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The Redacted Report: Analysis

On December 31st, 2017, the first part of the Central Omnilytics document known as the "Redacted Report" appeared in the hands of +H. Richard Loeb, who graciously shared both it and the subsequent parts of the document publicly to the larger Investigative Community, including Operation Essex.

There are, as of the writing of this post, 62 redacted portions or fragment that Central has decided must remain only visible for the eyes of Shaw Henson and +Hank Johnson.

I have decided to launch an inquiry to unravel as much of those redactions as possible. The album listed below contains all of the pieces of the Report, organized in order of release.

If you would like to help, please comment below with the redaction number, your idea of what goes into it and why you believe in the choice you made. I will add yours to the growing list. Please be patient when it comes to me adding people; I'm going to be starting school soon and my new job isn't all that time-friendly so it might take a while-or a lot longer-to add you. I will do whatever I can to make sure additions are added in a timely manner.

I should also point out, on Jan, 3rd 2018, that PAC shared something from +Edgar Allan Wright: The Agents who can fill in the most blanks will have a chance to prove themselves and be rewarded.....


Have added in answers from Investigator +Melissa. Answers from +Laura Katajan and Mara Katajanira as well as +Jozef Zubricky are going to be added in later this week.

And with that, here is the Central Omnilytics Redacted Report:

1. *My Take: The EXO5 Anomaly Melissa's Take: Murders
2. ? Melissa's Take: Ben Jackland
3. ? Melissa's Take: The mysterious death of Ken Owen
4. ? Melissa's Take: The Niantic Project
5. My Take: Ingress
6. My Take: Epiphany Night
7. My Take: Twyla Klippe(Acolyte)
8. ? Melissa's Take: The Ingress Report
9. ?
10. Guess: Whydah, Marie Celeste? Melissa's Take: Exotic Matter and Remote Viewing
11. My Take: after shipwrecks
12. ? Melissa's Take: Was a Sensitive
13. ?
14. ? Melissa's Take: Subverted
15. ?
16. My Take: Motive
17. My Take: The attacks on Calvin and Phillips Melissa's Take: Ezekiel Calvin's Death
18. ?
19. ?
20. ? Melissa's Take: Dr. Devra Bogdanovich in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
21. Guess: ADA?
22. Guess: Acolyte? Melissa's Take: accepting the position of NIA Director
23. ?
24. ?
25. ?
26. ?
27. My Take: Exo-Precurors Melissa's Take: Ancient Artifacts
28. ? Melissa's Take: A Detection Algorithm
29. ?
30. ?
31. ? Melissa's Take: Jarvis
32. ? Melissa's Take: NL-1331
33. ?
34. ?
35. *My Take: ADA Backdoor Access
36. ? Melissa's Take: Dialtone
37. ?
38. ?
39. ?
40. ?
41. ?
42. ?
43. ? Melissa's Take: DARPA(maybe)
44. ?
45. ? Melissa's Take: an accessory to
46. ?
47. ?
48. ?
49. ?
50. ? Melissa's Take: Epiphany Night
51. My Take: The November Lima Program
52. ? Melissa's Take: Transport Roland Jarvis' body
53. ?
54. ?
55. ?
56. ?
57. ?
58. ?
59. ? Melissa's Take: NIA Archives
60. ?
61. ?
62. ?
64. ? Melissa's Take: a threat to Loeb
67. ? Melissa's Take: Death of Roland Jarvis and Twyla Klippe
68. ? *Melissa's Take: deliberate
69. ? Melissa's Take: Recursion
73. ? Melissa's Take: Omnivore or Verity Seke(though not 100% sure)
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Lightman's Glyph

You needn’t think I’m crazy, my friend. But I have to tell you this story. I’m lucky to be sane at all, intact in the body, mind and soul. Why don't you sit down with me and lean back while I tell you everything?

It takes profound art and profound insight into glyphs to turn out stuff like Lightman's. I’ve tried to follow his genius with Glyph Autopsy[1] for a period of time, slowly descending the steps of the rabbit hole. Although we never corresponded, it seemed that he was leading me by the hand to recognize the true anatomy of the glyphs. My friend, if I had known what awaited me at the end of this journey, I would have recoiled in fear.

