
Persepolis may be over, but the recap and explanation about the Postcards is here to stay!

+Jack Truong walks you through Postcard #1 -> #10
In the hours leading up to Persepolis 03/04/05, Verum Inveniri made a post on G+ asking for agent representatives from each faction to received critical intel. Agents @SQL from the Enlightened and ...
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The images in the stamps were clues that ended up being portals in the clusters.
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Gab Android

Art Appreciation - Visual Arts, Music & Film  - 
Keep in mind that XM is tripolar.

Gab Android
shaped - a remix
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XM (Exotic Matter)

A rare and powerful form of tri-polar energy leaking into our universe from another dimension.
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James Thirteen

XM-ology: Exotic and Chaotic Matter  - 
What if Exotic Matter is similar in nature to Neutrinos?

The OPERA (Oscillation Project with theEmulsion-tRacking Apparatus) experiment at CERN has reported the detection of the fifth occurrence of a tau neutrino, confirming for the first time its existence.

There are three types or "flavours" of neutrinos that exist in nature: the electron neutrino, the muon neutrino and the tau neutrino. We know neutrinos are capable of changing from one flavour into another. This phenomenon, called “oscillation”, occurs as neutrinos travel long distances through matter.

What if Positive XM and Dark XM are not separate particles but different states of the same particle that have changed in the same manner? 

As XM particles move in and out of the portal network the distances traveled through space time could give rise to the oscillation effect we see creating the two flavours of XM. It would account for the overabundance of Positive XM and the extreme rarity of Dark XM we see across the surface of our planet. Also it would be more evidence of the level of interconnectedness of the portals beyond what we see in the intel map. A possible reason why the portal virus spread as quickly and completely as it did.

What else would this mean if Positive XM and Dark XM are just two states of the same particle that are separated by the distances they have traveled? 

The OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus) experiment at the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) at Gran Sasso in Italy has detected the fifth occurrence of a tau neutrino in the muon-neutrino beam from CERN. A particle that left CERN as a muon neutrino underwent "oscillation" during its 730-kilometre journey to Gran Sasso, arriving as a tau neutrino.
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