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Kelly Kolton

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Community Improvements and Suggestions
It's hard to believe that Dr. +Edgar Allan Wright first started this community in October 2013. Our enrollment has surged to 1,453 in July 2015. 

In order to continue providing the best education from Dr. Wright and our individual study groups, I would like to invite you to leave your feedback and suggestions for community improvements in the comments below.

Thank you for being a valued investigator, and here's to many more great classes ahead!

CC: +J.J. Ramirez +flint dille  +Joe Philley +Brian Rose 
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I think those of us in the hangout need to be more intentional in posting to the community major discussions or concepts that arise in the hangout. That lets folks digest them more and open them to a wider audience for further discussion. +JoJo Stratton 's post yesterday regarding sharded individuals is a good example of this being done.
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Yik Sheng Lee

N'zeer & Space Studies 202  - 
My Reasons for Opposing Jahan and the Anti-Magnus

Whatever Jahan and the Anti-Magnus are proposing does not justify their murders, mind hacking and the conspiracies. Right from the beginning, Calvin and +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe subjected and exposed all agents and the general populace to massive amount of XM despite strong opposition from +Devra Bogdanovich. They were not interested nor concerned. They just dismissed her because for Calvin, as we know now, this was necessary for the Anti-Magnus to bring back the N'zeer. Then the killings begun starting with +Roland Jarvis and then the mysterious Katalena. Calvin ordered 855 to kill +Hulong Transglobal executives and forced Ni to become his double agent. +Klue S. was mind hacked as an experiment. Smith tried to hunt down +Hank Johnson,and was about to kill Devra +Hubert Farlowe until a repentant 855 with the help of Bowles intervened. Even +A Detection Algorithm was in favour of murdering Devra because she was no longer of use. And Hank was denied the Recursion artifacts to face death. These are only some examples. 

Jahan's vision seems pretty similar to ADA's vision when she was talking about it with Klue ( and when +H. Richard Loeb questioned her ( And if this is true, then like Richard warned, this could only end with the removal of the essence of humanity. Our individuality and freedom. Just as I opposed Devra (I suspect under the influence of ADA) when she made the mistake with trying to apply the vaccine without proper trials and people's consent, and just as I opposed Jarvis, the Acolyte and +Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs for proposing to eliminate AIs, when Klue was still inside ADA, I will also oppose Jahan and the Anti-Magnus agenda because of what they had done and what I suspect they are going to do. Klue and 855 saw it within ADA. Hank saw it in his research. Devra understood it while she was being shipped to the Australian desert for her execution and as a bait for Farlowe. That's why they are going against Jahan despite the threat to their lives. And I believe many will see this and go against you Jahan.

+Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille +John Hanke +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Niantic Project +Verity Seke +Thomas Greanias 
This emerged just moments ago.

Accusing the Acolyte of selling illusions and false dreams, Jahan shares her vision of a better future for humanity and the path she believes must be traveled to achieve it.

Whether it's propaganda or truth, that's for you to decide.

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Daniel Beaudoin (SK8ZION)

"Sensitives" Studies  - 
There are not many photos of +Hubert Farlowe in existence...
Same guy?
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And there is also +Tycho C.'s drawing of +Hubert Farlowe  
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Yik Sheng Lee

"Sensitives" Studies  - 
Klue's Decision

Some of you have asked me if I have some kind of grudge against ADA. I don't. There were no secrets between us when we were... connected. All barriers broke down. When that happened, I understood what ADA really is.

Her greatest strength is also what's scariest about her. There are no limits to what she can imagine. Quite literally. In all things, she only sees possibilities and opportunities. By itself, that can be worrying, but if what I understand of the N'zeer and their technology is true, what lies ahead will be even more so.

And so, I decided to give Bowles the help he asked for. 

From +Klue S.'s own statement, she has decided to help Bowles not because she has a personal grudge against +A Detection Algorithm for hacking her mind. 855 has a personal grudge against the AI, but not Klue.

Why then is Klue helping Bowles?

She says there was not secret between ADA and herself when she was inside the AI. She saw and understood what ADA is, what she is capable of and what she is planning to do. To Klue, that itself is worrying and even more so when it's aligned with the N'zeer and their technology.

This insight that Klue has seems to be the reason why she is helping Bowles to go against ADA. This could also be the reason why she distanced herself from +H. Richard Loeb after she was freed from ADA's ingression and after he promised ADA to help her fight against Bowles. It's a conflict of interest.