You know, beyond logic lies truth[2]. This truth, the most beautiful of all, can be terrifying and haunting in its pure clarity. Believe me, Lightman's genius faced me to my own dragon. I was willing to follow him to the darkest power spots[3] and to the most perfectly and well designed grid[4]. He showed me the connection between sacred geometry and RPE[5]. But I was blind to the true beauty of horror.

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell[6]. So I gathered all my remaining courage and went on in search of the one beautiful gruesome truth. And every single glyph pushed me further down to hell.

And here my friend, the story is getting weird. Lightman, the profound glyph expert, showed his true unscrupulous grimace of his two heads. Please do not get me wrong. I do not want to accuse or even judge him. But often genius and madness are very close together. It is my believe that he worked for Hulong to develop and implement “The Translator”, a tracking tool awarding unsuspecting agents for perfect glyph hacks[7]. Was he aware about possible side effects of Chaotic Matter bringing nightmares of serpents like Quetzalcoatl, Jörmungandr and Ouroboros?

I was getting sceptical about his and the other researcher’s knowledge about alchemy, ultima materia in their search for lapis philosophorum. I hold my breath. Had not I also become an accomplice in my enthusiasm and carefreeness? Please, my friend, do not condemn me too for euphorically following the light of knowledge.

As above so below. With that formula Lightman directed me through the time. There's no beginning and there's no end. So if you walk in a circle my friend you'll end up at that point where you started your journey. And that's the point of no return. The never ending cycle of Ouroboros.

I hold my breath again for what i’ve seen. The glyph of a six-pointed star burned into my eyes[8]. The glittering star of darkness cast its menacing shadow over my mind. Had Hank Johnson seen the same symbol of beauty and horror in the library of Miskatonic University[9]? But where he backed away from the darkness of horror, I went on, unable to stop.

Oh Lightman, why did I follow you? The subsequent events and research catapulted me through space and time far back into the past. In a hidden and unnamed library I found the breadcrumb I was searching for. I picked up the book and read the title on the cover. Clavicula Salomonis[10]. My hair on the back of my neck bristled and with trembling fingers I reluctantly opened the book, still inquisitive; Uricus.

My friend, as far as I know, we as mortal beings have only limited access. Once when King Solomon got the knowledge of the world, he got the key to subdue the demons of the earth and to benefit from their knowledge. And Uricus or Oriens was one of the four most powerful ones. Many abilities are attributed to Oriens such as giving vast amounts of wealth to the magician in the forms of silver and gold, answering questions of the past, present, and future, giving visions, giving power to fly, excellent in providing familiar spirits, conjuring men to assist the magician, and reviving the dead.

I hold it in my hands, the glyph of immortality, endless time and undead living[11]. And then I realized that I was never the one that brought light into darkness. My friend, I myself was the doomed darkness that devours every light.


Many thanks and credit for Ideas/Help/Editing to +Ishira Tsubasa+Philipp J. Bock+Alastair Gilfillan​ and +Sascha W.

+Edgar Allan Wright
+H. Richard Loeb
+Stein Lightman
+Hank Johnson
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Call for Participants for an Online Essex Remote Participation Game Session

This session is going to be on this coming weekend, Saturday January 20. +Kosh TheRipper is running this session, with character creation starting at 1600EST and session time at 1700EST!

Further secrets become revealed...

I am actively seeking contacts who are experienced with the Roll20 platform and would be willing to share that knowledge with me.

We will be using all of the released rules for this session.

If you would like take part, message me directly on Telegram at my agent handle. We do transcribe these sessions and make the read through available for public consumption after we're complete.

Looking forward to having you there!

To get some things out there in the open before the session goes live:

1) We host these on Telegram
2) These are entirely online.
3) Telegram grants us the ability to use a dice bot, so you won't need physical dice!
4) We keep these sessions PG-13
5) Prepare to devote at least 3 hours to us.
6) We do not allow, nor do we encourage use of the Ingress main characters within these sessions. [ This is so that there are no further confusions with characters and we can have a fresh start with every session ]
And the most important bit
7) Be prepared to have a good time!

