Type:- Spiritual Blindness

Spiritual blindness differ from physical blindness
Physical blindness make you not to see the physical or tangible things that your suppose to see and feels until someone lead you then you feels but not as those who see felt, the feelings differ, those who see can first feel with motion that generating from the attraction through observing (seen).
therefore, those who are blind physical are missing, feeling, motion, attraction and observation while spiritual blindness make you not to see the invisible things that your supposed to see them in the world of the spirit(spiritual realms), thing that you're suppose to see spiritual, you're not seeing them such as spiritual blessings, the power of God, moving of the spirits, the feeling of the spirit and motion, attraction and observation (seen).
let's see in Romans1:17-20. But our main text it's from 2kings6:15-23

text: 2kings 6:15-23
a). the servant of man of God was blind - spiritual.
Fear blind your spiritual eye and focusing on physical(earthly)things as well blinded you
spiritual eye
ref: vs.15-16and Romans1:18.

b). Prayer open your spiritual eyes and when you're spiritual eye's open, you can see those
which you were not been seems before that's by players.
ref: vs17, Romans 1:20.

c).Prayers dismantle you're enemies focus
it's blind them from recognizing you and it's create an opportunity for you to lead them.
ref: Vs18-19

d). Prayers give a permanent solutions
ref: Vs20-23.

With the love of God, and by His grace although seem that it's not possible for me or you to be part of His Kingdom, thanks and Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ that He redeem us by His power of redemption and now we are the sons and daughters of God.

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Welcome to House Of Prayer For All Nations - Ministries
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