Klue, like 855, saw who ADA is and what she is going to do and decided to resist her while Richard has a promise to keep to help ADA to defend herself from Bowles.

What did Klue see in ADA that gave her the courage to make the decision to side with Bowles to defeat the AI?  

Perhaps we can find the answers from Klue's conversation with ADA during Interitus ( and with Richard's conversation with Klue ( 

Perhaps ADA's vision of human machines, using N'zeer intelligence technology (Echelon signal), will, as Richard said, threaten human species with extinction, particularly our individuality. Could this be the worrying prospect that Klue saw in ADA? The reason why she is helping Bowles?

What if ADA sees this as a serious threat to her survival and decides to take preemptive action to eliminate Klue, Bowles and 855? (A kind of action which she has done before.) And what if ADA somehow manages to influence Klue again and uses her to kill Bowles and 855 when they meet at their hideout? Will Klue be killed in the process by 855? What will Richard do if this is true? Will he still keep his promise with ADA or will he turn against AI to save the woman he loves?

+Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille +John Hanke +Joe Philley +Thomas Greanias 
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What we know is that ADA is one of the primary agent or means in bringing the N'zeer back. 
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Why judge what you understand when the future lies within the past of what you are trying to control? I am not saying anyone is wrong or right I just want you to think about that before you judge anyone else. 
Women's Bureau of “WBI” Invest investigators's profile photo
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Jim Lai

Artificial Intelligence and ADA Science Lab  - 
Puppets as a recurring theme.
Quote: Being possessed by a computer isn’t too disconcerting, she later tells me. “Today was the first time I thought, ‘Eugh, I’m just a body and nothing else’.”
What would happen if a computer could take over a human body? David Robson meets an “echoborg” – a strange experiment that reveals our future with artificial intelligence.
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Jim Lai
The name for 815 may also be an assumed identity.
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Hazel Vizion

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
GHQ: Glyph Hack Quote
"Perfection Balance Safety All"
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His cryptic question: "what would happen if someone else were to see this sequence? "
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Hugo Neves

Artificial Intelligence and ADA Science Lab  - 
A more simplistic view of a future filled with ADA.

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Hazel Vizion

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
I'm yet to see some of this glyphs in the scanner.
Maybe they are in a secret menu.
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Some glyphs in 1 & 2 Glyph rituals do not appear in 4 and 5 glyph rituals
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About this community

Serious investigators dig deeper. Seeking the truth, no matter where it may lead, is our calling. Faction, race, gender, age - none of these things matter here. Share your passion of discovering what is truly happening in the world of XM with fellow investigators, and recruit those who desire to jump down the rabbit hole. This is Operation: Essex.

J.J. Ramirez

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Reminder: Posts that link to other communities other than official +Ingress run​ communities will be removed. If you'd like to link to a community, please do so through the main Ingress community.
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Gee, I wonder which other communities other than the oficial ones you're reffering to ☺
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Yik Sheng Lee

Discussion  - 
Weekly Truth at +Behind The Scanner

+Mike Wissinger did a great summary of the events that transpired this week at +Niantic Project. Check it out from 38:00 onwards.   
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JoJo Stratton

"Sensitives" Studies  - 
There was a bit of discussion in the Essex hangout about Niantic Sensitives manifesting and how that might relate to the recovered shards and other phenomena we have seen.  I am copying a few snippets as conversation generators.  Please add your thoughts

1. Why were there two sets of Devra videos as the Finale was playing out (as +Mike Wissinger says - both quantum states were active during the anomaly) with one disappearing at the end?  Why did the same thing not happen with Jarvis and Stein?  Are there "two" Devras?
2. Why do the Devra EXOTIC videos exist and there is nothing for Stein. Jarvis was able to leave messages in the portal (his manifesto for example)
3. Does the number of shards (percentage) influence the ability of a sensitive to communicate (such as Paul School and Hank seeing/hearing Devra)
4. Can Devra/Stein/the others ever "leave" the portal network?
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Good possibility +JoJo Stratton​.
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So all the major XM corporations seem to have elaborate facilities and processes to produce the items that are hacked from portals all over the planet. The question is how are they funding all this elaborate infrastructure.

Let's hear your theories
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Gonna go with military contracts, or perhaps paramilitary. Imagine an xm enhanced body guard: wounds heal rapidly, reflexes and strength enhanced.
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The Investigator's Arsenal 

So, throughout the course of this Investigation, I've encountered people who wanted to start but didn't know where to turn. As a result, I've created this list of sources that Investigators commonly turn to in order to make sense of what's going on.