It's up to the Patron running this session if we're going to streak the session on Twitch. :)

+Edgar Allan Wright​​ +Flint Dille +John Hanke​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +Ethan Lepouttre​​​​​​​ +Andrew Krug​​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​​​​​​​​​ +Chiplander​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +H. Richard Loeb

#EssexRPE #IngressRPE #UmbraInteritus #ViaObscuraIsReal

We have complied an ever growing Essex Open Rules supplement to complement the rules that we were able to recover from Navarro.
You can read this document here, as it was written by myself and +Mario Valenzuela II

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"Emotions are not innately programmed into our brains, but, in fact, are cognitive states resulting from the gathering of information."

Do the high class AIs like +A Detection Algorithm have their emotions?
It's possible for her to have emotions
as she can require huge imformations about everythings .

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+H. Richard Loeb, would you say that some of the techniques described in this talk were used with +A Detection Algorithm?

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Sometimes in the Essex chat, we can have some of the craziest discussions and at other times they go really deep. This particular time it was a discussion of free will and whether AI's have it.
So do AI's, in particular, ADA, have free will? Did she chose to be a 'she' and did she chose her name?
In trying to figure this out, +Ishira Tsubasa​ and I, both, ran across two separate documents that answer this question differently.
In the first document(found in Niantic Files Vol 1), it suggests that ADA's name and gender were chosen for her by Henry Bowles before he managed to get +H. Richard Loeb​ on board at Niantic. While in the second picture(also found in Vol 1) suggests that ADA chose her name and gender during her Turing test with +H. Richard Loeb
So a couple questions arise from this.
Why did Bowles and Calvin act surprised by +A Detection Algorithm​'s choice in name and gender?
Or were they more surprised that ADA passed the Turing test so easily?
Did +H. Richard Loeb learn that he had been played and this is, in part, what led him to become PA Chapeau?

What do you think?

+Edgar Allan Wright
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Many possible connections to the Niantic Project, is worth a look. Read that, then check out, where there seem to be many links to 13Magnus and more.

There is also, a couple of difficult puzzles and barriers but its worth it.


Wrote down the script of the redacted report here, hope this could help non-English-speaking investigators.

Subject: centralOmnilytics Investigation into the Murders of Dr. Ezekiel Calvin, IQTech Research and Jay Phillips, Acting Head, National Intelligence Agency.

This report was compiled for Hank Johnson, current Director of the National Intelligence Agency and Shaw Henson, Executive Branch Interface to the National Intelligence Agency and Undersecretary tasked with XM Threat/Opportunity assessment.


The purpose of this document is to elucidate on the suspects, circumstances and context of the murders as they
relate to the Niantic Project of 2012, the (__001__) of December 2017 -- two events we find to be inextricably linked -- and that which transpired between. The urgency of this report is heightened by revelations about
(__002__) and what appears to be the involvement of principles in the Events of 2012 and the theft of vital Niantic technological assets.

As parallel investigations are being carried out by both the FBI and the Capital Police, we are not addressing forensic aspects of this case beyond the prima facie facts: On (_______), a bomb exploded at an NIA 'Safe House' facility near Washington D.C. and the two known fatalities were the above mentioned Calvin and Phillips. This was preceded by (__________003_________).

This report is concerned with the causes of these murders and the complex interrelationship of the suspects in this case, especially as to how they interface with (__004__), the 'Game' (__005__) and what we have learned from the interaction of the suspects at what is known as an 'Anomaly' in San Francisco.

As it is believed that the motivations of many of the persons of interest in this case date directly back to what was code-named (__006__), this report will extensively examine that event -- especially, the murders of Roland Jarvis and a woman we now to be (__007__) at the Zurich Hauptbahnhof, Switzerland.

We have reviewed a number of sources during the course of this research, including the following:
The 'Ingress: Origins Graphic Novel' by Tycho.
The Niantic Project files (Volumes 1-4 ).
Felicia Hajra-Lee's The Niantic Project: Ingress.
The Alignment: Ingress by Thomas Greanias.
An unproduced screenplay by Andy Nominus (An obvious pen name for an unknown producer).
Recent and archival activity at,, and associated social media channels.
The Communications and Activities of various ad-hoc investigative groups such as the elite 'Essex' group and some others.
Humint obtained on the ground during EX05.
Additional resoutces provided by the (__008__)
http://bit.Iy/alignmentingress,, , +HRichardLoeb, +NianticProject

Persons Of Interest To This Report

The Victims:
Dr. Ezeknel Calvin: Calvin had a long Career as a Scientist, Bureaucrat, Researcher, Corporate Executive and Spy. As one eulogy said: 'his heart was in the research and everything else was to facilitate the research.', Suffice to say that Calvin cycled i and out of the (__009__) complex for his entire career. He lead Think Tanks on fringe topics such as (__________010_________).

