minecraft youtubers on xbox360 anybody

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Hello everyone!

I'm running a 1.7.2 server with bukkit and I plan to soon open it up to the public.
I was wondering, however, if you guys have any tips how to make it an attractive server to play on!

A couple of things I have going atm:

- Npcs selling items for ingame money
- 1 pvp arena and 1 mob arena
- claimable land so that there's no grievers
- public portals to several places in the world.
- various ranks with access to different commands etc
- A website with news/forum/real time user stats etc

I'd love to get some tips on how to improve and get a small community started.

Thanks in advance!


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Pipes disappeared in Tekkit? They gave the pipes all new names ex: waterproof is now fluid, conductive is now kinesis. There's only one teleport pipe now called a bounce transport pipe, and it's not fluid or kinesis. Anyone know what happened to its other versions??

Finally finished my intro, first video should be uploaded by tomorrow, and daily after that

Why is there 64 items in a stack? Not 100, not 50, but it has to be 64. Anyone know the answer?

So.......I start filming tomorrow. I will begin with a Modded Survival Series. Anyone have suggestions on what I should also play? Keep in mind it does not have to be Minecraft and I am getting both Garry's Mod and Titanfall later this year.

Does anyone know if I can get Rei's Minimap for 1.7.4? Someone told me that Forge hasn't upgraded to 1.7 yet, but other people have the mod. 

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My Minecraft Intro w/ Download
New Intro - Please leave a Like and subscribe for more

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My first minecraft video. Check it! 

P.S. I know it's bad quality, please just deal with it.
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