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So I've started listening to a lot of Pearl Jam lately... :)
This particular song is one of my favourites and its meaning stuck me even more.
Check out the meaning of this song in the link I've provided below -

#Music #PearlJam

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Hey you! A new song "Goodbye, See you later, Infinite" is ready. If you like the post rock style and the band "Explosions In The Sky" maybe will enjoy that song. Thank you all for attention and support!

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Goodbye, See you later, Infinite:

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I love this one.

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So, it's finally happening! #EdSheeran #ShapeOfYou

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I heard this amazing song called "Boring I Love You" by Raghav Meattle ( Semi-Final contestant on The Stage, 2016) and Nikhil Malik..
The video is so simply beautiful and unexpected....
Check out...

#Music #Musicoholic

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This is damn beautiful one by #ArijitSingh. In love with this one!
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