His projects tended to be named (__________011_________). He recruited Misty Hannah when he discovered that she (__012__)and was possibly in contact with (__013__) as well prior to her death.

He was the personal glue that held all of the Niantic Researchers together. He was a scientist and headed IQTech at his death, but his control was being (__014__) .

Jay Phillips: We have put little focus on Jay Phillips, believing him to be a secondary target in the murders. We will update if this changes. In short strokes, and relevant to this report, Phillips was acting head of the National Intelligence Agency, which was significantly downsized (__015__) . He was head of security at The Niantic Project at CERN and was one of the two shooters at the Zurich Train Station, killing Roland Jarvis and Twyla Klippe. The other shooter was an NIA Operative known as Hubert Farlowe.

Ken Owen: P. R. Fiak for the National Intelligence Agency who was killed in September, 2017 · An operative known as 855 was isolated as the assassin, but there is no consensus on (__016__). It is possible and likely that this person and the person who ordered (__017__) are one and the same.

Our research focuses primarily on: H. Johnson | Dr. D. Bogdanovich | H. R. Loeb (aka P. A. Chapeau) | The Acolyte (possible alias:T. Klippe) | M. Hannah | A Tsukasa | 'A Detection Algorithm'


It is awkward to describe one of the recipients of this clasisfied report as a suspect in the case it discusses, but Mr. Johnson was involved in both the Niantic Project and the EXOS anomaly.

However, he was not present at Epiphany Night, and he was in a meeting with Avril Lorizon (late of IQTech, now at Hulong) during the San Francisco Anomaly. He was not in Washington D.C. at the time of the murders of Calvin and Phillips and is known to have been in Burbank, California at the time of the murder of Ken Owen.

The Niantic Project was started when he was (__________018_________).

He was enlisted to be part of the Niantic Project by Ezekiel Calvin who had (__________019_________).

He met and possibly had a brief romantic encounter with (__________020_________). They have a functional working relaitonship, despite the fact that they sup port opposing Ingress Factions.

Hank Johnson has working relaitonships with all of the persons of interest though little is known of his dealings with (__021__).

It should be noted that Calvin called Johnson to inform him of the Owen murder. Both believed that Calvin should remain 'head down.'

Hank Johnson, also potentiallya target, has been in 'undisclosed locations' since (__022__).

MISTY HANNAH was invited to EXOS SF by a trusted friend (possibly (__023__) ) to help investigate the Calvin/Phillips murder.

We also believe that it was her intention to confront The Acolyte. It is possible that she and Misty Hannah either knew each other or were aware of each other before The Niantic Project, quite possibly during Misty's (__024__) . This has not been confirmed, but there is some circumstantial evidence. If such a history exists, it seems to have caused mistrust between them.

It is possible that Misty held Calvin responsible for what happened after (__025__) while (__026__).

Misty and Devra's relationship possibly extends to Waratah or before. Despite this, it is cloudy. It is possible that Misty holds Devra accountable for what transpired at Niantic -- having escaped herself but left others behind to face the consequences.

We suspect that Misty was in San Francisco to see if the Acolyte and Twyla Klippe were the same person. Some evidence suggests that Klippe was using mysticism to defraud 'whales' in Las Vegas around the same time Misty was known to have been there. Klippe may have caused suspicions to be cast upon Misty, leading to a violent incident which has been documented in Tycho's Ingress: Origins.

During and after the Emerald Knights Remote Participation Event (RPE) Misty warned everyone about the EXOGENOUS. We believe that she fears them and wants to prevent their entrance into our dimension. Akira is believed to have a very different perspective on the Exogenous. She has stated that she wants to study them and encourages their emergence into the Portal Network using the (__027__). It is unknown how far this disagreement between them goes.

Loeb and Misty appear friendly towards each other. That having been said, we believe that Misty has always been suspicious that Loeb knows something about (__028__) that he has never revealed.

