Thanks for helping to beta test HotLaps! The app is now live at By joining this group you should have access.

Please forgive the rushed aesthetics on some screens, I wanted to get something into users hands as quickly as possible and iterate from there.

The beta will allow you to very quickly log your lap times, view your past results, and the global leaderboard.  

I am hopeful users will only log legitimate, clean, non-skid recovery laptimes. Of course there is no way to verify this so please take that global leaderboard with a grain of salt. When we get to PS4 and XBox one titles where there's recording capabilities, we might have ways to crowdsource verification of official laptimes if it's possible to see tires and performance points in a replay.

Signup is fairly straightforward, email is not confirmed so be careful, it might be used for something someday. I suggest PSN username for username but you can use whatever you like for this, it will be displayed rather than your email.

I have lots of ideas for things I might add someday, other racing sims, buddy lists, groups/contents, comments, etc. I'm planning to focus next on getting the car/track selection and add lap screen a little prettier, and adding a view lap screen showing a bunch of interesting stats. (your laps rank personally and globally overall, for it's nearest PP category and tire, etc)

Lastly, please be aware I may one day charge a small fee for HotLaps. My current plan is to allow free use for maybe something like 15 laps a month, and a $1-2 per year subscription for unlimited laps and perhaps some more advanced features. However I will be implementing an export feature so no matter what you can take your data with you, it belongs to you.

Please let me know what you like/dislike and would love to see added! Thanks again!
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