Name: Michael Raven

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Bio: In preparation for his final plan to seize control of Earth and thus all of humanity and their souls, Lucifer sends his most trusted general Lagos with a blade dipped in his own blood to find a worthy human woman to bear the son of Satan. Lagos stabs Dianna Raven with the blade, this forces pregnancy upon her, thus making her the mother of the anti-christ. On his 18th birthday, the mark of his father burned itself into Michael's chest, which binds him to his father's will upon entrance to the gates of hell. He also gained many powers and physical changes, the most prominent of which are large bat-like wings with feathers covering part of them. Michael now lives as a nomad to spare his loved ones from his father's wrath and the wrath of those who do his father's bidding. His main goal now is to find a way to erase the mark on his chest to then overthrow his father and with this save himself from eternal damnation.

Extended bio: (This is what happens later on in his life, but has not happened yet in my established story) Michael meets many friends including the current incarnation of death, a half demon named Vincent, a vampire name Eva (whom has a strenuous dalliance with and love for Michael), and a demon who believes he is the savior of all fallen angels. Michael also finds and completes the ritual to erase his binding mark. This meant he had to relinquish and renounce his human soul to become full demon so as to cleanse his heart of impurities. He then had to kill an angel and use a bone from its wing to carve into a sword which then had to be bathed in a demon general's blood, plus Michael's own blood, to create the godslayer sword which he names Dia after his mother who was killed in a small battle between Lucifer and Michael in which Michael lost and Lucifer cut off his wings. Lucifer then killed his mother as further punishment. (His wings he later grows back towards the end of the story before his final war with Lucifer) After the final war, Michael use Dia to slay Lucifer after he let his guard down while in the middle of killing Vincent and Eva who were decoys for Michael. After this, Lucifer reveals he knew this would happen from the moment he was created and that God planned this whole event from the very beginning of time. Michael then declares war on God for planning the death and destruction of everyone he knew and loved. The final outcome of this war has yet to be determined.


Hair: Short, brown

Eyes: Black with dark red iris'

Height: 6'2"

Distinguishing features: Large bat-like wings partially covered with feathers, claws, fangs, a mark in the shape of a pitchfork on his chest, tattoos radiating from his mark covering most of his torso.

Powers: Extremely enhanced physical abilities such as being able to lift a large cement truck with relative ease or being able to run ten miles in only couple of minutes. Supernatural control of everything except life, death, faith, and the heart (he can't directly affect these, but he can affect things that can influence these things). Using his powers takes a physical toll on his body, which limits the amount of power he can use, but he can train himself to the point of not wearing out for an unknown amount of time without tiring. He currently has a very small concept of his full power and thus cannot use his power to its fullest, nor does he use the fullest range of his power either due to his lack of knowledge of what he can truly do.

Equipment: Dia the godslayer sword, which is strong enough to vanquish any foe he faces if he uses it properly. It also reduces his power over anything with a will of its own when unsheathed, such as fooling the mind of someone into believing something is real or not would be hard for him to keep up. Anything without of will of its own is subject to full control. This sword also does the same to any supernatural effect used on Michael such as someone trying to control his mind. The sword draws power from souls of its victims, which give it power depending on their strength. (this only works on supernatural or supernaturally inclined beings.) The sword obeys the laws of physics when used, but physics cannot work against it such as breaking it or burning or vaporizing. At full potential, after gaining enough power, the sword can even be used in total disregard to physics. In example, a small slash from the sword through nothing can cause the desired target to feel the effect of being cut through, but this requires intense concentration and a clear mind. It also requires you to train intensely to even be able to use this ability because you have to use the sword and put your strength into it without thinking of how physics work, otherwise the physics breaker effect will not work properly, such as a slash either missing the target or only given the feeling of a light touch to the target. Michael has not been able to use this ability, and he may never be able to , but has been shown by God that it is possible.

Weaknesses: At his peak, his power is nearly unbeatable, but due to his lack of strategy training and limited teaching he isn't hard to outsmart if you come up with a strategy that is good enough to out maneuver or bypass his powers. In his current state, being 18, this is even more noticeable since he has very little combat or planning experience. Speed also can be used against him. If you are fast enough he can't keep up with your movements very well. He has omnipresent detection, but he can only keep up with so much and can't keep up with something beyond certain speeds. He also has a weakness for keeping innocents out of harm at any cost. At his prime this is not there due to him renouncing his human soul thus renouncing his human emotions. In a way he is like Goku in how he is able to break through many of his limits and beat many foes, but mostly relies on overpowering his enemy vs outsmarting them because of his lack of experience.
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