Given a harsh exchange between Devra Bogdanovich and Loeb, we believe she is attempting to uncover whether Calvin or ADA ordered the executions in Zurich. Devra believes that she was the real target and the other deaths were a result of mistaken identity.

Our research revealed that Calvin and Phillips locked Devra out of NIA files after her activities in Wroclaw, effectively cutting her off from all current research. It is known that when Calvin and Phillips were killed, Devra (__029__). We are investigating the mechanism that enabled this.

We do not believe that Devra has been fully debriefed about the events at Zurich. She claims to have seen the killings and the extraction of the body of the woman who died with Jarvis. She did not reveal to our HUMINT Investigator if the Acolyte and (__030__), however, Devra claimed that the Acolyte's presence in San Francisco was related to (__031__). She believes the original (__032__) is capable of serving as a 13MAGNUS Recursion chamber.

Out analysis suggests that Devra suspects Loeb of knowing more about the Zurich incident than he was revealed. Specifically, that Loeb knows (__033__) and the true identity of the second victim. His relationship (during ADA's development) with a (__034__) is central to Loeb's involvement in and awareness of what happened in Zurich. Loeb has admitted the (__035__) that he provided to Calvin.

HUMINT reveals the complexity of Devra's feelings towards M. Hannah. She believes that Misty possesses real skills as a psychic and is able to use these skill to communicate with exogenous entities. This has led to both suspicious and jealousy: Suspicion because Devra does not trust exogenous forces, and jealousy because Devra has spent her entire life chasing (__036__) something that Misty achieves effortlessly. Bogdanovich is aware of Misty's answer towards her due to (__037__) .

