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Hello and welcome to Starlet, an underground city full of adventure! In the labyrinth, there are multiple levels of depth. The deeper you go, the more dangerous it is. Mostly, only warriors are courageous enough to venture down the levels. There's a reason they go down there too! Everyone is looking for an ancient treasure called "The Starlet Gauntlet." Nobody has found it yet because nobody has ever come back from really deep levels. So far, we've discovered 8 levels, but nobody really knows how many levels there are. Anyhow, good luck!


Profile Draft-

Occupation (Warrior, cyborg, shop owner, adventurer/explorer, apprentice):
Level (Only if you're a warrior. You must start at level 1 until a moderator or the owner upgrades you.)
Master (Only for apprentices):


Warrior: A warrior is a person who is skilled with a weapon and goes into the labyrinth. For a living, they defeat monsters and earn gems and other treasures for it. They enter the labyrinth

Cyborg: A cyborg isn't actually a half human half robot, though they're given the nickname because they often do have robot parts. (Results of mechanical accidents) They're mechanics/inventors who work to build things such as prosthetic limbs for injured warriors, compasses, pocket watches, etc. They do not enter the labyrinth

Shop Owner: It's kind of self-explanatory, but shop-owners are people who own stores in the uppergrounds. They can sell anything from weapons, to food, to clothing, armor and others. They do not enter the labyrinth

Adventurer/Explorer: Adventurer/Explorers are people who devote their lives to exploring and learning about the labyrinth. They often go exploring into the tunnels and caverns of the labyrinth, but they do not work to defeat monsters. Often times, they will enter the labyrinth with a warrior to protect them. Only the bravest (or very stupid) adventurers/explorers enter the labyrinth without a warrior. They enter the labyrinth

Apprentice: An apprentice is a younger person who learns from a more experienced employer. Apprentices can learn any of the following occupations. Warrior apprentices can learn how to wield a weapon and fight, but only more skilled apprentices can enter the labyrinth accompanied by a warrior. Cyborg apprentices learn how to repair broken items and how to work with metal parts. Shop-owner apprentices learn the skills of the shop-owner and how to sell items. Adventurer/explorer apprentices learn how to draw maps and how to study the labyrinth. Only warrior and adventurer/explorer apprentices may enter the labyrinth with a skilled master. All apprentices must have masters.

( +Knight puppy )

Iris and Connie stand in the trading post. Iris polishes a monsters tusk while Connie works with London. London hands him a bag of gems in return for a copper compass.

twas the night before Christmas and all through the town every one loved Christmas but one....Her name was unknown (not really) she wanted to stop Christmas from ever coming but how?? The name was Tia she wanted to stop it and that's what happened "I need Christmas to go go away I can't handle the figgie pudding the love in the air the Holly jolly people and the stores out of everything what to do what to do" she grinned evily "I know what to do"

+Foxy_the_Pirate2.0 Merami stands in the restaurant and leans against the counter. She sighs. There are only two people in the restaurant and business is very slow. She takes a small bite of a chuck of stale bread on the counter.

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Name: Shadowwolf-fang "Amethyst" Rights
Nickname(s): The Bloodthirsty, Justice Bringer, or The Shadow Demon
Age: 18,000
Gender: Female or male
Crush/Lover: Unknown
Pets: Tiger
Weapons: Sabre and a dagger
Occupation: Warrior
Level: 1
Sexuality: bi
Personality: Friendly, but passive aggressive, also seductive
Bio: She was once a loner, but with due time a tiger became her pet and only friend. Note: She can Shapeshift into a Gore Magala
Shadowwolf The Bloodthirsty
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Name:"P-preston nice to meet u"
Nickname(s):"i dont have any"
Age:"im 16"
Crush/Lover:"w-what question is that"?! blushes bright red does have a crush
Pets:"none but i really want one"
Weapons:"my fist i-ima fire wizard"
Occupation (Warrior, mage, cyborg, shop owner, adventurer/explorer, apprentice):"fir mage"
Level (Only if you're a warrior. You must start at level 1 until a moderator or the owner upgrades you.)
Sexuality:"!!!!?????? Normal????!!!"
Personality:shy,funny,creative,doesn't like to hurt people
Bio:"im normal......"


+Knight puppy London and Merami sit in the restaurant. The entire place is empty except for them. London sits at one of the stools at the bar counter while Merami stands behind the counter, leaning against it.

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Name: Jude Grayson
Nickname(s): None
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Crush/Lover: None
Pets: None
Weapons: His blade and gun.
Occupation (Warrior, mage, cyborg, shop owner, adventurer/explorer, apprentice): He owns the blacksmiths.
Level (Only if you're a warrior. You must start at level 1 until a moderator or the owner upgrades you.)
Sexuality: ?
Personality: Kind of cold, sarcastic


Merami stands behind the counter of the restaurant. She rests her head on he palm of her hand and yawns. Few people are in the restaurant.

Rin: she invited any person who likes Christmas "OK PEOPLE we are here today to discuss something important....."

Sammy:"c-can u stop yelling"


Tia: comes busting through the window im here Now who said Christmas" wearing elf armor 
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