im watching the Clone wars over again i forgot what was in the episodes so i can under stand what is going on in the new season cant wait

Quick Question. I am interested in helping the dev team with the codeing side of the emulator. I have experience using both unity and unreal enging and I know the following codeing languages html, C, C+ , C++ and Java.

I'm only 13, but i really want to start coding and producing games so what programs would y'all recommend?

shops and minigames back

I think CWA is coming back too, because Clone Wars has so much hype.

Hi im new to this Community but i was a massive fan of this legendary game is it really gonna be brought back to life?

Guys, the show came back! This game means more than ever before now. I just want to say thank you to all the developers for your hard work!

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Well, my friends, the Clone Wars has returned. So to all my fellow CWA admins and programers, it's time we put full devotion into the Emulator.

Clone Wars Show is coming back!!! So hype!!!

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