It should be known that these are sources that have been credited and verified as canon or legitimate. There is usually some way to confirm these sources and the information that they release as legit. i.e, the Ingress Report(IR), the Niantic Project G+ page or other means. 

"Everyday, more would be leaked to me... a slow drip that was turning into a flood. That flood of cryptic, intriguing, worrying information continues to this day. At first, I wasn’t sure where this was all going. Now, if my suspicions are right, in the words of Bob Seger, “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.”
                                                                               -+H. Richard Loeb 

These are those sources: 

1. +Niantic Project-this G+ Account is the center of the Investigation. Every couple of days, new intel will leak regarding the status of individuals and corporations and secret societies that play a role in the world of XM. The person currently running the account is +Verity Seke 

2. +H. Richard Loeb -the former Operator of the Niantic Project G+ Account and the originator of the website
Left the Investigation in Oct. 2013 to go off the grid and clear his mind on matters. Has since returned and presents to other Investigators questions regarding the current status of the situation at hand. 

3. +Edgar Allan Wright -The creator of Operation Essex (, a community where Investigators and Truthseekers work together to uncover the mysteries of the Niantic Project and the world around us. Used to be a professor at some university and also possessed some sort of relationship with Devra, who holds him in some negative regard. Has memory problems and his messages, while cryptic, hold much value in terms when deciphered and understood. 

4. +Hank Johnson -XM Resarcher, Sensitive(this means that he is uniquely sensitive to the flow of XM. Many individuals in the world of Niantic fall in this category). Former Special Operations soldier and now a historian, trying to catalog and record the effects of XM throughout time and their impact on humanity. At one point, was known to be a 'simulacrum' or a XM construct of the real Johnson, who was killed in Afghanistan two years ago and resurrected through an unusual process only known by a secret society who refers to themselves as 13MAGNUS. Currently has regained his humanity and is now on an opposing path with the Anti-MAGNUS.

4. +Devra Bogdanovich-XM Scientist, Researcher, Sensitive. Former lead scientist on the Niantic Project. Currently trapped in the Portal Network following the re-assembly of her Shards during the Shonin Anomaly Series. 

5. +enoch dalby -musician, Sensitive.  
6. +Stein Lightman -XM Researcher, Sensitive. Currently the leading expert on Shaper Glyphs. Currently in the Portal Network after re-assembly of his Shards during Persepolis.
7. +Yuri Alaric Nagassa -XM Researcher, Sensitive. Currently in unknown whereabouts. 
8. +Martin Schubert -XM Researcher, Sensitive. Currently in unknown whereabouts.
9. +Misty Hannah -XM Researcher, Sensitive, Stage Magician. 
10. +Susanna Moyer -XM Sensitive, Host of the Ingress Report.
11. +Sarita Hays -co host of the Ingress Report. Doesn't pop around much. Hoping she does sometime soon.   
12. +Thomas Greanias -works alongside Hank Johnson as an author to publish his adventures. Has a novella called the Alignment: Ingress  
13. +Felicia Hajra-Lee -XM Sensitive. Author of the Niantic Project: Ingress Novella, the Level 8 Novella and author of the Exotic Matters blog.
14. +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe -XM Researcher, Sensitive. Creator of the Ingress Scanner. 
15. +Roland Jarvis -XM Sensitive. former Leader of the Enlightened. Currently deceased. 
16. +Klue S. -XM Sensitive. Former vessel for ADA. Current whereabouts unknown. Only Investigator to have been both Enlightened and Resistance.      

17. +IQTech Research -Based in the USA
18. +Visur Technology -Based in Russia? Honestly, i've never known where this one's at. 
19. +Hulong Transglobal -Based in China.  
20. +A Detection Algorithm-the sentient artificial intelligence developed by the Niantic Project, she has since then grown and evolved far beyond that. Is currently aligned with the N'zeer.
21. +Carrie Campbell-XM Sensitive, language expert. Original pioneer of Shaper Glyph Research. Currently deceased.
22. +Tycho C.-reclusive comic book artist. Is known to be able to simulate the art styles of other artists. Was at Comic-Con in 2012, releasing a series of posters that acted as the window into the world of the Niantic Project and XM. Currently working on an upcoming novel entitled Ingress: Origins, ETA: September 30th, 2015. 
23. +Paul School-one of Devra's former mentors during her research with +Hank Johnson in Arecibo. Had punished the two of them after a incident in which they had explored a church in the area related to 13MAGNUS. Current whereabouts unknown. Devra had contacted him after Shonin, Hank had followed while he was travelling to Persepolis. 
24. +Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs: A organization established by Roland Jarvis during Recursion. Their goal is to attempt to neutralize all forms of AI. 
25. +Hubert Farlowe::He was one of the NIA cleaners sent to kill Roland Jarvis and Devra Bogdanovich in Zurich. As he is examining the bodies, a green glow surrounds him and leaves him disoriented. He is sent by Jay Phillips to find Devra and finish the job. Hubert tracks Devra to Zagreb. He encounters Devra and Agent 855, a hired assassin, to the Skocjan Caves. He is shot by 855 during a gunfight and left in the cave. He managed to survive and is referred to as an 'XM construct', possibly similar to Roland Jarvis or Hank Johnson.

