Using HuePro now for a month, and though I think there are several areas for improvement (e.g. in UI and functionality) I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU. Really, really enjoying this App (and the lights as such, of course) - well done and hope we see further refinements and additional capabilities within future versions

Can you link with voice activated speaker

Hi all,

I was wondering whether it's possible to create a "blinking scene" as a silent alert or not

I came to this idea while playing some games and wearing headphones, while my wife - being ill - called me from the bedroom and I didn't hear her. :D
Furthermore it might be a helpful feature for deaf people.

Just create a "blinking scene" and press the widget's button and the other person will be alerted.

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Hi all..
Does somebody know how I can get my widget at my locked screen of my Android 6.0.1

Hue Pro App doesn't appear in PlayStore

Hi all. I have a strange problem with the beta version here. I (of course) joined the community here and subscribed both of the beta versions on the group description. However, a beta version of hie pro doesn't appear in my play store for an update.
I already waited 3 days before asking, but it didn't appear.
I see the beta tab (I am in a few other beta groups) but no hue pro there.
Any ideas about that? 

Is there any plans to make Hue Pro compatible with IFTTT? I CAN'T STAND USING THE REGULAR HUE APP! 

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Hey Everyone! I am very excited to announce that I am rolling out a great new update. It's been a lot of work but it's just about done. This update introduces Animated Presets! It is live in beta testing right now, under version 2.4.0. Download it, check it out, and let me hear your feedback!


Hi everyone!

I'm putting together a survey for users to vote on what features they want to see next in Hue Pro. Here are the current items I have. Any recommendations on what else to add to this list?

- Sort bulbs/group
- Lava Lamp / Music widget
- Multiple simultaneous bridge support
- Android Wear app
- Cloud storage for autonomous backup and sync between devices
- Online preset sharing service to share presets with other Hue Pro users
- New apps (like Hue Pro Tasker)
- Translate Hue Pro to German
- Translate Hue Pro to French
- Translate Hue Pro to another language (specify later)
- Lifx support

I have just tried ver 2.04 but my problem persists, after I have used 3g I can no longer connect via wifi, will have to revert to the old version :-(

Having problems with network detection. Lights don't come on or go off anymore after the last updated. Am I the only one? 
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