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Try searching for "2d game engine" in Google, and click the first result. I think Turbulenz can do better.

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Appimize Studios
Appimize Studios

Hello everybody. I am planning to create a html5 game for multiple platforms using this framework. I have 3+y experience in web dev and willing to dedicate 20+ hrs/week for this. I've already started with some dev and learning turbulenz. Game should be 3D post-apocalyptic survival. If anybody's interested in joining me, write me on or befriend/hangouts me

hey guys i'm new Mongolian developer on Turbulenz engine. i want to create simple RPG game. i need more help. Help me guys !!!

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Hello eveyone.
I'm a new Chinese developper on Turbulenz engine. When i install the turbulenz  sdk and run the local window. An error has occured. The follow picture is the error, who can tell me what's the reason?

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I have searched google how can I make games with "turbulenz" and wondered if there was any editor like Unity3D or if I can make the games from Unity3D. 
I've seen a video: Turbulenz HTML5 In-Game Editor 
This editor have developed or can acquire them. 
Thank you!

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Hey everyone.  

If anyone out there needs a sound designer for their game or a music score or even just some SFX. I'M YOUR GUY!! 

I'm a music producer/sound engineer with a passion for gaming. I have my own recording studio, so I'm also able to produce any voices and/or other recordings if necessary. Please check out my soundcloud for samples of my work:

Try me out .... I can deal with all types of genres. YOU WON'T REGRET IT! 

Raul Fernandez

Do someone already created something using Phonegap + Turbulenz engine?

Hola Que tal!!!
Me podrían compartir algún tutorial sobre turbulenz?
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