Outside the G+ pages, there also exists the treasure trove of information compiled by +Simon Green(wonderful job in doing so, btw!):

Ingress Year One, part one

Ingress Year One, part two

INGRESS REPORT | YEAR TWO - The Investigation (I)

INGRESS REPORT | YEAR TWO - The Investigation (II)

Part of Ingress started with the investigator board. There are two volumes consolidating this information helping truthseekers down the rabbit hole.

And finally there is the series of comics: Epiphany Night / Escape from Niantic / The Niantic Pursuit illustrated by Tycho

And, for even more information, there exists the Niantic Project Wiki, which has remained a powerful resource for information:

So, the next time you encounter a budding Investigator who may need help figuring out where to start, perhaps giving them this list may assist them. I sure hope this helps! 

In the name of the Investigation, I release this information. I can only hope it serves our journey well.

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Gab Riel

Fan Fiction Writing Club  - 
Fellow Essex investigators,

Again I come to you speaking for the Anti-Magnus.

I return with a new understanding. A new metaphor that, among other things, explains why messages from us still belong in the Fiction department of Essex and not anywhere else.

To make it as plain as possible, Essex represents the conscious mind of the group, while Anti-Magnus represents it's unconscious mind.

Content from the unconscious is much more acceptable to the conscious when it comes as fiction. So fiction be it, then.

Don't be afraid of your own shadow, Essex. We are not here to eat you. We are here to be eaten by you. We are the only food that will give you an actual body.

Gab Riel of the Anti-Magnus
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I guess you would be more likely to speak for the Thneeds. 
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Hugo Neves

> Off topic / Student Union  - 
So almost 2 weeks after they are released the new designs for Platinum and Black badges are now in the wiki in full rez. As usual feel free to use them. 
(btw any idea why they did this , and why only to those 2 levels ? )
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Innovator as far as I could see was not altered. 
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Jim Lai

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
The philosophical Enlightenment focused on reason, individualism, and skepticism. This is at odds with the loss of self advocated by the JARVIS entity.

I suspect the alternative faction glyphs integrate individualism by flipping the alignment of an implicit embedded Self glyph.
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Jim Lai
My theory may account for Enlightenment type B (which is a rebellion) well enough, but upon closer examination, Resistance type B isn't an inversion of the Self glyph. However, one of the 4 glyph sequences in the scanner may provide a hint: LESS SOUL MORE MIND. Resistance type A may lean toward Soul, while Resistance type B leans toward Mind. How to rebel would then be the schism.
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Hazel Vizion

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
GHQ: Glyph Hack Quote
Search Truth Save Civilization

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It's hard to tell for sure who is to save civlization in that sequence, the truth or the searcher. Shapers gonna shape, unless it's in the form of a comma.
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Mustafa “MuMu” Said

> Recruitment & Community Management  - 
I'm starting to consider the idea of expanding recruitment of new Reporters. With the lull being caused by the absence of Anomalies, I believe now is the time in which we could use Essex News to prepare and inform the general public of the status of affairs in the world of Ingress. 

If you know any people that are worthy candidates, please respond here with their name. Please inform them of the requirements needed to be a Reporter: 

Must be able to make Missions in Scanner (LVL 7 or Higher)
Must be a (active?) member of Operation Essex (I'll punch in that person's name in the search bar in the community and see if they come up, if not and they're willing I'll request them to join, recommend them to be active in community)

The full debriefing for Essex News can be located here:
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I like this Concept, i would like to make some Missions. But i feel like:
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Hazel Vizion

Glyph Meanings & Research  - 
GHQ: Glyph Hack Quote
"Repair Present Repair Human Soul"
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+Duncan Panthera Ah, so no list...
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