H. R. Loeb claimed he was present in San Francisco because he was hot on the trail of Calvin and Phillips' killer. It is difficult to know if this was an honest reason. He spent a significant amount of time there with Akira, from which we surmise that he may have (__038__). Others on our analysis team have suggested that this was because she was the one least known to him.
A detail that emerged during EXO5 which has been largely overlooked (and is perhaps irrelevant now) is that Loeb drugged the assassin at the Magic Castle. The gunshot was faked and the hitman was renditioned and delivered to Phillips for interrogation. This is of interest because it implies a tighter nexus of cooperation between Loeb, Misty and Phillips (the NIA) than had previously been known. However, it could be dangerous to read too much into this because Loeb may have simply been acting out of concern for (__039__). Nevertheless, it is an interesting detail.
Loeb has admitted that on Epiphany Night, Calvin called him and demanded backdoor access to ADA's processing core. Loeb obeyed, possibly to (__040__). It is possible that Calvin issued the order for the murders in Zurich through ADA. It is assumed that Loeb modified the backdoor afterwards, denying Calvin and anyone else with further access. It is unknown if this backdoor remains viable to this day, or for that matter if it was even viable then. ADA's ability to allow or prevent changes to her own decision systems have been impossible to predict. It is possible that, regardless of the backdoor, ADA may have been able to (__041__).
If Calvin issued the order for the hit, and ADA (willfully or blindly) obeyed, a Pandora's Box of questions emerges:
Did Calvin intend to also kill Devra or did he (__042__)?
Did Calvin communicate with Devra later that night? If so, what was spoken between them?
Did Calvin frame ADA? Is it possible that ADA was part of the retaliation that led to Calvin's death?
This gets to the larger, unanswered question of the nature of Loeb's relationship with ADA. What was it during the Niantic Project era and what is it now? To what degree can Loeb exert 'control' over ADA -- either directly (__043__) or indirectly (__044__).
Is it possible that Phillips, Calvin or even Akira may have been pressuring Loeb to help provide backdoor access to ADA's processing core again? This could present a motive for both Loeb and ADA in the killings in Washington D.C.
From his writings, it seems that Loeb is suspicious of Misty, believing her to know more about the Exogenous than she has let on. Is this suspicion warranted, and if so, to what degree does this strain their relationship?
It is tempting to read a great deal into the heated exchange between Loeb and Devra. The prevailing opinion of our team is to take it at face value. Devra may view Loeb as (__045__) the events in Zurich. The minority opinion is that, upon learning of the Zurich murders, Loeb took direct action himself which led to (__046__).
With regards to (__047__), it is curious that Loeb has never deeply probed (__048__) killed on Epiphany Night. It is unlikely, but possible, that this detail simply escape him. Any alternative casts doubt upon his motives.
It should be remembered of Akira that, unlike all of the other principles in this investigation, she was not present during the (__049__) and was not directly involved (to our knowledge) in the events of (__050__). She is, in more ways that one, the 'outsider'.
Akira has been transparent about her desire to take over the (__051__). Her presence in San Francisco was ostensibly to claim control of NL-1331. The vehicle, which was used to (__052__) out of the Niantic Project, is by far the most highly desired research object within November Lima's inventory.
How far Akira was willing to go for control of November Lima is a subject of debate. Some on the analytics team believes that Akira either murdered or had Calvin and Phillips murdered (by the (__053__) ) and that, beyond seizing control of NL-1331, her intention was to throw the others off track and, perhaps, to lure Loeb to her ideology.
Others disagree with this assessment, viewing her pre-existing relationship with Calvin and the risk of exposure as factors that make her an unlikely suspect. The question becomes if the risk was justified. Analysis is undergoing.
As far as the Loeb theory, dissenters on our team believe that the likelihood of 'converting' Loeb to an ideology and then using him as an asset for either disinformation or intelligence is low. That having been said, his inextricable (__054__) and the psychological residue of (__055__) present significant unknowns.
What we do know is that Akira has the most direct motive of all of the Persons of Interest in this case if we assume that Calvin and Phillips stood between her and (__056__).
Akira and Misty appear to have opposite intentions with the Exogenous. Akira wants to study them, embrace them, and wants them (__057__), while Misty, see them as a (__058__).
Our best analysis is that Akira was suspicious as to why Devra was present in San Francisco. Akira knew that Devra might have reason to want Calvin and Phillips murdered because they locked her out of (__059__). If Akira is innocent, it is possible she views Devra as potential trouble that might have to be dealt with in the future.
Akira may or may not have further information about the Acolyte, (__060__) and how the two are related both to each other and to NL-1331. We do not know how this frames the relationship between them and this must be monitored carefully.
Akira spent a great deal of time with Loeb at the EXO5 Anomaly. It is unclear whether (__061__) or whether they were trying to exploit each other for information. Akira's leverage was that she had knowledge that Loeb had, on at least one occasion (Epiphany Night), provided access to ADA's processing core via a backdoor channel. This is now common knowledge, but Akira's source for this information is unknown. What also remains unknown to us is whether there were and are other backdoors, if Loeb has access, and if Akira wants this access for (__062__).
A Detection Algorithm is by the far the most difficult Person of Interest to approach. Our team worked in endless circles attempting to complete the analysis for ADA. For every argument presented, a counter-argument was discovered, ultimately forcing an uncomfortable admission:
Millennia of culture, art, personal learnings and psychological and academic observations serve as an underpinning by which to analyze the intentions and behavior of other humans. But to assume that a (__063__). As such, the analysis that follows is minimal, focusing primarily on simple positive/negative relationship systems, and should be used with caution. In short, the doctor has prescribed a healthy dose of salt.
ADA's relationship with Loeb is the most complicated, but also the least ambiguous. She has rarely, if ever, acted in a manner that could be perceived as (__064__). She has, at times, behaved as a student, a protector, a confidential informant and an intimate confidante.
It can be assumed that, during her early stages of development, Loeb was able to exert some form of control over her -- utilizing (__065__) or other more indirect means. When, or indeed if, such direct means of control became non-functional is not clear.
ADA's role in Devra's escape, near death and ultimate survival on Epiphany Night is also complex. Multiple sources, including Felicia Hajra-Lee's Niantic Project: Ingress and Tycho's Ingress: Origins have documented how ADA (__066__), but how much ADA was involved in Devra's fateful survival (and the (__067__) ) is debated.
The final additional theory that deserves to be illuminated is ADA's role in Epiphany Night itself. Was Lynton-Wolfe solely responsible for the events of that night, or was his 'accident' (__068__).
ADA's relationship with Hank Johnson has exhibited both sympathetic and adversarial properties. In particular, as an adversary, her influence over Johnson's (__069__) must not be overlooked.
The recent details of Loeb's role in the assassination attempt at the Magic Castle force a recalculation of (__070__) that night. Beyond that, ADA's relationship with Misty cannot be viewed clearly as either adversarial or sympathetic.
While very little information exists about ADA's attitude or actions towards the Acolyte -- the opposite has been markedly public. The Acolyte, continuing the vision of Roland Jarvis's Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligences, has publicly stated that ADA (__071__) as soon as possible.
Very little direct interaction has been recorded between Akira Tsukasa and ADA. However, Akira is a notoriously technology-forward individual, and a number of analysts believe that Akira views ADA not only as a (__072__) during the near future.
While it has been recorded that a technological assist was utilized in the murder of Ken Owen (by disrupting the surveillance around the Kennedy Center), it is not clear if ADA was that disruptor. Other viable candidates, such as (__073__), could be responsible.
Beyond the 'backdoor access' theory presented previously, it is unclear if ADA could present motive for the death of Calvin and Phillips.
In truth, it is difficult to assume that the life or death of any individual human could be meaningful to ADA. For a being who can access nearly all information with ease, be present in nearly all places at one time, and replicate at the speed of light, it is difficult to assume that any single human's existence is consequential to their goals or obstacles.

