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Incase any of your flight simmers missed it, Rich "Ironhand" Sorochak is back with his new YouTube channel. He may not have been one of the first to post detailed videos on how to fly the Su-25T, F-15C, and Su-27 for Flaming Cliffs 1 and employ tactics, navigation systems, and weapons but his were among the best out there. Now that he is back posting new videos on YouTube with everything that is coming to DCS World with the new 2.0 update on the horizon and new aircraft "modules" from DCS and third parties, it is an excellent time for his return!

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Here is some nice work with covering the A-10A missions from the Flaming Cliffs 3 Module with DCS World. There are over nine videos that follow after this one so make sure to watch those. All are very instructive and useful. Also they are all scale up to 1080p HD for those big screen folks.

A-10A - The Valley Campaign - Mission 1

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Ralfi is an expert when it comes to flying in DCS World. Here is one of his Idiot Guides to how to use the A-10C. Good stuff and worth watching.

Ralfi's Idiot Guide to DCS-A10C Warthog: Quick Tips

Please post any helpful videos, tutorials that you may find helpful so the community can take advantage of. All multiplayer groups are encouraged to broadcast their information and how to join their servers as well. Thanks for participating.

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For those who still play Lock On: Modern Air Combat (LOMAC) or Flaming Cliffs 1, here is a web site that has some very good video tutorials which you will not find on YouTube. These lessons would also be applicable to FC2 and FC3 as well since each is an improved version of the previous flight sim.

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Here are some great tutorials for various DCS aircraft that you will find on Gerry Abbots' channel. They are extensive and very informative. 

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I have found JediLink25's videos to be very informative and detailed. It is a great tutorial for those who are barely getting started.

Well, I tried to get this community going in an attempt to bring live help to anyone with questions. 

Greetings everyone. In this community we will be sharing all sorts of information about Eagle Dynamics simulator games as well as tutorials, advice, etc...Have fun!
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