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Rules and Regulations:
1. No inappropriate words or actions will be spoken or committed on any section except for on Mature Content.
2. No racist or religious targeting, if you're going to be like that then you should have thought about what you were joining.
3. News related to Anime, or any other topic, such as Gaming or Movies will be put on Bankai Central.
4. Mature Content is not to be abused, if it is those who are found abusing it will be kicked, and banned from ever coming back.
5. Reviews obviously go on the Anime Reviews section, not Bankai Central.
6.Cosplay, Pictures, or Animated Gifs are only to be put up on the Cosplay/Animated Gifs section.
7. Hentai is not prohibited, but can only be posted on the Mature Content section.
8. Do not spam on Bankai Anime, if you do you will get a warning, if it is continued, you will be kicked.
9. Only the owner(SonicaGama) can delete content, unless he gives the power to a moderator, No moderator has the right to delete any content, unless it is Racially, Sexually, or Religiously unjust, or Hentai on a section that is not Mature Content.
10. Have fun, seriously. I wouldn't make this community if I didn't want people to enjoy it. Just follow the rules and you will be fine.

Just thought I'd help with the tidying up of this community, mostly because it probably hasn't been touched in weeks. this is to make sure all posting still follows the rules & reguations.

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One of best fantasy anime series that i've seen ... Have you seen yet ? ... Dont miss it ... Go to channel playlist to see all episodes ...Enjoy

Looks back onto this community

What happened to this place?

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See the difference 
Originally shared by ****
Da sieht man dieses unglaublich schönen Unterschied ✨💗

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JEAN!~~~ screw Polo

Anime || Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

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Slip and slide?

Anime: Tamako Market

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"The Human whose name is written in this book shall die"

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  Wiping off his faith in humanity? Heh..what a wimp.

#AttackonTitans #ShingekinoKyojin #Anime #Manga  
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If this was in Frozen i would of like the movie much better
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