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I have decided to start this community in light of the recently announced changes to the YouTube Partner Program. If you are a small content creator like myself, then you probably received an email stating that you are no longer eligible for monetization after February 20, 2018 due to subscriber and watch time requirements.

While I understand why YouTube is making these changes, I feel that this is going to hurt smaller channels and become a huge discouragement to those looking to start a channel. It's time for us small youtubers to unite and work towards supporting one another.

The purpose of this community is not to become a "Sub4Sub" haven, but rather to take the time to look at your fellow creator's content and see if they have something that you enjoy and to engage with them. Share their videos with people who you make think also find value in it. Help spread the word about their content.

Also let this community serve as a place of discussion. Share tips, offer help, constructive criticisms, talk about gear and setups, software, anything that adds value and can encourage someone to sharpen their skills and grow.

As the saying goes, things always get harder before they get easier. Don't let these changes discourage you, let them act as a catalyst to drive you to reach your highest potential as a content creator on YouTube.

The only thing that I ask is that you be respectful to everyone in the community. We all have differing opinions and viewpoints but let's use that to drive discussion.

Thanks and welcome to the community!

#SupportSmallYoutubers #SmallYouTubersUnite #SmallYouTuberArmy

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