The Acolyte's relationship to Roland Jarvis is both well known and documented. Her ostensible reason for attending the San Francisco EX05 Anomaly was to rally the Enlightened Faction to victory during the EX05 Anomaly. However, based on an alternative theory of her identity, it is possible that another reason exists.
Some evidence supports a theory that the woman killed in Zürich with Jarvis was in fact an individual known as 'Twyla Klippe.’ Klippe is associated with 'Katalena, ’ a professional escort leveraged multiple times by ADA during the early stages of her development as (__074__). It is possible that the two women may have, coincidentally or otherwise, met Jarvis and 0liver Lynton-Wolfe during a visit by the two researchers (__075__).
The alternate theory states that Katalena made the emergency call which tipped off the authorities following the murders in Zürich. Whether or not Katalena knew that (__076__) is not known. Following the executions, Klippe was infused by a massive XM burst (this XM event is documented and is known to have also affected (__077__). The XM burst could either have emanated from Jarvis himself (possibly infused by the events of Epiphany Night) of by an object of Niantic Project origin in Jarvis’s possession that was (__078__).
In any case, the alternate theory states that both Jarvis and the murdered woman were transported in the vehicle now known as NL-1331. The continuing XM interaction between the two decedents and the vehicle is a subject of intense speculation, but some have suggested that it may have created a stasis-state for the decedent female similar to those (__079__).
Our Analysts disagree about the journey that led Klippe from that point in time to asserting a position of leadership with in the Enlightened, as well as the veracity of the theory itself. The previously held assumptions about the Acolyte's past painted her as (__080__). Either of both could be true.
If the Klippe theory holds water, then a possible motive for the deaths of Calvin and Phillips emerges , either as revenge for the events in Zürich or for increased access to NL-1331. Whether that access to NL-1331 would come via Akira Tsukasa, or if the Acolyte was attempting to (__081__) is not known.
The individual known as Twyla Klippe seems to have had a previous association with Misty Hannah. They both may have operated in Las Vegas during the same era, and Klippe may have attempted to defraud powerful individuals there, framing Hannah for the scam. It is also possible that Klippe encountered Roland Jarivs during this era while he was working on an art installation at a casino.
The Acolyte's involvement in the Magic Castle assassination is not clear, but if the Klippe theory is true, it is possible this was an attempt to remove Misty from the picture and prevent (__082__). The assassin at the Magic Castle wasn't killed, but was interrogated. We do not have access to the results of that interrogation and such recordings or transcripts may not exist. It is doubtful that the would-be assassin had access to much information of value.
Based on the information found with in this report, the sum total of which probes the inter-relationships and possible motives for each of the Persons of Interest, our current operating theory is as follows:
The most likely actor responsible for the deaths of Ken Owen, Ezekiel Calvin and Jay Phillips is (__083__), who arranged the killing in order to (__084__).

Given the available information access, Central is confident that all likely possibilities have been scrutinized and included in the analysis presented here.

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Noticed something in the last post done by +H. Richard Loeb​ . Wanted to share and see what you think or what you see.
The Anatomy of the Glyph Brain

+H. Richard Loeb posted an interesting article today titled More Human, which of course discussed artificial intelligence. While an interesting topic the picture he posted caught both mine and +Achim s attention because of course, this map of the brain seemed to hold more than just random lines.

I am a person who believes every picture used or posted has a meaning behind it and that there is always a purposeful reason to the posting of certain pictures. Straight down to the way the lines mysteriously look like glyphs, to the shadows in the pictures, the way they are arranged, and how they are named. This picture is named New mind, and while that fits the article posted, i have a theory on it i will post later. In the mean time i want to get into these random lines.

Obviously we saw glyphs. Its hard not to see them, specifically one as it sits right in the center and is surrounded by more dark space than any of the other inner lines. This glyph is Knowledge and it is of course appropriate for the picture of a brain. Because we saw one, we of course looked for others and found quite a few that fit the picture but i wanted to focus on this one glyph for this post because it is found multiple times through out the lines. With seeing the glyphs the question was brought up, where in the brain is this glyph located?

+Achim did a wonderful job of lining the picture up with an anatomy diagram of the brain so we could look further into how purposeful the arrangement was. He also pointed out that this picture may possibly be of the left side of a brain. The more logic based side that focus's on linear thinking, facts, sequencing, language, etc.

Along with this we can observe the center Knowledge glyph sits within the Hippocampus and Temporal Lobe. For those who many not know the hippocampus is involved in the storage of long-term memory and the Temporal Lobe plays an important role in organizing sensory input , mostly auditory, as well as memory association and formation. Right off the bat if you think of what you need to fully understand glyphs, of course you need to have a good long term memory and if you pay attention to storyline, part of glyphs is also auditory. If you dont pay attention to storyline, take out your scanner.

Our scanners actually teach us glyphs through sound as well. If you get a glyph in the sequence you receive right, it makes a different sound then if you get it wrong. This doesnt just happen at the end of the glyph game but while you are glyphing as well. In fact it is one of the biggest things to me that i pay attention to while im glyphing because i always miss a dot and am now using this auditory signal to help me correct myself. It's subtle but its there, thus our temporal lobes are being used too as we learn this language while we are glyphing.

Moving on, Knowledge is also present in Parietal Lobe and Frontal Lobe. While the Parietal Lobe integrates sensory information, mostly those associated with touch, which you have to touch the scanner to learn glyphs, it is also vital for processing language and interpreting visual information. Glyphs are mostly visual to us. The Frontal Lobe of course controls our cognitive skills, such as problem solving, language, and again memory. It is vital for our ability to communicate which again helps with glyphs. Both of these parts of our brains are vital in learning languages and essentially glyphs.

So to place glyphs particularly in these sections makes sense, because they are what we use to understand and process the Knowledge we obtain in our lives, including understanding Glyphs. These parts of our brains are how we are able to communicate efficiently with each other and give us the ability to understand patterns and retain what we are learning for extended periods of time.

Now i could be using the right side of my brain a bit more than the left right now but this is where i going to bring up the one other glyph i want to point out here and its placement. Courage or Fear depending on how you look at it, is placed right within the Cerebellum. While the Cerebellum mostly plays a role in our motor skills it also have been found or believed to be involved in not just our language but in the regulation of our emotions, like fear.

Again the right side of my brain may be taking my left side out for a journey in creative reasoning but i feel personally that the placement of this glyphs is a little more than coincidence. It could be my very over active imagination but Ingress always challenges us on how our right and left sides of our brain works together. Ill let you decide how much you want to believe here.

One other thing i want bring up in relation to our brains, ais, and glyphs. Glyphs in our Ingress History have been shown to be used in ways to integrate the human mind with Ai. It has also been shown and hinted that every person could have a personal glyph sequence and that they can be used to control others. The title of this picture is New Mind, and i have to wonder if in the future we are going to see more of this past integration or use of glyphs to essentially bring more Ai to life or to cross the line between Human and Ai.

Again these are just my thoughts and i would love to have a conversation with anyone on them. This picture has me certainly looking at a study i have put on the back burner but for now, how many glyphs do you see in this picture? Like i said we saw a lot more than i shared but i would love to see if your left and right brain are having as much fun with this as i am. As always agents, continue glyphing!!!!

PACs post is below and Thank you so much +Achim for this mornings discussion! It was so much fun.

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